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ALIC Chapter 14.2

“I heard Wen Yu finally announced your relationship. Congratulations, but…” Lu Sui raised his chin, his eyes filled with malice as he said slowly: “Do you think this is over? This is just the beginning.”

Lin Ziran: …?

What Lu Sui said was really strange, and he even made a vague threat, as if he were doing something behind his back. Wait, is it really what Zhao Mingze said…

Lin Ziran’s face changed, he looked at Lu Sui in shock: “You did it?!”

Lu Sui watched Lin Ziran’s expression changed from indifferent and for the first time, he felt happy. He took a step forward and approached Lin Ziran, his eyes were cold and playful, and he laughed softly: “Yes. You can treat it as me helping you so you don’t have to continue to be Wen Yu’s secret affair. How are you going to thank me, brother?”

Lin Ziran’s hands trembled in anger. He used to think that this kid was more sensible, and was advancing the plot. Who knows that he had changed and each move he made was full of surprises. He was actually stealing the villain’s livelihood!

You really disappointed Dad!

Lu Sui was satisfied. He turned around and said slowly, “I’m leaving, don’t thank me too much.”

Lin Ziran pointed at him, bastard, don’t show up in front of me again! I’m furious! What kind of trash plot is this? Can the plot of the protagonist and the villain be changed? ? ?

It took a long time for Lin Ziran to calm down.

[Lin Ziran: It’s too difficult! 】

[System: It can be even harder. 】

[Lin Ziran:…]


Lu Sui left from the front of Lin Ziran’s house and opened the door to get into the car. Suddenly a black car slowly pulled up beside him. Lu Sui paused and looked over sharply.

The window slowly rolled down, Zhao Mingze lifted his glasses and smiled: “Want to work together?”

Lu Sui sneered, looked at him vigilantly, and said, “You are Lu Zhen’s friend, what can I possible do with you?”

Zhao Mingze said slowly, “Whether I am Lu Zhen’s friend or not is not important. What matters is that our goals are the same. You also want Lu Zhen to break up with Wen Yu, don’t you… For us businessmen, as long as our goals are the same, we can cooperate.”

He raised his eyes slightly, with a meaningful smile on his face, “What do you say?”

Lu Sui looked at him for a long while, and suddenly, the corner of his lips twitched.


Lin Ziran was hit, and he didn’t have any appetite as he returned home in a daze.

No, he has to focus.

The current situation is that the protagonist Shou, Wen Yu not only failed to develop a relationship with Lu Sui, but announced his love affair with him to the outside world. He wanted to abandon the official pairing and attach himself to the second male lead!

The protagonist gong, Lu Sui, is cold-blooded and ruthless towards Wen Yu, not only snatching the job of the villain, Zhao Mingze, but also threatening to retaliate against Wen Yu!

The villain, Zhao Mingze, is even more unreasonable. He actually said that he likes him, and he had a secret crush on him…

If Lu Sui’s behavior is considered crooked, Zhao Mingze’s behavior is completely ascending the heavens, leaving him confused.

Lin Ziran collapsed weakly on the bed and said quietly, “I think I have encountered a new low in my life.”

[System: Don’t be discouraged, you still have a lot of room for decline.]

Lin Ziran: “…”

He suddenly sat up from the bed like a corpse, with a look of dissatisfaction, and asked: “You are too much, what do you mean that there is still a lot of room for decline?”

[The system humbly said: I just learned some jokes on the Internet, and I think it suits you well, right?]

Too much, too much!

After being despised by the system for three consecutive years, Lin Ziran finally got angry. He is a man determined to become an actor. How dare you look down on me!

Lin Ziran opened the curtain and began to study the plot seriously while waiting patiently.

He was waiting for a suitable time. When he quarreled with Wen Yu, he said that they should take a break for a few days. They had fallen out so badly… Once a cold war between lovers started, it means that a breakup is not far away.

Mistakes are mistakes, but they have already happened, and it is impossible to ignore them.

Lin Ziran didn’t believe that Wen Yu wouldn’t mind.

He was so angry that he wanted to r*** him…

One day.

Two days.

Three days.

Lin Ziran didn’t go to Wen Yu, neither did Wen Yu come to Lin Ziran.

So… it is really a grudge!

No matter how magnanimous he is, this green hat is not something that ordinary men can wear, but he never expected that they would break up in this way in the end…

Just when Lin Ziran was about to find some time to explain clearly to Wen Yu…

The situation online began to take a turn for the worse again.

The already stable public opinion began to be stirred up again, and the anti fans were not letting Wen Yu off. All kinds of terrible rumours were constantly being searched on top. Some were fake but there were also real ones, but it’s fine if that’s all. …Wen Yu’s career began to be affected, because he has been entangled in scandals and was gay. Some producers decided to postpone the release of their works, and some even considered whether to keep Wen Yu’s role.

Lin Ziran frowned as he watched. Wen Yu’s reputation was there, and there was no unforgivable mistake. Why did the investors rush to cut ties. There must be someone fueling the flames from behind the scenes.

Lu Sui…No, maybe more than that.

Maybe Lu Sui and Zhao Mingze were colluding before. Before, it was just rumours on the Internet. Now, this is to destroy Wen Yu.

Lin Ziran finally became a little anxious. In this sloppy plot, apart from his acting, the one who is actually getting hurt is Wen Yu. If they had broken up sooner, this wouldn’t have happened and everyone would be happy. But in the end. …

Look, the consequences of not following the plot.

Lu Sui failed to retaliate against him, and Zhao Mingze failed in his plans but they would not give up.

Originally, he only had to bear the anger on his own!

As a result, Wen Yu became a scapegoat.

It wasn’t until another piece of explosive news broke that Lin Ziran finally couldn’t sit still.

Wen Yu was stabbed by a man with a knife. After stabbing Wen Yu, the man shouted homophobic remarks and told him to die. After being detained by the police, he even produced a mental illness report…

This is too…

Is it a coincidence or a scheme?

Even if they were having a cold war, he couldn’t stand idly by when something like this happened. Lin Ziran drove to the hospital immediately.

After he went there, he started to hesitate again. If he showed concern for Wen Yu at this time, how could they break up if they amended their relationship…

Lin Ziran paced back and forth in the corridor in a dilemma, and suddenly heard a sound coming from the gap in the door.

The assistant was pouring a glass of water for Wen Yu. He looked at Wen Yu who was lying weakly on the hospital bed and said with fear: “Today was really too dangerous…”

Wen Yu’s voice was low, “It’s okay, it’s only external. Tthe doctor also said it would be fine to just rest for a few days.”

The assistant was silent for a while, and said, “Brother Yu, do you think today’s affairs are accidental… or was it arranged by someone?”

Win Yu paused and said, “I don’t know.”

The assistant is not a fool. He had been with Wen Yu for a long time. Judging from what happened during this time, it was obvious that someone does not want to let Wen Yu go. In the beginning, it was just buying the public opinion, and later even involved the investors. Many people who had been friends with Wen Yu before began to keep their distances. Those businessmen, few of them were loyal.

Although Wen Yu had made a lot of money over the years and it would be very difficult for the other party to drive him into a corner, destroying his reputation only needed one incident

He knows very well how much Wen Yu loves acting, how hard he works, how much Wen Yu cares about all this… But now it’s almost completely destroyed.

One needs to pay a big price to rise up from the mud, but it only takes an accident for it to be destroyed.

The assistant plucked up the courage and said in a dull voice: “You shouldn’t have confessed your relationship back then.”

Wen Yu’s eyes changed slightly, obviously a little unhappy.

“Although I don’t know who is behind this, I know that it is related to Lu Zhen, right?” The assistant made up his mind to say what he wanted to say today. “In fact, from the beginning when you were with him, I was never optimistic about it. People like Lu Zhen find boyfriends and girlfriends from the entertainment industry, mostly to show off. How many are actually sincere? Don’t we see this kind of thing often in this circle? The smart ones leave quietly but the ignorant never end up well… You said you didn’t want his money, so why bother with this kind of person? Look now…”

Wen Yu’s face was ugly, and his voice was slightly cold: “Lu Zhen is not that kind of person.”

The assistant refuted angrily: “If he isn’t this kind of person, why hasn’t he come to see you once at all? It was also the case before, from the beginning to the end, you were all alone in the fight. He never helped you. He never stood up to say anything…Don’t you understand that he doesn’t have you in his heart at all? You shouldn’t have admitted your relationship at all! Brother Yu, I beg you to be more clear-headed, OK? Don’t be obsessed with him anymore!”

Wen Yu’s lips flattened and he slowly said, “You don’t know what happened. Don’t just look at the surface and jump to conclusions. I told him not to interfere.”

He wanted to solve these matters by himself, instead of letting Lin Ziran clarify the ‘rumors’, which was why he rejected Lin Ziran’s offer to help.

It wasn’t that Lin Ziran was unwilling to help him.

As for Lin Ziran’s reluctance to come, he was afraid he still minded what happened that day…

That day, he was blinded by jealousy and almost committed an unforgivable mistake.

“Really?” The assistant didn’t believe him, and sneered. “Then I’ll be straightforward. If you really want to fall in love, Brother Yu, you can find someone who is sensible. If you don’t like them, you can throw them away. Those little demons can’t cause any fuss but you just want to mess around with people like Lu Zhen, and leave yourself in such a sorry state… In short, if it weren’t for him, you would never have encountered such a thing!

Brother Yu, I have been with you for so many years, and I have always respected you and admired you, because you are a very clear-headed person who knows how to weigh the pros and cons, but now, you are making me look down on you. ”

Wen Yu’s face was ugly.

“Think about it for yourself.” The assistant stood up angrily and said: “If you really don’t want to remain in the entertainment industry, and if you plan to retire, tell me earlier. I still have time to find another job.”

After talking, he slammed the door open!

F***! Lin Ziran, who was listening intently, was slammed sideways when the door panel swept past him less than a centimeter from the tip of his nose. A cold wind blew, and blood was almost spilled on the spot…

Assistant Manager:”……”

Wen Yu: “…”

Lin Ziran: “…Ah, hello.”


T/n: F**** The assistant!! Is super rude!!! a**ho**!!! Anyway, happy new year!

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