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CA Chapter 19.2

Translator: Hua

It was past early morning, and only a floor lamp was turned on in the living room of Suite 6206. Qu Yanting took a bath and sat on the sofa under a blanket to reply to emails.


Within two minutes of sending, Screenwriter Qiao from the studio sent a message asking if it was convenient to talk. Because Qu Yanting wanted to watch the night shooting, he was supposed to contact her tomorrow morning. Since he came back early, he might as well call her back directly.


Next week, the Vision Association will hold a seminar to discuss the work that was produced by Qu Yanting’s studio. He sent Screenwriter Qiao to attend and talk about related matters in advance.


One of the participants was Professor Wu. Qu Yanting invited him to take a seat at the end of the meeting.


Screenwriter Qiao was a frank woman with a very meticulous mind. During the conversation, she interjected: “Screenwriter Qu, are you not feeling well? Your voice sounds heavy.”


Qu Yanting used “sleepy” perfunctorily as an excuse, and finally said: “If Professor Wu agrees, let me know as soon as possible.”


Screenwriter Qiao said: “Okay, please make sure to pick up your phone.”


“Don’t make fun of me.” Qu Yanting said, but he didn’t have much confidence in this aspect, “Otherwise, try calling a few more times.”


After hanging up the phone, Qu Yanting buckled the phone screen upside down on the sofa, and shut down the laptop, leaving only the faint yellow glow of the floor lamp around the sofa. When people are surrounded by darkness, their hearing becomes extremely sensitive.


A series of footsteps came from the corridor, and the thick carpet could not absorb the sound, indicating that the walker’s steps were heavy and sluggish. The hotel waiters had strict requirements and were not allowed to make such movements.


The footsteps gradually approached the door from far to near, and then stopped outside the door. It was not difficult to guess that Er Bai Wu just got off work.


Qu Yanting’s emotional exposure on the set was no different from losing his temper. For the time being, he didn’t want to talk to the person who made him lose his temper. Reaching out his hand, he turned off the floor lamp.


The peephole on the door was completely dark. Lu Wen’s hand stopped in the air when he was about to ring the bell.


He stared at the 6206 name plate with entanglement. Qu Yanting is resting? Or did he notice that he was outside the door and used this as a way to avoid him?


After a long entanglement, Lu Wen felt that he was so stupid, no matter what, there was no need to ring the bell. He lowered his hand, but did not turn back to 6207, and continued to stare at the nameplate of 6206, as if he wanted to see through something.


Under the shadow of the tree, he only heard the first sentence that Qu Yanting had said–I don’t need it.


I will protect you. I don’t need it.


Lu Wen stuck around for ages and never knocked on the door or made a sound. With entangled thoughts that he couldn’t sort out, he just stood outside Qu Yanting’s door without knowing it.


The next day, Lu Wen started work before dawn, putting on makeup, going through the play, and shooting, doing everything step by step. Everything went as usual on the set. But in fact, even the big sister who sent out the lunch box had heard that he made the chief screenwriter run away last night.


At dusk, Lu Wen went to the dressing room on the second floor to change clothes. Passing the unit 101, the door was locked. Qu Yanting did not come to the crew all day.


He is still angry?


He doesn’t want to see him?


Lu Wen got a lump in his heart. After finished packing, he left the crew, and the closer he was to the hotel on the road, the more complicated the lump in his heart, big, hard, and numb.


Back at the hotel, Lu Wen stopped outside 6206 again. He didn’t want to worry about whether Qu Yanting would like to see him or not, nor did he think of good words to say to him. Seeing the light shone through the peephole, he directly pressed the doorbell.


Qu Yanting stayed in the study, when the doorbell rang, his finger pressed the wrong word on the keyboard. He didn’t order room service and didn’t order dinner, so he continued to work and didn’t want to bother.


In this way, the doorbell rang more than a dozen times continuously, as if it was malfunctioning.


When his thoughts were completely interrupted, Qu Yanting leaned back in the chair and rubbed his eyebrows irritably. With this stupid way of ringing the bell, he probably knew who the person outside the door was.


Five or six more sounds passed, and the doorbell finally stopped.


Qu Yanting just breathed a sigh of relief, but there was a more solemn knock on the door. Half of him couldn’t bear it, and half helpless, he got up and went out, lightly walking towards the entrance.


Just as he held the doorknob, the knock on the door stopped abruptly.


Qu Yanting glanced through the peephole and saw Lu Wen with his head down, kneading his red knuckles. Now that his hand was sore and painful, he would probably return to his room honestly.


He released the doorknob, backed away and turned around, preparing to return to the study.


Qu Yanting had just taken two steps, and there was a slight rustling sound from behind. Just by the door, he stopped and turned back, looking for the source of the sound in doubt, and then his eyes widened.


Under the crack of the door, a piece of paper was slowly inserted.


Qu Yanting walked over, crouched behind the door and picked it up. It was a piece of plain horizontal paper with rough edges torn from the notebook The paper had four large characters written on it–I am Lu Wen.


His first reaction was that he didn’t study well but his writing was good.


At this time, a second piece of paper was inserted and it read: Sorry about last night.


The third one followed afterward: I didn’t mean to offend you.


The fourth handwriting was a little lighter, it was a question: Are you okay?


Qu Yanting stacked the four sheets of paper one by one, staring at the crack of the door unconsciously. After a while, there was no more paper. He stood up gently and looked out from the peephole, the door was empty.


 He’s gone?


But he didn’t hear the sound of the 6207 door.


After spending a day and a night in the room, Qu Yanting finally opened the door.


At his door, Lu Wen squatted there on one knee, holding a backpack, paper, and pen on his lap. He buried his head and was writing hard. When the door opened he was startled. He raised his head and looked at him foolishly.


Qu Yanting lowered his eyes and looked at the fifth note in Lu Wen’s hand.


Lu Wen stood up, it was okay talking through the door, but it was a bit embarrassing to face each other, especially when Qu Yanting was still holding the four pieces of paper. He crumpled the fifth sheet into a ball, wrapped it in his palm, and hid it in his pocket.


“Take it out.” Qu Yanting said.


 Lu Wen hesitated: “This one is just nonsense…”


Qu Yanting said again: “Let me see.”


Lu Wen felt wronged, so he had to take it out and hand over the crumpled paper. Qu Yanting caught it and unfolded the crumpled paper little by little, trying to distinguish the faint characters on the paper.


It was really nonsense, it said: Damn, the pen is out of water1Thought it would be something sentimental. As expected from Lu Wen xD.


Qu Yanting was speechless, but the door had already opened, and they were already standing face to face, although one was inside and one was outside, they seemed to be separated by the Chu River and the Han boundary.


After a while, he said: “Aren’t you naïve, do you think you are filming a TV show?”


With a bag hanging around his neck, Lu Wen squatted with numbness in his legs and stretched out one foot obliquely, making himself look stupid. He sniffled, confused and misplaced. He replied, “I just want you to calm down.”

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    Thought it would be something sentimental. As expected from Lu Wen xD
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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    Ahaha as always, Lu Wen has a way of making their interactions interesting and funny xD
    Thank you~~

  2. Avatar jujube says:

    Lu Wen is so sweet x)

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