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ALIC Chapter 16.1

Zhao Mingze’s was very sincere in apologising, and he was willing to help Wen Yu regardless of their previous grievances. He did everything so perfectly and Lin Ziran went along and forgave him. He wanted to see what this villain was trying to do, he believed the villain will eventually slip up.

But Zhao Mingze didn’t do anything in the past few days; he was quite calm.

Lin Ziran had resigned from his post a long time ago, and now he has broken up with Wen Yu. It is rare to be at ease. Of course, it would be more perfect if the plot was not messed up.

Thinking of the lack of love between the protagonist’s gong and shou, and how the protagonist gong even teamed up with the villain to deal with the protagonist’s shou… Lin Ziran sighed sadly, he just wanted to see how far the plot could collapse.

Because he and Wen Yu had broken up, Lu Sui obviously did not continue to attack him, and Zhao Mingze also fulfilled his promise.

The online controversy gradually subsided.

Although the previous events were full of turmoil, presumably without Lu Sui and Zhao Mingze getting in the way, Wen Yu should be able to handle the rest by himself without worrying about him anymore.

Sure enough, as long as the plot is back on track, everything will return to normal.

Lin Ziran eats, sleeps, and plays every day. Looking at his bank card balance makes him happy, … the games in this game is actually quite fun. Of course, according to the setting, this world does not have such holographic simulation games but there are ordinary mobile games and online games, Lin Ziran still plays very happily. The key is that he has never encountered a worthy opponent in terms of spending money.

After wandering freely for a few days, Lin Ziran received another call from Zhao Mingze.

Lin Ziran was not surprised. Now that Wen Yu has broken up with him, with Wen Yu’s character, he will never beg for a reunion. Lu Sui’s wish was fulfilled so there is no reason to come to him. So only Zhao Mingze is left…

Lin Ziran cleared his throat, “Hello?”

Zhao Mingze’s deep and magnetic voice came, soft and gentle: “Do you have time today?”

Lin Ziran said: “What’s the matter?”

Zhao Mingze smiled and said, “Can’t I see you if there’s nothing?”

Lin Ziran paused and said nothing. According to Lu Zhen’s personality, as his friend for many years, is probably embarrassed because Zhao Mingze has a crush on him, so he will definitely avoid him… If he agrees so easily, it will not be normal.

Zhao Mingze saw that Lin Ziran did not answer, and sighed: “It’s about the company, you know, we have been cooperating before… But now although it’s Lu Sui, I still want to discuss some things with you and hear your opinions.”

Oh, that’s a good excuse.

Although he was forced out by Lu Sui, he is still a shareholder of the company. Lu Zhen has always had a calm and responsible personality. Even if the company was handed over to Lu Sui, he would not completely abandon it therefore he could not refuse Zhao Mingze’s proposal.

Lin Ziran’s eyes moved slightly and said, “Okay.”

Zhao Mingze asked again: “Are you at home? Then I will come over now.”

Lin Ziran: “Okay.”

It didn’t take long for Zhao Mingze to come.

Today he wore a dark gray and light white striped coat with a double-buttoned suit inside. His hair was combed back carelessly with a few strands of stray hair. His phoenix eyes raised slightly under the silver frame, and he walked gracefully with a smile.

Just looking at his appearance, who would expect that he is a black-hearted villain? Tsk.

Lin Ziran inevitably took a second look. This man is really a good clothes rack. He should have a good figure. It’s a pity that he was drunk and unconscious that night, and he didn’t see anything… He could only judge after they have done everything…

Stay focused, what are you thinking!

Lin Ziran poured a cup of tea for Zhao Mingze, sat down opposite him, with a reserved smile, and said politely: “Thank you for coming, in fact, I could have gone to find you.”

“I was nearby, so it was on the way.” Zhao Mingze smiled and shook his head. He thought for a moment, showing a solemn expression, and said: “I came today to talk…about the new business we negotiated before. If you don’t want me to continue cooperation with Lu Sui, I can terminate our cooperation.”

Lin Ziran raised his eyes unexpectedly. This is not like Zhao Mingze’s style of behaving. Just because he was worried about his unhappiness, he unilaterally terminated the previously agreed project. This is undoubtedly an act of hurting the enemy and himself. It is a bit too willful and irrational. It’s not something that a profit-minded person like Zhao Mingze would do.

But who is Lin Ziran, he is a man with a script!

It is impossible for Zhao Mingze to pay such a price for Lu Zhen. He is determined to be Lu Zhen’s character and will never make him embarrassed, let alone make excessive demands. He deliberately said this on his own initiative. Lu Zhen’s favor is simply a profitless business.

Lin Ziran almost wanted to say yesplease end your cooperation! It was quite interesting to think about that scene, but he was not so messed up. He merely showed a touch of emotion, his eyes were calm and gentle, “No matter who the company belongs to now, it is the painstaking effort of me and my father, and Lu Sui he …It’s just that he blames me for the past, I think he will figure it out someday. I hope you won’t change your work because of him, not to mention… It’s also very detrimental to you, it’s really unnecessary. I will take care of it.”

Zhao Mingze was silent for a long while, seeming to feel sorry for him. “Are you resigned just like this? Don’t you plan to take everything back? If you want to…”

I will help you.

Lin Ziran interrupted him with a smile, “Half the Lu family was originally his. If he wants to take it, I have nothing to be unresigned about.”

Zhao Mingze fixedly looked at him: “You are really open-minded.”

What was there to be close-minded? He is merely here to act according to the plot, is it possible that he can still care about an NPC?

His expression was incredibly sincere, his eyes were gentle, and he chuckled softly: “You really don’t have to care too much about what I think… In fact, whether you choose to cooperate or not, I won’t blame you, let alone interfere.”

Zhao Mingze looked at him for a long while, then suddenly smiled and said, “I understand.”

Lin Ziran nodded and said, “If you have nothing else…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly fell into a warm and powerful hug.

Zhao Mingze hugged him tightly, his voice hoarse, and said: “Although I know that it is very selfish to say such things now, but…I really can’t let go of you. I regret not confessing earlier and allowed others to get to you first. I have been with you for the longest time, and I have the ability to protect myself and you. If it were me, I would never put you in a difficult postition…

…So, do you want to try being with me? ”

Lin Ziran was caught by surprise, as the man’s clear and powerful aura invaded his senses, his expression slightly frozen.

Fortunately, I knew you had a motive in coming here today..

Lin Ziran was suddenly possessed by the act, isn’t it just comparing who was more affectionate? Who can’t? He showed a sad expression, after a long time, slowly said: “I still love him… don’t you understand?”

He just didn’t want Wen Yu to be in a difficult position. He didn’t want Wen Yu to leave because he was attacked and slandered, understand?!

Haha, don’t think I will be fooled by you!

“I understand…” Zhao Mingze said in a low voice but did not let go: “But I don’t care. As long as I love you, it’s okay. Can you give me a chance?”

Lin Ziran:…

Brother, you are really a masterpiece! Did you steal my script?

But this trick is useless to me!

Lin Ziran took a deep breath and pushed Zhao Mingze away mercilessly, glancing at him coldly: “You should leave now.”

Zhao Mingze looked at him with a bitter smile on his lips. After a long time, he said, “Okay.”

He turned around and left

No matter how affectionate you are, I have my own ruthless knowledge. I can conquer the enemy in one move and walk the earth, ha!


Lin Ziran waited for Zhao Mingze to leave, slammed the door, and continued to play his game.

When playing, time always flies by.

At 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, the phone next to him suddenly started ringing. Lin Ziran glanced at it and saw it was Zhao Mingze’s secretary who called. Zhao Mingze has always had a good relationship with Lu Zhen, and they are very familiar with each other, so the secretary also had Lu Zhen’s phone number, but he rarely contacted him.

Lin Ziran pressed the answer button on the phone while playing the game.

The other party sounded very anxious, and as soon as they connected, his voice came: “Mr. Lu, have you met Mr. Zhao today? He finished the meeting in the afternoon and said that he was going to find you for something. After that, he never returned to the company and didn’t answer the phone. There has never been such a thing before. I am very worried that something will happen to him, but I can’t make it since I’m on a business trip now. Could you please visit his house?”

Lin Ziran sighed, do you think I would believe such a clumsy scheme? I just said how could Zhao Mingze leave so easily today… So they had dug a hole here and was waiting for him.

Lin Ziran said: “Okay, don’t worry, I will go over and now!”

[System: Are you really going to check it out? 】

[Lin Ziran: Wait, Let’s talk after this round. I’m going to die…]

Lin Ziran restarted the game without hesitation and went on with a murderous aura.


Another hour passed in the blink of an eye.

Halfway through the call, the secretary’s phone number came again, but this time Lin Ziran did not answer the phone.

Only a fool would go over now. Was it that his game was not fun or that his bed was not comfortable? Who knows what this villain was plotting.

Lin Ziran turned the phone to silent mode and had a great time playing.

The next day he woke up dazedly and saw the dozens of missed calls from his secretary.

Lin Ziran then dialed back and asked worriedly: “I went last night, but Zhao Mingze is not at home. Have you heard from him?”

The secretary’s voice sounded anxious and exhausted: “No…”

Lin Ziran raised his eyebrows unexpectedly. He was still acting after the whole night. He absently said, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen! I will look for him again and contact you if I have news.”

He hung up the phone, took a shower, brushed his teeth and washed his face. He changed clothes and happily prepared to go out for dinner.

He walked out while looking at the phone. The moment he opened his door, a dark figure suddenly appeared and threw him to the ground, and his phone flew out! Lin Ziran almost screamed out in shock, and finally looked up to face a handsome face… his scream got stuck in his throat just in time.

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