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ALIC Chapter 13.1

Lin Ziran clutched his chest, and after a while, picked up the phone that had fallen to the ground with a tremble. He looked at it several times before he was sure that he hadn’t gone blind.

Wen Yu actually came out!

He was heartbroken for Wen Yu. What are you doing? At this time, it’s fine to deny it directly and wait for this matter to die down. Do you think it’s still not messy enough?

Lin Ziran was at a loss: “I’m afraid this plot is beyond saving.”

[System: Are you going to give up?]

I don’t want to give up, but what can I do? Lin Ziran was at a loss, could he still force Wen Yu and Lu Sui to be together? Can feelings be forced?

Recalling his confidence when he first entered the game, he only felt that he was too young then.

This rubbish game is full of pits!

Lin Ziran looked dazed and said quietly: “System, do you know what is the biggest obstacle in love?”

[System: What is it?]

Lin Ziran said one word: “It’s not status, money, age, gender… none of these are! Rather, it’s the difference in three views that makes it impossible to communicate! For example, Wen Yu and Lu Sui.”


Lin Ziran drooped his head in frustration.

Since Wen Yu had already posted this, should he still call to ask? But he’s a president, not a girl who scrolls through weibo all day long. Not knowing shouldn’t be surprising, right? Lu Zhen doesn’t even have a weibo account!

Yes, hey’d just pretend not to know.

If there is no news from Wen Yu in the afternoon, he will take the initiative to ask him about this, because sooner or later, someone will tell him even if he doesn’t use Weibo.

Sure enough, it was Zhao Mingze who couldn’t sit still.

Zhao Mingze: “Have you seen the news on the Internet?”

Lin Ziran pretended to be confused: “What?”

Zhao Mingze: “Wen Yu announced your relationship online, didn’t he tell you beforehand?”

Lin Ziran grew angry at the thought of this. If it weren’t for you, why would Wen Yu do this? I thought you were a good assistant, who knew it was a pig teammate…

I wonder if you are an undercover agent sent by the enemy!

Lin Ziran said with a smile: “Really? Since he is willing to be with me openly, I am very happy. He didn’t mention it probably because he wants to surprise me.”

Zhao Mingze was silent for a moment when he heard those words, his voice was slightly muffled: “It’s good if you are happy.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone and didn’t bid farewell as he normally did. Lin Ziran glanced at his phone inexplicably, this villain also seemed unhappy? Is it because his strategy failed?

It was not until the afternoon that Lin Ziran picked up the phone and called Wen Yu.

It took a while for Wen Yu to answer the call. It seemed a bit noisy there. He lowered his voice and said quickly: “Wait, I’ll talk to you in the evening.”

Then the phone hung up again.

Lin Ziran was stunned, and vaguely heard the voice from the other side, it seemed that many reporters were asking questions.

Forget it, he can only take one step at a time.


The weibo post Wen Yu sent out nearly froze the site. His assistant was furious and desperately wished he could steal Wen Yu’s phone and say they had been hacked to rescue him!

But… in the end, he didn’t dare to.

The assistant was very puzzled: “Brother Yu, why are you doing this? You can just deny it.” Why did he need to tell the world about his relationship? Isn’t it good to keep a low profile?

They only managed to control the situation with great difficulty!

Wen Yu looked down at the phone and said lightly: “Paper can’t conceal fire forever.”

[t/n: the truth will eventually come out.]

Moreover, he did not want to deny it.

He clearly understood that homosexuality was not conducive for the development of his career and had been hiding his sexuality for many years. So he chose Lu Zhen, who was willing to accommodate him in every possible way, and began a secret love affair. It is not because of how much he loves Lu Zhen, but because he felt that Lu Zhen was a suitable companion. He always calculated everything clearly… But he now realized that he was wrong. At first, he thought he had been scheming against others, but didn’t realize the one who was at the greatest loss was him.

Love is not a transaction, it can’t be calculated clearly after all. Even when it comes to him, there will be a day when he is willing to be impulsive.

A desire to be with the person he loves openly, no matter an obstacle.

There’ll be a day he became tired of the endless lies.

Wen Yu held his cell phone tightly. In fact, when he posted the message, he felt uneasy. The uneasiness was not due to the reactions of fans, but because of what Lin Ziran might think.

He disregarded his thoughts, did not seek his opinion, and unilaterally announced their relationship. It was actually a bit selfish…

He was afraid to ask Lin Ziran, in case he refused. He’d definitely not be willing to embarrass him. He would realise that there wasn’t a need to announce it and wouldn’t want him to be so stubborn…

But I want to be willful this time.

Instead of taking one step at a time.

Besides, he had a motive for doing this. Initially, Lin Ziran might be a little angry with his behavior, but afterwards, he should be more moved… moved by his willingness to announce their relationship for him. After all, if you love someone, you want to give them a proper title, right?

With Lin Ziran’s character, seeing how much he sacrificed for him, he will definitely want to make up to him. After all, he is such a gentle and soft-hearted person, who didn’t like to owe anyone.

He used this knowledge so despicably.

To tie the other person to himself in this way…

Wen Yu slowly exhaled and closed his eyes.

He started working again and arranged for an assistant to manage the public relations. He had become accustomed to the slander and abuse on the Internet. Every star will experience these, but Lin Ziran was not a part of their world, so he does not want Lin Ziran to experience these…

If he unilaterally announces his love affairs without Lin Ziran’s consent, Lin Ziran will inevitably attract public attention, and would even suffer part of the attack and abuse on the Internet. This situation is really unavoidable, but he will do his best to protect Lin Ziran.

The assistant thinks this is simply his wishful thinking. You were so cool when you announced your relationship, but now you expect the netizens to let your other half go?! Don’t you know how many people are waiting to eat melon seeds? And how many people are waiting for you to get into trouble? !

If you don’t want Lin Ziran to be scolded, do not announce it!

But the assistant had been with Wen Yu for many years and knows that it is not easy for Wen Yu to start from scratch. This time he is afraid it is true love…what else can he do? He could only bite the bullet.

The navy and hot search was a two-pronged approach, desperately whitewashing, creating a dedicated lover personality for Wen Yu, and emphasized that Lin Ziran is a boyfriend outside of the circle. So they hoped that fans would respect them and not over analyse…

[t/n: navy refers to the famous water army (netizen) online where public opinion can be bought and people are paid to scold/write comments]

Wen Yu was busy until noon. He didn’t know if Lin Ziran had read the news, and what kind of attitude he was now. He couldn’t wait to go home, but he was continuously surrounded by paparazzi and reporters when he went downstairs.

Just then Lin Ziran called, he could only hang up after a sentence, and then try to break through.

In order to get rid of the paparazzi, he drove for a long time, parked the car in a public parking lot halfway, and finally asked another staff to drive him away.

When he arrived at Lin Ziran’s house, it was already getting late.

Wen Yu took a deep breath before finally opening the door.

Lin Ziran was not idle when he stayed at home, constantly thinking about what Lu Zhen should be like. He thought about it all afternoon, but couldn’t think of a perfect solution.

The plot had completely gone out of control…

Then, Wen Yu came back.

Lin Ziran looked at him from a distance and after a moment, showed a complicated expression, “Why did you do this?”

Wen Yu looked at Lin Ziran’s expression, feeling uneasy. He walked over step by step and looked directly into Lin Ziran’s eyes and said, “Because I love you, I don’t want to keep hiding it.”

Lin Ziran showed an anxious look and said, “Do you know how we are being scolded online now? I don’t care… But what about you, I don’t want to affect your career because of our relationship, I don’t mind what we did before, really.”

He is not really Lu Zhen, so he doesn’t care about this, but what Wen Yu endured is real.

Hearing these words, Wen Yu was startled, then his expression softened: “So, you are just worried about me?”

Lin Ziran: “I…” I- it’s not that either…

Wen Yu suddenly smiled and said with a pleasant voice: “It doesn’t matter.”

“Even if others don’t accept us, I am not afraid of everyone knowing I love you.” Wen Yu paused and said softly: “Sorry, I should have made it public earlier, and not just speak out just because of this kind of thing…”

If he had known he would love this person so much, he would not choose to be so indifferent at the beginning.

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  1. Avatar Navleu says:

    Wen Yu is truly in love… How is Lin Ziran gonna escape from the bed now? ?

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Avatar ×_÷ says:

    Honestly amazed Lin Ziran just doesn’t give up
    Thans for the chap ^^

    1. Avatar 77 says:

      so many pig teammates hahaha

  3. If I were him. I would have logged off a long time ago.

    I would give up cuz this is not me and im getting tired just for this stupid test.

    And it might effect my brain lol!

    If he started having feelings for a NPC. I think it will be a huge brain damage haha.

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