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ALIC Chapter 12.1

Lin Ziran left the company like he’d ‘lost his soul’ and holed himself up at home for a few days.

He has not returned home since that day.

He observed carefully for a few days, and finally made sure that Lu Sui didn’t plan to come back. Only then did he relax a little and prepare to go out for a stroll.

As a result, before he had time to go out, Lin Ziran felt a thud when he collided with Wen Yu.

Wen Yu walked over to Lin Ziran quickly. He looked at his haggard and tired face, and asked anxiously: “What’s wrong? Why didn’t you answer my phone calls the last few days?”

Lin Ziran groaned slightly, his eyes dim but he still smiled at Wen Yu, “You came.”

Wen Yu keenly noticed something wrong with him. He frowned and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Ziran was quiet for a long time, pursing his lips in silence.

Wen Yu looked at the empty home without a trace of Lu Sui and showed a thoughtful look. He vaguely guessed something and asked, “Is it because of Lu Sui?”

Lin Ziran hesitated and didn’t seem to want to speak about it. In the end, he gave a relaxed smile and said, “It’s nothing, it’s just…” He paused before continuing: “The board of directors thinks that Lu Sui is more qualified to be president than me. It’s just a post, so…”

Wen Yu frowned, he had underestimated Lu Sui. He didn’t expect that he could do something like that.

He suddenly got up, ready to find Lu Sui.

As a result, his wrist was caught as soon as he got up.

Lin Ziran’s eyes were still gentle and indifferent, even after he encountered such a thing. He did not allow himself to look too embarrassed, and calmly said, “Don’t go.”

Wen Yu gritted his teeth: “You want to just forget about it?”

Lin Ziran smiled hollowly and whispered: “If he wants to do it, let him do it. This is what I owe him. I just didn’t expect…him to hate me so much.”

Wen Yu looked at him like this…Why do you accept it no matter how he treats you? Even if you give in and tolerate him every time like this, do you think he will appreciate it?

No, he will only continue to push his luck!

Lin Ziran saw Wen Yu’s anger, and instead consoled him: “I’m really fine. Even if I no longer hold a position, I’m still a shareholder of the company. In fact, It’s not a loss. I can just take a break during this time…”

Not to mention, this was what Lin Ziran really wanted. For Lu Zhen, to be betrayed, beaten and driven away from his company was a miserable thing. But for Lin Ziran, he had tens of millions of cash in his silver bank card. He didn’t need to go to work. He could simply get dividends and lead happy days…

Life can’t get any better!

In fact, he even felt that Lu Sui’s revenge was a little soft-hearted and not ruthless enough. If he wanted to be ruthless, he could be even more merciless. Of course…If he was not careful, it might be too much to make up for.

Lin Ziran sighed to show his sadness and tolerance.

Wen Yu felt distressed when he heard the sigh. When will this person be more selfish and think more about himself? All he does is blindly indulge in self-blame and tolerance. He is too tolerant of Lu Sui, but Lu Sui will not appreciate it… Since Lin Ziran had already said all these, if he continued to oppose Lu Sui, it would appear as if he wasn’t being considerate of him(LZR).

Even if he was angry, he was still an outsider in the affairs between the Lu family brothers, and it wasn’t good to meddle excessively.

Wen Yu took a deep breath, gently hugged Lin Ziran, looked down and smiled: “Some time ago, you always said that you were too busy, but now you have time. Shall we go on vacation?”

Lin Ziran smiled stiffly: “…Okay.”

He was patronizing Wen Yu and playing along. He almost forgot about it. He was going to go on vacation with Wen Yu!

According to the original plot, Wen Yu and Lu Zhen should have broken up a long time ago. After Wen Yu knew that Lu Sui was only using him to attack Lu Zhen, he broke up with Lu Sui. After they broke up, he realised Wen Yu was his true love, and thus began chasing his wife…

As a result, Lu Sui was nowhere to be seen, and Wen Yu even wanted to go on vacation with him.

Can this plot be saved?!


In desperation, Lin Ziran embarked on a trip.

In the first-class cabin of the plane, Lin Ziran quietly glanced at Wen Yu beside him. Realising that it was impossible to expect Wen Yu to change his mind, now he can only hope that the bear child Lu Sui will wake up as soon as possible and understand that Wen Yu is his true love!

As long as Lu Sui is willing to turn back, there is hope for everything!

Lin Ziran fell into a beautiful dream.

Wen Yu looked at the man next to him who had fallen asleep. His expression seemed to relax completely only when he was asleep. Thinking of Lin Ziran’s life during this period, he couldn’t help but feel a little distressed.

In the past, he was always reliable, and never needed others to worry about him. He always cared about others. He was taking care of others, paying for others and sacrificing himself…so sometimes people forget that this person will also have times when he felt sad. He also had a vulnerable side, and needed others’ care.

With a softness in Wen Yu’s eyes, he took out the blanket and carefully covered Lin Ziran. After a while, he leaned over and kissed Lin Ziran’s lips.

This time, I will take care of you, OK?

The feeling of taking first-class was different. Lin Ziran had a good night’s sleep until the system called him coldly.

[System: Wake up, you’re here.]

Lin Ziran opened his eyes in a daze, and met Wen Yu’s clear and smiling eyes.

Wen Yu smiled and said, “You are awake.”

Lin Ziran coughed uncomfortably and nodded.

Soon the plane landed.

The two went to the hotel with their luggage. Lin Ziran was pondering on a problem along the way; how to keep his innocence while on vacation.

Did he really have to sacrifice his body and sleep with Wen Yu? In that case, will Lu Sui kill himself in the future…

And then his cp will meet a completely Bad Ending?

Because of his thoughts, Lin Ziran was depressed.

Wen Yu looked at the absent-mindedness of the person beside him, and couldn’t help but sighed. It seemed that although Lin Ziran said he didn’t care, he was still sad about Lu Sui’s behavior, but he was always strong and unwilling to show his fragile side. He didn’t allow others to worry about him, but was worried by himself.

The two settled in the hotel. Seeing that it was still early, Wen Yu invited Lin Ziran to take a walk on the beach.

There were not many people on the beach at this time. Lin Ziran was a little nervous after he went out. He had never been to such a public place with Wen Yu before, and every time he was on a date he felt like a spy… Wen Yu’s popularity is too great so it’s not good to be recognized.

Seeing Lin Ziran lagging a few steps behind, Wen Yu didn’t even think before coming over and pulling his hand, but Lin Ziran evaded him. Lin Ziran looked into Wen Yu’s eyes and said hesitantly: “We’re outside.”

Two big men surfing together on vacation may not be noticeable. Even if someone sees them, they may only be regarded as friends, but if they hold hands, it’s worse. It must be shocking news. In the worst case, Wen Yu’s reputation he carefully built for so many years may be ruined.

Although there are many rotten women who like to discuss CP on the Internet, they may not really accept that their idol is gay.

What’s more, most of Wen Yu’s fans are ordinary people.

Wen Yu was taken aback, and seemed to have thought of this, so he didn’t insist. He retracted his hand and smiled: “Let’s go.”

Lin Ziran heaved a sigh of relief when he saw it. It seems that Wen Yu didn’t become stupid after getting into a relationship. He remembered that they were having a secret relationship. Very good! Keep it up!

The sun was shining brightly outside. Lin Ziran squinted his eyes when he stepped on the soft sand.

It must be mentioned that it’s not bad to come out to relax.

He remembered watching a science fiction movie when he was young. The people on the spacecraft would use holographic projection technology to enjoy the different beautiful scenery from all over the world. Later, people could watch the world famous rivers and mountains without needing to leave home…Who would have thought that the current game would have such a realistic experience.

The smell of wind, the sound of water, even the sunshine shining on his skin… can all be felt.

Lin Ziran lay lazily on the chair, pulling down his sunglasses a little as he watched Wen Yu put on his shorts in front of him. Although he usually appeared thin, looking gentle and fragile, he was still a star. That figure, those strong abdominal muscles and slender and powerful legs…

Lin Ziran swallowed and put a towel over his face to sleep.

Calm down.

Is he actually so bored that he is fascinated by this? He can’t!

There is no future for them together!

The sun was very comfortable, and Lin Ziran fell asleep again. Halfway through his nap, he was woken up by his phone. When he opened it, it was news from Zhao Mingze.

Zhao Mingze: How have you been recently?

Lin Ziran thought, he must have known what happened to him. He replied: I’m fine.

Zhao Mingze: Where are you now?

Lin Ziran took a photo at the blue sky beach and posted it, smiling: On vacation.

After a while, Zhao Mingze said: With Wen Yu?

Lin Ziran said: Yes.

Then he put down the phone, closed his eyes and continued to sleep.

But he hadn’t slept for a few minutes this time before he suddenly felt cold liquid dripping on his neck. Lin Ziran shivered. When he opened his eyes, he saw Wen Yu holding a glass of cold drink over him. Above, ice water dripped down the outer edge of the cup…

Lin Ziran: “…”

Wen Yu looked at him lazily, but his eyes were gentle: “Are you sleepy?”

Lin Ziran’s expression was filled with innocent: “No…” He was just lazy… Bathing in the sun was also a kind of vacation.

“Don’t move…” Wen Yu stretched out his hand, flicked his fingertips across his neck, wiped the ice water off, and sighed: “If you’re tired, let’s go back and rest early after dinner.”

Lin Ziran got up numbly.

[Lin Ziran: Is it my illusion? How do I feel that I am losing my status and dignity as a husband in front of Wen Yu…]

[System: Not an illusion.]

[Lin Ziran:…]

[System: Humans have a word to describe your behavior like this: Hen-pecked male.]

[Lin Ziran’s suddenly realized: Huh, is it like this? That’s right, a gentle man like Lu Zhen would definitely be a hen-pecked husband! It means that there is no problem with my acting!]

He was worried about whether he was a bit OOC, but now it is just right to want to behave. Isn’t a gentle man like Lu Zhen the perfect “three obedience four virtues” boyfriend in today’s society plus a wife-loving madman?

I’m not a proper gong, just a cannon fodder gong, does it matter if I’m afraid of you?!

【system:? 】

Seeing Lin Ziran’s expression, the system couldn’t help but fall into deep thought. What is this player thinking? Does he really feel that there is no problem with his acting skills?

Those words it said, did it sound like it was complimenting him?

Wen Yu accompanied Lin Ziran to dinner. They took a walk to digest food, it felt relaxing and comfortable, and then returned to the hotel together.

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