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ALIC Chapter 18.2

Lu Sui looked up in surprise. He didn’t expect Lin Ziran to agree and quickly followed Lin Ziran into the house.

He took a deep breath, handed the bag of documents to Lin Ziran, and said guiltily: “This is the company’s shares. I can’t take your things, so I will return it to you.”

Lu Sui looked at Lin Ziran solemnly. These were originally left by his father for his elder brother. He was only an illegitimate child, and his mother had made such an unforgivable mistake so he was not entitled to inherit these.

Seeing the things thrown out come back after one big round, Lin Ziran felt a toothache.

My good father, I finally paved the way and gave the company to you. Now you want to return it to me? Do you want Your Father to continue working overtime until my head becomes bald? Dream on!

Lin Ziran coldly stretched out his hand and waved it away, “No need, I won’t take back the things I’ve given you.”

Lu Sui stared at Lin Ziran in a daze and his heart was filled with sadness. As expected, he would not forgive him…

The man lowered his head, not a trace of his arrogance in the past could be seen. His whole aura was crushed, like a stray dog without a home.

Lin Ziran’s heart was as cold as iron. Other things can be considered, but don’t even think about wanting me to go back to work! He said lightly: “I don’t care how you found out or what you think. If you really want me to forgive you, don’t show up in front of me again.”

Lu Sui’s eyes reddened instantly, but he refused to move a step.

Seeing his paranoid appearance, Lin Ziran knew that it would be hard for him to give up. Fine, I can always go if you don’t go, right? Does my dignified president have nowhere else to go?

Lin Ziran turned around and left.

Lu Sui suddenly grabbed Lin Ziran’s wrist, his eyes were filled with hopelessness. His lips moved slightly and he made a hoarse plea: “Brother… don’t go…”

There was not a trace of light in his dark eyes, only heavy sorrow. Lin Ziran was sucked into those eyes. He suddenly felt dizzy and he stumbled.

[Ding, the hidden plot “Lu Zhen’s Secret” is loading——]

In the dark room with no windows, the boy’s hands and feet were tied with duct tape. His eyes were covered with a piece of black cloth so he couldn’t see anything, and he couldn’t make any sound. He could only hear the drops of water trickling. He curled up to avoid the cold water dripping down his neck. The surrounding air was humid and cold, and hunger burned his stomach. He could no longer tell how long he had been here, but he couldn’t give up… He used all his strength to rub his tied hands against the wall behind him, trying to break the tape, even if his hands were already bloody.

Time passed by slowly.

He must escape from here as soon as possible. Aunt Xu came to pick him up from school and was kidnapped together. Not only did he have to go back alive, but also to take Aunt Xu back with him, otherwise Lu Sui would definitely be sad…

Tap, tap, tap.

The sound of shoes against the concrete floor sounded.

Lu Zhen stopped abruptly, and soon the door was opened. He was violently pulled out and he fell onto the cold concrete floor.

That person should be standing in front of him.

Fear was like ants crawling densely through his veins. He was very scared, but he still tried his best to stay calm. At this time, panic will only put him in a more dangerous position.

He slowly said: “I know you just want money, and my father will give you money. It will be fine if you take the money and go, but if you kill us, my father will definitely not let you go.”

After saying this, he held his breath nervously, even if he pretended to be calm and calm, he was only fifteen years old.

There was silence in front of him, and no one answered him… and silence was the most terrible torment for him.

Just when Lu Zhen was almost desperate, he heard a chuckle. This laughter was so familiar to him that his brain crashed for a while and he doubted whether he was hallucinating… Then he realized that he might not be able to go back alive today.

The laughter belongs to Xu Lanna.

It wasn’t the kidnapper who came, but the stepmother he had always trusted and respected. Since she can appear here like this, it means that everything was a conspiracy, and she doesn’t want money. Wrong… She wanted more than money, she also wanted his life.

Because she had already decided to kill him, she had no qualms about appearing in front of him.

The woman approached him and laughed sarcastically: “Stupid boy, do you think I’m willing to coax you all day? I’ve always found you so unpleasant.”

The woman’s cold fingers pinched his chin, her nails pierced into his flesh while her voice was full of bitter hatred: “I worked hard for you, father and son, and accompanied him in bed and completely submitted to him… I treated you better than my own son and served you like a young master. I tried my best to please you, but the old thing didn’t take us, mother and child, to heart at all. He always felt that it was wrong for him to cheat on his wife when she was sick so he gave you all the shares of the company. What can we get if the company is given to you? Nothing more than a little cash and real estate securities. Not enough! Not enough! I even gave him a son! He cheated but still wants to pretend to be a good person!

No way, I can only take this risk. As long as I kill you, he can only leave all the money to us, and I don’t have to lower myself in front of you all day. ”

She said a lot but it was nothing more than curses and foul language, revealing how much she actually hates him, and how disgusting and unbearable she felt when she pretended to be nice to him…

Lu Zhen was suddenly sad…When he just lost his mother, when he was sad and lonely, this woman appeared in front of him. She was so gentle and beautiful. She did her best to treat him well and make up for the lack of warmth he received. And the introverted and withdrawn child, his younger brother… always looked at him with admiration and followed him well…

So, even if he knew that his father had cheated, he still accepted the woman and the child. Isn’t his father the culprit?

Women and children are innocent.

At that time, he thought he had a family again.

But it wasn’t until now did he realize how naive he was, that he had no so-called family… This was just a deliberate scam. He stupidly gave away his heart, and now he was about to pay for his stupidity with his life.

Did he hate it? Hate.

Lu Zhen did not beg for mercy anymore, he knew that begging was meaningless.

The woman’s crazed and hateful voice was like a knife rubbing on sandpaper.

Lu Zhen closed his eyes in the dark.

Just as his neck was about to be slashed, the door was swung open, and then there was a scuffle. The man roared: “You f****** crazy person. We agreed to only take the money. yYu even dare to kill Lu Jinwen’s son.!”

“Let me go, do you think that Lu Jinwen will let you go? I can get more money by killing him! How much do you want? Is one hundred million or two hundred million enough?”

“F***, you lunatic, do you think his money is so easy to take? Do you think I will believe you? I will not continue to be involved in this matter!”

The man seemed to be leaving.

Then came the sound of a sharp weapon piercing the flesh.

“Then you go to die!”

“Ah-I am going to kill you, you crazy woman!”

The sound of screams, curses, and beatings intertwined… followed by the sound of a knife piercing flesh, and soon… it seems that someone had fled in a hurry. tTe room fell silent once more.

Who left?

Who died?

Lu Zhen’s heart thumped violently.

“Cough, cough…” Accompanied by coughing and the sound of vomiting blood, the woman made a faint cry for help: “Help, help me…”

Lu Zhen immediately calmed down. Xu Lanna was injured, it was the man who left.

This was the best chance to escape.

He moved slowly on the ground, following the sound of the fight, and finally touched the dagger that fell on the ground, cut the tape on his hand, and quickly pulled the black cloth off his eyes. The dazzling light made him squint.

The woman was lying in front of him, less than a metre away from him. Her makeup was all destroyed, her hair was scattered. Her abdomen and legs were stained red with blood, her body twitched slightly, and her beautiful eyes were extremely desperate. She smiled flatteringly again and said to him: “Xiaozhen, you must save me… It’s Aunt Xu, I won’t do it anymore…”

But Lu Zhen didn’t go over, he just looked at her coldly.

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