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ALIC Chapter 28.2

In the central hall of the Holy Palace.

The elders stood solemnly on both sides. The cultivators of the Chiyan Immortal Realm were divided into two factions. One faction were cultivators of the Chiyan Immortal Realm creatures, and the other was the cultivators of the Mortal Realm. In most cases, they were very distinct.

Zhou Yue stood on the side of the mortal cultivators, put away his smile, and looked expressionlessly at the gray-robed cultivator in front of him. As a native of the Chiyan Immortal Realm, that guy has always looked down on him and suppressed him all the time. He also sent his disciples and grandchildren to the Saint Palace all day long, causing him to be in trouble with his law enforcement hall. Zhou Yue had long seen him as a thorn in the eye!

Cultivator Qi glanced at Zhou Yue indifferently, raised his eyebrows disdainfully: even if you work so hard and succeed, you are not the only one.

The two have long been at odds to compete for resources and talented disciples. Everyone was no longer surprised.

Usually, they would have already exchanged poisonous words hundreds of times, but today both of them stood there obediently. At most, quietly handing an metaphorical knife to each other.

The whole hall was silent.

It’s all because of the man on the high seat.

Elder Chi Feng stood beside Xuan Yan with his head down respectfully holding a whisk in his hand.

Xuanyan closed his eyes slightly, as if in a false sleep. His long black hair was draped over his shoulders, and his snow-white robe fell on the ground; motionless, like a statue.

But the elders dare not even breathe loudly.

Although some elders have lived for tens of thousands of years, none of those present have seen a living Xuanyan… This is only a character from the legend! It is the supreme god that their ancestors have believed in for generations!

Without knowing what was going on, Chi Feng even brought his superiors out.

His Majesty hasn’t appeared in this world for at least 300,000 years, right?

Everyone had their own thoughts.

At this time, the assessment in the sacred mountain had begun. They all looked up at the water curtain in front of them. The water curtain was divided into pieces, showing the scenes of the disciples in the sacred mountain…

Zhou Yue found Mu Yang at a glance, his eyes moving.

He recognized Mu Yang’s talent at the beginning, but didn’t publicize it, so no one knew that he had found such a good seed. He hoped no one will steal Mu Yang with him by then. Fortunately, Mu Yang has agreed to him…

As long as he can successfully accept Mu Yang as a disciple, he can definitely piss this old thing to death!

Elder Chi Feng also looked at the water curtain intently, but he didn’t just look at one person, but carefully observed everyone, especially the new disciples.

This time, there are 23 new disciples in total, which one is the one his lord was talking about?

And how should the disaster be dealt with? Even he can’t do anything about it, can they really rely on a kid who just started cultivating?

But Elder Chi Feng never dared to question Xuan Yan, since the venerable said so, it must be!


Mu Yang was walking on a mountain road, several hours had passed. Not to mention the magic weapons, even the birds, beasts, insects and fish could not be seen.

The surrounding area is also barren.

He frowned, it seemed that his landing point was not very good…

If this continues,it will be difficult to gain anything.

While thinking about what to do, a huge vulture suddenly flew in front of him. The vulture was about to fly over, but unexpectedly spotted Mu Yang below, and suddenly dived down! Its sharp mouth opened, and he was prepared to eat Mu Yang!

Mu Yang’s pupils constricted. If he was bitten, he would be seriously injured even if he didn’t die, and he quickly avoided the vulture to the side.

But the vulture was very vicious and cunning. The holy mountain is usually uninhabited. It was rare to see fresh food so how could it be willing to give up? It spread its wings and continued to chase him!

Although Mu Yang had cultivated and was considered a young genius in Chongzhou City, he was nothing here, because he could only hide in embarrassment.

Soon his sleeve was pecked off by the vulture’s bear, and a piece of clothing was torn off directly!

This is not the way to go!

Mu Yang pressed his lips tightly, with a touch of decisiveness in his eyes, he climbed up to the cliff, and then leaped into the air! There was a cliff ten thousand meters below, and he would be torn apart if he fell down, but Mu Yang was calm. When the vulture rushed over again, he directly jumped onto this opponent’s neck!

The vulture began to struggle desperately, but Mu Yang grasped it tightly, and at the same time slammed his fist on its head! The vulture was stunned and forced to turn, as it suddenly flew crookedly.

Mu Yang didn’t directly kill the vulture, so that he wouldn’t fall off, but just strangled the vulture by the neck.

The vulture struggled for a long time and couldn’t get rid of the bug. Instead, he suffered a lot of beatings, making a sharp crying noise, and finally stopped struggling. It began to fly out in resignation.

Mu Yang rode on the vulture and leaped over the mountains, and finally left the place. He glanced down and suddenly saw a high mountain peak in front of him. The peak seemed to be covered by thousands of years of ice and snow, and there was a small gurgling mountain around him. It looked a bit like the location of the sword tomb described in the scroll Zhou Yue gave him…

Mu Yang’s eyes moved slightly, and he slapped the vulture’s head again. The vulture landed in a daze. Mu Yang jumped off the vulture’s back and walked straight across the stream.

The vulture did not expect that the bug had left by itself, and quickly flew away, its wings flapping in a hurry.

Mu Yang walked into the mountain step by step.

The climate here was very cold, as if it had been frozen for countless years…The deeper you go inside, the lower the temperature, and gradually, his eyelashes and hair were covered with frost.

Mu Yang circled the mountain and found a cave entrance.

The entrance of the cave was dark, Mu Yang took out a night pearl from his sleeve, and the faint light illuminated the cave. He then walked in slowly. The entrance was not big but the inside was very spacious. The ground and walls of the cave were filled with all kinds of weapons, even the ground was full of weapons!

Mu Yang pondered slightly, this should be the sword tomb…

Inside the main hall of the Holy Palace, Elder Chi Feng watched this scene nervously.

Ever since Mu Yang landed here, his heart had been in his throat. Only he knew that the Lord had left his sword here.

Waiting for its destined person.

At the same time, Zhou Yue was also watching this scene. He was very anxious when he saw Mu Yang’s unfavorable appearance. He thought that if Mu Yang got nothing, he might have to find another way to find him a weapon. Who knew that this kid was calm and decisive. He unexpectedly found his way here by chance!

The other elders did not pay attention to Mu Yang at first. They all had their own optimistic seedlings and candidates. Even if someone glanced over at Mu Yang occasionally, they quickly looked away. The area where this boy landed was not very good, and his cultivation level was not high. They’re afraid it will end if he can’t even get out of the deserted cliff.

Until Mu Yang came to the sword tomb.

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