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ALIC Chapter 12.2

In the presidential suite.

There was nothing to say.

Lin Ziran looked at the big bed, and finally remembered what he was worried about. Taking a short vacation then sleeping in the crematorium.

[Lin Ziran: What do you think about pretending to be sick now? Is there time? ]

[System: Why didn’t you think of this before you came out? ]

[Lin Ziran:…]

If he was a woman he can use his period… as a man, can he say that he has kidney deficiency? No, no, a cannon fodder gong is also a gong. How can he say that he has kidney deficiency!

Wen Yu turned his head and looked at him, his handsome face became softer and deeper under the dim light, and he smiled and said, “Do you want to wash up first?”

Lin Ziran almost stammered nervously, he laughed, “No, it’s okay, you go first…”

“Okay.” Wen Yu was not polite, he turned around and went into the bathroom.

Buying himself some time, Lin Ziran paced back and forth anxiously like an ant on a hot pan, scratching his hair anxiously.

Ah, or he should pretend to be Liu Xiahui! Who said that a couple must do this kind of thing together?

Isn’t pure love good?

Is it not good to simply sleep together?

Yes, just do it. Today he will show Wen Yu the difference between a primate and an animal!

Not long after, Wen Yu put on a bathrobe and came out with a waistband tied loosely. The slightly loose neckline exposed a beautiful slender neck and half of his collar-bone. His soft short hair was half dry, and some fell messily on his forehead. His beautiful eyes carried a faint smile.

Lin Ziran quickly retracted his gaze, not daring to look anymore, and walked past Wen Yu hurriedly.

He slammed the bathroom door close!

He struggled with himself in the bathroom for half an hour before he finally gritted his teeth, opened the door and walked out.

As soon as he went out, he was slammed against the wall. A passionate kiss fell on his lips.

They kissed until they rolled onto the bed.

Lin Ziran’s mind was blank. Why didn’t he give me a chance to show some self-control? As a shou, why are you so proactive?!

If I really sleep with Wen Yu today, would I be considered the second male lead who usurped the male lead’s position? What does Wen Yu like about me? Why does he like me? Isn’t it good to be with someone as energetic as Lu Sui? Don’t you feel the fated attraction when you see Lu Sui?

“Mmm…” Lin Ziran’s neck hurt, and he looked at Wen Yu dumbly.

Wen Yu lowered his head and took a bite. At this moment, the corners of his beautiful lips were pursed, as if containing slight anger. His voice was low: “You’re distracted.”

Lin Ziran stared at this flawless face from an extremely close distance. Suddenly, he asked, “Do you really like me?”

Why do you like me? Why not break up with me? Why not accept Lu Sui’s pursuit…

This is a question that Lin Ziran still doesn’t understand.

Wen Yu fixedly looked at Lin Ziran for a long while, showing a helpless and angry expression, before he said coldly: “Do you think I don’t like you? Then who do you think I should like? Should I like Lu Sui?”

Lin Ziran blinked, baby, you really asked what I’m thinking.

Seeing him look like this, Wen Yu suddenly didn’t want to say anything in anger. What kind of strange things is this person thinking?!

Or did he really believe those photos?

“Listen to me carefully–I only like you. Maybe I don’t have many reasons for liking you…but I have a reason for not liking Lu Sui.” Wen Yu spoke slowly and earnestly: “Why should I like someone who just wants to use me, never puts me in his heart, and neither loves nor respects me, instead of loving someone I love and loves me back?”

Lin Ziran looked into his eyes blankly. These words… are so special. There is no problem with his Three Views and there is no way to rebut, but that was the biggest problem!

Why is there a protagonist who refuses to follow the lines in the bloody script?!

Lin Ziran was full of confusion, and his previous setbacks hadn’t completely defeated him, but Wen Yu’s words made him feel that his future was gloomy…

Even if he works harder, what method should he use to break the three views of a normal person? !

He doesn’t like Lu Sui’s acting like this!

Wen Yu has run out of patience. He doesn’t want to see Lin Ziran’s trance and absent-minded state, and doesn’t wish to hear him say those irritating things any longer…

He bowed his head and kissed Lin Ziran’s lips again.

Block his chattering mouth.

Lin Ziran wanted to cry but had no tears. He almost wanted to say that: Dad I was wrong. Actually, I don’t love you either. I’m the same as Lu Sui, and I lied to you… But will Wen Yu kill him in anger?

Lin Ziran was kissed until tears filled eyes, and his heart was tormented. At this time, a phone suddenly rang.

Not his, but Wen Yu’s.

Obviously Wen Yu didn’t want to pay attention to the phone, but the phone kept ringing persistently, as if there was something very important, and would not give up unless it was answered!

At last……

Wen Yu stood up with a look of annoyance. He walked to the side and picked up the phone, his voice was cold: “You better have something important.”

The assistant shuddered from across the phone. Did he interrupt something? He hurriedly said in a huff: “Brother Yu it’s bad. Open your Weibo and check it. Something big has happened, really, otherwise, I would never disturb you!”

Wen Yu frowned tightly, but he turned on the phone and took a look, then his face changed.

Lin Ziran had a lingering fear. He didn’t expect to escape this way. He quietly got out of bed, picked up his mobile phone and looked at it, wondering what had happened to make Wen Yu so gloomy.

Then he was shocked.

The first hot search is: #Famous Actor has long been kept by a gay#

The following two, three and four are all related to Wen Yu.

#Wen Yu’s sexual orientation has been exposed#

#Wen Yu is a gay#

#Beach photo#

Lin Ziran frowned as he read, and he vaguely guessed who did it.

There is a line in the original plot: After Lu Sui started chasing his wife after they broke up, Zhao Mingze knew that Lu Sui loved Wen Yu, and Wen Yu’s relationship with Lu Zhen was ambiguous. In order to hurt Lu Sui, Lu Sui and Wen Yu’s relationship was exposed. The love affair caused a great blow to Wen Yu’s reputation. At a critical moment, Lu Sui stood up and confessed to the affair and restored the situation. Lu Sui’s behavior not only calmed the anger of netizens, but also won Wen Yu’s heart. Then Wen Yu softened up to Lu Sui.

In short, the reason for the existence of this plot is to promote their relationship.

But now the plot has seriously deviated, and Lu Sui and Wen Yu are also no different from strangers. Lin Ziran thinks that this event will probably not happen. He nearly forgot about it, but didn’t want it to happen so abruptly later on… the main characters of this event was now him and Wen Yu, so why did Zhao Mingze do this? Does he really feel pain if he doesn’t cause trouble for a day?

With Lu Sui’s current feelings for Wen Yu, it is almost impossible to expect him to stand up and save the damsel in this distress. Is it possible to save himself?

But whether it’s out of feelings or consideration for the plot, he shouldn’t confess.

Can’t admit…

Then help him to clarify! Lin Ziran’s eyes lit up!

He looked at Wen Yu with apologetic eyes and said: “If it weren’t for accompanying me, this kind of thing would not happen. Don’t worry, I’ll get the lawyer to come out to clarify this matter and state that you and I are just ordinary friends! I will also find a way to quickly withdraw your name from the top search.”

He looked at Wen Yu apologetically. Thinking of how much he cared about him, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but rose slightly. His mood didn’t seem to be that bad anymore: “I was the one who invited you out, it’s not your fault…Moreover, I can handle this matter myself, you don’t have to worry.”

Lin Ziran said again: “You really don’t need me…”

Wen Yu said: “No need.”

Lin Ziran no longer insisted. He respected Wen Yu’s decision. When the situation becomes really bad, should he come out to clarify?

Because of this incident, the two naturally did not continue what they were doing. Since the paparazzi might be eyeing this place, they decided to return early.


Wen Yu left soon after and many things awaited him when he returned home.

The public opinion on the Internet is very detrimental to Wen Yu. Some people said that he has been kept since his debut. Some people said that he has changed several patrons, and he did not care about gender. Some people say that he became famous in the beginning because he was sold for resources. Even ridiculous rumors such as Wen Yu throwing his weight around and slapping his assistant have come out…All kinds of incriminating materials and brain-washing content overwhelmed the internet. Obviously someone was behind them. But most netizens lack critical judgement and simply follow suit.

Many people say that even fake news will become the truth with time, and in the end, no one will believe it…Reality is cruel, so the longer this dragged on, the more detrimental it was to Wen Yu.

It is easy to splash dirty water, but it is difficult to clean it up.

Thinking of this, Lin Ziran sighed, but was a little sincerely worried for Wen Yu.

Maybe he was a bit selfish emotionally. In other words, he loved himself more… But he is not a bad person, and he has done a lot of charity in recent years. Although he was homosexual, he has not deceived any woman, doesn’t get caught up in sex scandals to hype himself up, and is always conscientious. It was not easy to reach where he was today, and he should not be disgraced like this.

Lin Ziran checked his Weibo every day. Although he was not together with Wen Yu, he can see that Wen Yu is working hard.

In response to online rumors, Wen Yu’s fans soon began to fight back in an organized manner, and all kinds of false rumours were disproved. Because they were made out of nothing, it was easy to be refuted. They even abused a handful of fans. Having been in the entertainment industry for many years, he has become deeply ingrained in the entertainment industry. Many public figures stood out to help him. He had a large fan base and wide popularity. Fans who like Wen Yu and the anti-fans who do not like Wen Yu started a battle with passers-by and the water army.

Later, some people began to say that with Wen Yu’s status, he does not need to be supported at all. Some people exposed Wen Yu’s assets to prove that he is a rich man, so why does he need to sell himself? The only thing that was more difficult to explain was the photos of him and Lu Zhen. There were many photos, all of which blurred Lu Zhen’s face, but they can still be seen standing close to each other… Some people asked: Even if he is gay, is he not allowed to date?

Many people’s attention shifted to Lin Ziran, and all parties began to speculate.

The conversation was extremely busy, but the situation was no longer one-sided. On the contrary, because it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, many people no longer took a stand casually to avoid being slapped in the face.

Everyone was waiting for Wen Yu to speak out, and fans said that as long as Wen Yu said it, they would believe.

Now that things have progressed to this point, the key lies with Lin Ziran. As long as he and Wen Yu are innocent, the storm will pass soon.

At this moment, Lin Ziran somewhat understood why Wen Yu did not let him withdraw the hot search, but chose to remain positive, because if he withdrew the hot search and suppressed public opinion in the beginning, it would appear as if he was trying to hide. And it would easily arouse dissatisfaction among netizens. Now he is not afraid, it is best to wait until the time is right to make a statement.

In the past few days, Lin Ziran’s mentality has changed from shock, to nervousness, to calm, and finally, numb. He finally turned into an ordinary melon seed eater.

[t/n: melon seed eater refers to passer-bys watching the show)

Living alone is so uncomfortable, there are too many melons to eat on the Internet, Lin Ziran had no intention of paying attention to Lu Sui and Zhao Mingze.

Speaking of which, although Zhao Mingze’s move is a bit despicable, it can be regarded as indirectly helping himself! Just wait until Wen Yu clarifies and denies their relationship on the Internet…Should I pretend to understand and feel disappointment on the surface, and find another chance to break up with Wen Yu? Lin Ziran started to rekindle hope again.

Just do it!

That day, after Lin Ziran had breakfast, he sat cross-legged on the sofa. He took out his mobile phone and started to scan weibo. As a result, the hot search exploded again. He casually poked in and looked intently. Suddenly he felt his vision go dark, and the melon he was eating fell in shock!

#Wen Yu announces his relationship#

Wen Yu personally reposted the beach photo with his account, and attached just two words: my boyfriend.

Lin Ziran can guess how explosive it must be. He doesn’t read the comments of netizens.

Instead of denying their relationship, he directly admitted it!

His heart was tired, just destroy it.

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday…

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