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ALIC Chapter 26.1

Lin Ziran looked at that hand without moving, his expression calm.

Actually, his heart was like this: ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I am going to be scared to death by you!

The lack of expression was because of shock.

It took a long time for Lin Ziran to calm down. He looked down at his ankle, teeth trembling. I worked so hard to support you for so long. That’s how you repay me?

Wait! Why would he catch him?

Lin Ziran’s eyes slowly turned suspicious. Could this blind man hear him?

If he could hear but pretended to be deaf and dumb in front of him…

This is too much!

Lin Ziran stared and said angrily: “Can you hear me?”

But the blind man did not respond.

Lin Ziran wanted to jump angrily, but he couldn’t get up. Although the hand was as thin as a dead branch, it was very powerful, and he felt a little pain being grasped it…

Lin Ziran bent over to pinch the blind man’s face. He stretched and rubbed it back and forth for a long time but the blind man remained motionless. Except for the hand that was holding his foot tightly, he was just like a dead man.

Lin Ziran: …

He was a little confused again, can the blind man really hear him? Or was it just the sudden movement of a corpse..

Hey, don’t scare yourself!

One refused to let go, and one could not go.

The two came to a stalemate, and Lin Ziran was in a dilemma, so he had to squat down and persuade the other: “Let me go first, I will prepare food for you.”

“I’m not leaving, I lied to you just now.”

“What do you want to eat? Should I make pork blood soup for you? Roast chicken?”

“Will you let me go first? I can’t even move.”

“Can you hear me?”

“Hey Hey hey!”

Lin Ziran shouted until his mouth was dry, but the blind man did not give any reaction.

[Lin Ziran is confused:…what should I do?]

[System: How do I know?]

He was holding his head in distress. Who would have thought that after having peace for so long, a problem would suddenly appear?

After struggling for a long time, Lin Ziran finally made up his mind. He still had to leave.

What a joke, he was here to do the task! This is not really farming…

Take ten thousand steps back and think, even if you refuse to let go, he can’t be held by someone forever. Is it possible that you don’t need to eat or pee?

Lin Ziran stared at the blind man, thinking: you are making a scene, so don’t blame me for being impolite!

He stretched out his hand to break the blind man’s hand, but the strength of that hand was beyond his imagination. Lin Ziran tried for a long time and couldn’t break it…Instead, he was panting tired.

He doesn’t believe in evil anymore!

After resting for a while, Lin Ziran felt refreshed again.

One two three!

Break it hard!

As a result, there was a crack… the blind man’s finger was broken…

Lying in the trough, Lin Ziran started sweating.

Sorry QAQ

I didn’t do it on purpose!

Who asked you to hold it so tight…

Lin Ziran wiped his sweat and quickly said to the blind man: “Don’t worry! I will find medicine to treat you!”

The panacea in this world is very useful, and it was no problem to treat severed fingers!

Fortunately, this problem was not big!

Lin Ziran comforted himself like this…

Because he broke a finger, Lin Ziran was careful with the remaining fingers, and after a long time, he finally pried them away.

At this time, he realized that there were five deep purple finger marks on his ankles. It can be seen that the blind man used a lot of effort. Fortunately, this body is not sensitive to pain, otherwise it might be embarrassing just now…


Thinking of going home to get the medicine, Lin Ziran hurriedly left from there.

It was already very late when he returned. Recently, Mu Yang gave him a lot of things to eat and wear. Lin Ziran looked for it carefully, and he found medicine inside! This medicine was very effective. It should be enough for the blind man to use. Lin Ziran thought of today’s accident and felt ashamed, so he took other food as he thought the blind might use them. He decided to bring some tomorrow.

Yeah, he shouldn’t blame him anymore…

After everything was ready, he went to bed.

Early the next morning, Lin Ziran first got up to cook, and after having a meal with Mu Yazhu, he set off with the package alone.

Along the way, Lin Ziran wondered whether the blind man could hear what he said… But even if he could really hear it, he didn’t seem to have said anything that shouldn’t be said. Well, he felt relieved when I thought about it!

Although he was a little angry at the man who pretended to be deaf and dumb, but why should he care about a handicapped person? Maybe his mind was not normal…

And he was about to leave. These are the last things he can do for him, to thank him for his company and not be picky about his food during this period of time.

Lin Ziran walked briskly between the mountains and forests, and as he was about to arrive, he frowned and sniffed. Where did the burning smell come from?

There was a bad premonition in his heart. Lin Ziran immediately speeded up his pace, and finally stood in front of the cave with a dazed expression, and looked at the scene in disbelief…The things in his hands also fell on the ground…

The once lush woods had turned into ashes, and only a dark hole was left in the familiar cave…

Lin Ziran’s hands trembled slightly, and he staggered in step by step…

The fruit was gone, the pheasant was gone, the curtain was gone, and everything was gone…

Including that person.

There was a crack, as if something had been stepped on.

Lin Ziran’s face was pale, he slowly moved his feet, knelt down and pulled out a pile of burnt black bones from the pile of ashes on the ground…

No, it couldn’t be……

How did this happen?

There was no gas, no gasoline, no alcohol, no flammable items…

How could it catch fire…

It’s impossible!

Just as Lin Ziran was in a trance, a white light flashed by, blood spurted from his shoulder, and he was slammed by a huge force against the wall!

He raised his head in a daze, and saw Mu Yan walking out from the shadows beside him, holding a white machete in his hand. The blade was dyed red, with blood dripping…

Mu Yan’s face was still pale, but there was a bitter hatred in his eyes. He gently stroked the scimitar in his hand and smiled at Lin Ziran: “You didn’t expect me to come back? By the way, in order to deal with you. …I even stole my father’s spirit weapon. It should be more than enough to kill you, this little thief…”

Lin Ziran already understood what was going on, his tone was repressed and calm: “You did these.”

Mu Yan laughed, his eyes flushed with hatred: “Yeah! I found this place after a long time. You \ are really like a cunning rabbit with three burrows… I really didn’t expect you to live like a fish here. He’s disabled, who is he to you?”

When he said this, he looked at Lin Ziran’s pale face, and said triumphantly: “It doesn’t matter since he’s dead and you will die. When I burned him alive, he didn’t move. It can’t be a corpse. Hahaha…”

Lin Ziran’s clenched fist trembled slightly.

Although you are an NPC, you really angered me this time.

Seeing Lin Ziran’s cold and angry eyes, Mu Yan smiled contemptuously: “Why? Angry? Do you think I will be caught in your trap like yesterday? This time, I’m going to kill you!”

He swung the knife in his hand, and the silver-white blade glowed with a cold and sharp light…

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  1. Avatar Seemanta says:

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