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ALIC Chapter 27.2

Zhou Yue returned to his senses, and suddenly became excited. Originally, he felt that Fenghe City was quite bad. He guessed there were no good seedlings. Who would have thought that he would pick up a treasure! If he took Mu Yang back, how good is that?! He can show off for hundreds of years!

If Mu Yang agreed to become his disciple, it would be a very honourable thing…

Thinking of this, Zhou Yue spoke incoherently with excitement as he stepped forward and grabbed Mu Yang’s hand: “Young man, what is your name?”

Mu Yang seemed to be a little uncomfortable with the excessive enthusiasm displayed by the elder of the Holy Palace, and said shyly: “My surname is Mu, so my full name is Mu Yang. I’m from Chongzhou City.”

Oh, Chongzhou City, that is at the bottom of the Ninety-Nine Cities, he didn’t expect such a treasure to appear!

Zhou Yue continued enthusiastically: “You have been selected, young man! Go back to the holy palace with this old man!”

When he said that, he couldn’t wait to take Mu Yang away.

The disciple behind him couldn’t stand it anymore, and quietly tugged at his sleeve, reminding in a low voice: “Master, there are still people who haven’t finished the test.”

Zhou Yue was taken aback, then remembered that there were other people. He scratched his head in embarrassment and coughed lightly: “Oh, yes, the test will continue.”

After speaking, he turned his head to look at Mu Yang, and said in a pleasant tone: “Young man, please wait for a moment. I will see you after I’ve handled these trivial matters.”

Mu Yang nodded: “Ah…Okay, it’s fine if you are busy for now.”

After he finished speaking, he hurriedly jumped off the stage. This elder Zhou’s straightforward character really made people feel a little bewildered.

Lin Ziran almost laughed. He suppressed a smile as he walked over to Mu Yang and said, “I knew you could do it.”

Mu Yang’s eyes were clear and bright, and he said seriously: “I said I would take you to the Holy Palace, so I will definitely do it.”

Wow, how touching. Today is also a day to love little angels!

As the others were still being tested, the two waited by the side.

Soon, Zhou Yue finished the assessment of the remaining few people who had all failed. At this point, he didn’t even bother to say words of encouragement and came directly to Mu Yang’s side.

If he could have such a disciple, he would definitely hold his head up in front of the other elders!

Especially the old Qi Daoist, he will definitely lose this time!

Thinking of this, Zhou Yue’s tone was softer, and his gaze became even more scorching: “The selection is over, we will return to the Holy Palace now. With these qualifications, your future will be limitless!”

Lin Ziran stood silently on the side.

[Lin Ziran: I always thought that I was a thick-skinned person, but I didn’t expect that there are people that exceed others…]

[System: I didn’t expect you to be a little self-aware.]

[Lin Ziran:? ? ?]

Mu Yang was calm. Although he was a little uncomfortable with Zhou Yue’s enthusiasm at first, he quickly adapted to it. After all, Zhou Yue was a dignified elder of the Holy Palace. Of course he would not treat him casually just because he was amiable. He said in a respectful and clear voice, “Thank you, Elder Zhou, but I have a small request before going to the Holy Palace.”

Zhou Yue said straightforwardly: “Just say it!”

Mu Yang shook Lin Ziran’s hand and said, “This is my friend Li Ye. I want to take him to the Holy Palace.”

Zhou Yue’s expression froze. Showing a look of embarrassment, he hesitated: “The Holy Palace is not accessible to ordinary people. Even an ordinary outer-sect disciple…”

Mu Yang said one word: “If he can’t go, I won’t go.”

Zhou Yue’s attitude changed immediately. Hahaha patted his chest and said, “Although it is very difficult, the old man is not helpless. You are right in looking for this old man! It just so happens that my law enforcement hall still lacks a sweeper… Don’t worry, our place is clean. Don’t worry, there is nothing to do, it’s just a title. I wonder if this young man is willing?”

Mu Yang turned and looked at Lin Ziran.

Lin Ziran nodded: “I am willing.”

Mu Yang bent over to bow to Zhou Yue and solemnly said, “Thank you, Elder Zhou, Mu Yang will remember it in his heart.”

Zhou Yue waved his hand and smiled: “You’re polite, it’s not worth mentioning such a trivial matter.”

He looked at the two with a smile, and felt that he was really clever. He brought Li Ye back to the law enforcement hall. It was just on the way, but Mu Yang and Li Ye were so affectionate and righteous, with Li Ye here…how could he be afraid that Mu Yang would not be willing to recognise him as his master?

When the matter was settled, everyone was overjoyed. Zhou Yue laughed, stroked his stomach and said, “We will return to the Holy Palace!”


When they went back, Zhou Yue used the flying sword, which was faster than the cloud treading beast before.

For the first time, Lin Ziran sat on a flying sword. He felt a little nervous and unfamiliar. The world of Xianxia was different. It was very exciting and interesting everywhere.

The journey went smoothly.

Because the Holy Palace was far away, Zhou Yue drove the flying sword to fly for three days and three nights, and finally took them to the Holy Palace.

Lin Ziran stood at the foot of the holy palace and looked up, marveling.

Although the script also described the majestic and grandeur of the holy palace, it was still very shocking to see it with his own eyes. The holy palace in front of him is not a palace, but a series of mountains. There are pavilions in the mountains. Shaoshan Peak stood among the foggy mountains, and in front of the huge mountain gate were thousands of steps made of white jade.

Looking up, there was one of the highest mountains in the mountains, steep and sharp like a long sword straight into the sky. That was the place where the middle god Xuanyan rested – the holy mountain.

The holy mountain was the noblest forbidden area in the holy palace. It is said that no one can enter. It has not been opened for more than 100,000 years.

Zhou Yue took Mu Yang and Lin Ziran up into the sky, and soon he was located on a lush mountain peak. This Baojiang Peak was Zhou Yue’s designated mountain and also where the Law Enforcement Hall was located.

When Zhou Yue came back, the disciples inside all gathered around to greet him, and said with a smile: “Master, is this our next junior brother?”

Zhou Yue thrust out his chest and laughed loudly: “Yes, when the official selection ceremony is held, he will be your little junior brother! Okay…Go go, is everything done? Don’t just watch the excitement.”

After that, he told Mu Yang kindly: “It will take a few days for the other elders to come back. You can live with Li Ye in the west hall for the time being. There is enough spiritual energy for cultivation. When the selection ceremony is held, this old man will help you choose a suitable abode!”

Mu Yang was very obedient and replied, “Okay, thank you, Elder Zhou.”

Lin Ziran hurt for this fat man. His motive for accepting disciples is widely known to everyone, but he doesn’t know that the strongest existence will soon appear. Moreover, he was just the elder of the law enforcement hall, even if it were the elder Chi Feng, he wouldn’t dare to fight with Xuanyan. Of course, no one now expected that the mysterious Xuan Yan, who has been in seclusion for hundreds of thousands of years, would come out to accept disciples…

In short, the protagonist shou is destined to be only the protagonist gong’s apprentice!

Lin Ziran glanced at Mu Yang, and couldn’t help feeling emotional in his heart. I pity you for having passion, but having a partner who is as cold as snow, driving others thousands of miles away! Xuan Yan is really incomprehensible, not loving such a little angel… If it wasn’t because he can’t beat Xuan Yan, he’d have wanted to beat Xuan Yan’s head in!

Of course, it was precisely because he couldn’t, that’s why he was only a cannon fodder…

Otherwise, with Li Ye’s paranoid character, there was no way he would be so miserable and holding on to his secret crush until death.

Ah, his thoughts had strayed too far.

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