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ALIC Chapter 3.1

There was no need to be afraid of bad villains, but one should be afraid of handsome villains.

What a gentle scum!

Lin Ziran took a deep breath, forced himself to look away from the other person’s face, and walked over.

Hmm… if he only had 50% expectation towards his comrade-in-arms before, then it was now at 100%! Working with such a pleasing colleague was really a joy.

Zhao Mingze pulled the chair away and sat down, fiddling with the tea set in front of him naturally. He pushed a cup of tea in front of Lin Ziran and said with a smile, “You seem to be in a good mood today.”

Lin Ziran thought to himself, of course I’m in a good mood. He didn’t expect that this game was full of surprises, but what he said was: “For so many years…I’m most worried about Lu Sui. I am really glad that he is back this time.”

Zhao Mingze shook his head and sighed, “He doesn’t understand your painstaking efforts, otherwise he would have come back long ago.”

Lin Ziran didn’t care and said with sincerity, “Father…and I did something wrong. Don’t blame him, I’m happy as long as he is willing to come back.”

Zhao Mingze’s slender fingers pinched the teacup and slowly turned around, but his eyes were noncommittal. With Lu Sui’s cold and stubborn temperament, he hadn’t thought it through even after so many years, how could he just let it go all of a sudden?

But looking at Lin Ziran’s joyful look, even if he said it, the latter wouldn’t believe it and would chide him for being troublesome.

No matter what, he will find out the true reason for Lu Sui’s return this time.

And another thing…

Looking at Lin Ziran, Zhao Mingze smiled, seemingly jokingly: “By the way, I heard that you went to city G a few days ago. Did you go to find Wen Yu?”

Lin Ziran coughed embarrassedly: “Not really, there happened to be a meeting over there, so it was just on the way.”

Zhao Mingze joked, “We’ve been friends for so many years, how can I still not know you? This is the first time I’ve seen you care so much for a person. Maybe you are really in love with him.”

Lin Ziran’s eyes flashed slightly. Zhao Mingze’s words seemed to be just a joke among friends, but in fact, they were probably to test him…Just in time, even if Zhao Mingze didn’t ask, he wanted to talk about it.

Besides, Lu Zhen had always regarded Zhao Mingze as a close friend, there is nothing they couldn’t talk about. According to his personality, he wouldn’t hide it.

Lin Ziran counted five seconds silently in his heart and then said in a solemn tone: “Yes, I want to marry him.”

Zhao Mingze’s hand holding the teacup tightened suddenly, but due to the light, the glint in his eyes never showed through his lens.

Lin Ziran was already in the act. He deliberately disclosed the news to Zhao Mingze. Although Zhao Mingze would not do anything for the time being, he would immediately make a fuss once he discovered Wen Yu and Lu Sui’s treacherous love, causing a rift between the brothers and causing Lu Zhen and Wen Yu to break up! Thinking of this, Lin Ziran’s eyes became more gentle. He laughed loudly, and said in a leisurely tone: “Speaking of which, don’t laugh at me but even I didn’t think I would have this thought… if someone told me a year ago that I would want to marry someone else, I wouldn’t believe it.”

He looked into Zhao Mingze’s eyes: “I have been thinking about it for a long time. When I think about how I would spend my life with him in the future, I can’t help feeling some expectations. Only then did I realize that…I really fell in love with him.”

Zhao Mingze gently put the tea cup on the table, and then raised his head. One couldn’t see the slightest difference in his expression. Instead, there was a faint smile on his lips, and his tone was low: “I didn’t expect that our President Lu, who has always had no desires, would have such a day, it seems that it will not be long before I can drink your wedding wine.”

Lin Ziran laughed: “Of course.”

In order to firmly establish his affectionate personality, Lin Ziran did not let go of any chance to show his affection. He picked up a pot of dog food, and smashed Zhao Mingze on the head!

Zhao Mingze is worthy of being a hidden villain in the story. It is clear that the dog food has been eaten and he wanted to vomit, but he still calmly followed along with Lin Ziran’s words. He is a very qualified listener! No wonder Lu Zhen likes to talk to him.

Lin Ziran said emotionally: 【Don’t look at how happy he looks and wishing me happiness. There must be something bad going through his mind right now, I am already looking forward to it. 】

【System: Know when to stop. 】

[Lin Ziran: Pure love dies fast, it is an unbreakable truth, haha. ]



Wen Yu joined the group this time for three months and his new movie was finally finished. He remembered that Lu Zhen said that when he came back, he would pick him up, so he sent a message to Lu Zhen that he would take the plane back this morning.

Although they had separated for a few days, and Lu Zhen never bothered about it too much, but he would always send him some news from time to time, share some interesting facts about his life. Every day, no matter how busy or late, he would say goodnight to him…Thinking of this, Wen Yu smiled unconsciously and found himself unexpectedly looking forward to their meeting.

Because he was a little tired, Wen Yu slept on the plane. When he got off the plane, his assistant gently nudged him awake and said, “Brother Yu, do you need to be sent back to the apartment later?”

Wen Yu stepped off the plane, he nodded, then shook his head again, and said in a low voice, “No need.”

The fans who came were already creating a commotion. The assistant was overwhelmed with obstacles, guarding Wen Yu from the enthusiastic fans and walking out. He was tired and sweating, but this is commonplace for them and they were used to it. After finally getting rid of the crowd, his assistant asked breathlessly, “Then where are you going? I’ll take you there.”

At this moment, a dark blue Porsche honked in the parking lot. Wen Yu instinctively looked up and saw a gentle face in the car.

Wen Yu was a little surprised and then neatly stuffed his luggage into the assistant’s hands. “Go back yourself.”

The assistant watched as Wen Yu got into Lu Zhen’s car like this and walked away in front of him. With dull eyes, he wondered if he should go on holiday…

Wen Yu pulled the seat belt and fastened it, looking sideways at Lin Ziran beside him, with a smile in his eyes: “Why did you come here personally today?”

Lin Ziran said, “Because I wanted to see you sooner.”

This sentence was normal, but Wen Yu’s heart moved slightly. Although they were certain that their relationship had been definite for some time and Wen Yu knew that Lu Zhen loved him, Lu Zhen’s love had always felt as plain as water. He said he didn’t want to disclose their relationship for the time being, so Lu Zhen strictly abided by his rules and always kept a distance from him, never doing any unnecessary things…but he was so busy that he sometimes forgot the existence of this person.

However, the Lu Zhen these few days made him feel that he was actually trying very hard to get closer, but because he didn’t want to embarrass him, he tried to restrain himself… Thinking of their greetings day after day, Wen Yu couldn’t help but laugh. It’s true that this person is a little dull and conservative, but he was not as boring as he imagined. Should he try taking the initiative?

Lin Ziran drove the car. He recently watched a lot of Wen Yu’s film and television series. He was too bored and even entered the fan group and chatted with netizens. At this moment, he actually had the feeling he was sitting next to an idol…

Trying to contain the eagerness to take out posters for autographs and take photos to show off in his Moments, Lin Ziran put on his aura as a president and said lightly: “By the way, my brother is back from abroad, I want to introduce you.”

Wen Yu put his fingers together and gently propped his forehead as he watched him intently. He was a little surprised when he heard the words, but he still smiled: “Okay.”

Although he had never heard of Lu Zhen having a younger brother before, since he wanted to introduce him so seriously, it showed that he valued him, and he couldn’t help but feel a little happy. He even felt his fatigue disappear.

Half an hour later, Lin Ziran parked the car in the underground parking lot of a hotel, and then took the elevator to the top floor. This hotel was located in the city center and occupied a whole building, but he often ate here with Wen Yu. Not because it was luxurious but because this was the Lu’s hotel!

That’s right, dating in one’s own hotel will naturally be such that they won’t be discovered by paparazzi, and they can also enjoy top-tier services. 

Lin Ziran and Wen Yu walked out of the elevator, and the waiter immediately greeted respectfully: “Mr. Lu, Mr. Wen.”

Lin Ziran nodded and asked, “Is my brother here?”

The waiter replied, “Mr. Lu has arrived, he’s waiting for you in the private room.”

Lin Ziran turned his head and smiled at Wen Yu: “Then, let’s go.”

Lin Ziran felt a little excited when he thought that the protagonist Gong and the protagonist were about to meet, but he didn’t reveal the slightest abnormality, walking forward casually.

Lin Ziran walked into the box half a step behind Wen Yu, looked inside, and suddenly stopped. His eyes fell on the young man sitting inside and a look of surprise flashed by.

He did not expect to see Lu Sui again under such circumstances again after so many years.

How could Lu Sui be here? Is he actually Lu Zhen’s younger brother? The world is too small and too coincidental.

But Wen Yu soon calmed down and he really wanted to say… he and Lu Sui had nothing to do with each other…

There is no need for a guilty conscience.

Lu Sui’s crossed his legs, lying lazily on the sofa. Seeing them come in, he raised the corners of his lips and cold sharp eyes fell on Lin Ziran’s body before it slowly moved to Wen Yu’s face. Then he stood up, walked over step by step, stretched out his hand to Wen Yu, and smiled: “You must be Wen Yu. My brother often talks about you. I’m glad to meet you.”

Wen Yu frowned thoughtfully, but smiled after a moment, and stretched out his hand as if they were meeting for the first time: “Yes, hello.”

Lin Ziran looked at them with a smile. If he hadn’t known the plot for a long time, he really couldn’t see any tricks in it. They’d began acting in tacit understanding from the moment they met. He knew clearly but pretended not to. So natural and unpretentious. Sure enough, one is the scum gong and the other is the scum shou. It’s a perfect match!

Lin Ziran introduced Wen Yu enthusiastically: “This is my brother Lu Sui.”

As a genuine actor, except for  surprise at the very first moment, Wen Yu’s expression didn’t have any mistakes. He looked at Lin Ziran with gentle eyes and smiled politely at Lu Sui.

Then the three of them took their seats.

Wen Yu naturally sat beside Lin Ziran, and Lu Sui sat opposite Lin Ziran.

For Lu Zhen, having his lover and family beside him was a happy thing.

But Lin Ziran knew that this was a beautiful illusion. Soon Lu Zhen’s beloved one would fall into the arms of his beloved brother. It was really miserable to lose his lover and be betrayed by his relative, but… today was the start of Lu Sui’s chase for his wife!

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