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CA Chapter 18.2

Translator: Hua

Lu Wen just stood up straight, and Ren Shu had already rushed over, hitting his arm with a “pa”. It was painful, he shook his arm and took a step back.


“Xiao Lu, what are you doing with her schoolbag?” Ren Shu said, “Clench your fist  with one hand and pull the schoolbag with the other hand. Are you trying to steal money?”


Lu Wen mumbled: “I caught it by accident.”


“Then quickly let it go, Why holding onto it the whole time?” Ren Shu exclaimed, “The state under the tree is not right, it’s too stiff, the eyebrows were too shy and droopy, the lines were also stupidly uttered.”


Lu Wen: “I…”


“You don’t need to explain.” Ren Shu said, “You were too stiff when you kissed her. You go to the camera and have a look, even a hemiplegia1A condition caused by brain damage or spinal cord injury that leads to paralysis on one side of the body. is more flexible than you.”


At this time, Xian Qi took off her schoolbag and squatted down to knead her ankle. She put on thick sole shoes to make up for the height difference, Lu Wen pulled her a bit fiercely and sprained her ankle.


Lu Wen was so embarrassed that he wanted to hit the wall and apologized again and again.


The night shooting time was tight, and Ren Shu had to personally teach him.


The other staff members scattered to do their things, the road was empty, and the actress went to get a cold compress. Ren Shu saw Qu Yanting on the other side and shouted, “Come here, the person who is eating cakes.”


Qu Yanting didn’t want to go there, but it was not appropriate to brush off the director’s face in public. After swallowing the last mouthful of taro cake, he walked into the shadow of the tree.


Ren Shu said to Lu Wen: “Now, I am Ye Xiaowu, and Screenwriter Qu is Qi Xiao.”


Qu Yanting wanted to hide: “I sprained my foot too.”


“Don’t you dare.” Ren Shu grabbed Qu Yanting’s wrist. When they were in the directing department, they often studied the book together and experienced all the work of editing, directing, and acting.


Qu Yanting was caught off guard, and without breaking away, he wrapped his elbow defensively.


Ren Shu pulled Qu Yanting lightly, while speaking: “To grasp the hand, gently pull it over, and get closer by yourself. This is an interactive process of advancing.”


The two faced each other, and Ren Shu said, “It doesn’t matter if you are tall. It doesn’t matter if you spread your legs or bend over. You must move naturally and smoothly.” He was shorter than Qu Yanting and it looked a bit funny. “When you pull her over, release your hand and hold her face.”


Lu Wen looked straight at them, Qu Yanting stood there, his face was held by Ren Shu, he dodge it for a while. Just this slight gesture made this cooperation a little bit more helpless. 


Helpless but did not resist, It seemed…very good.


Ren Shu pressed Qu Yanting’s chin with his thumb, borrowed the position, and kissed his own fingernail.


He talked about the main point: “For a quick kiss, you have to grasp the speed. Get close to her first, stop for a while, take close-ups, and then kiss after the camera is turned.”


Lu Wen couldn’t help clenching his fist again.


Ye Xiaowu kissed Qi Xiao deliberately. To show it, Ren Shu added a detail here: “You get close to her cheek first, so that Qi Xiao and the audience think that Ye Xiaowu is going to kiss the face. Insert the last line here. After saying that, in the gap where Qi Xiao was absent minded, bowing your head and kissing her lips is tantamount to cheating everyone.”


Almost every sub-shot was detailed. Ren Shu finished his demonstration, stepped aside, and asked, “Xiao Lu, do you remember?”


Lu Wen’s eyes were still fixed on Qu Yanting, and his thoughts were covered by Ye Xiaowu’s system. He replied, “I remember.”


Ren Shu beckoned him to get closer: “Come on, go through the play as I taught.”


Lu Wen didn’t notice Ren Shu’s gestures at all. He only remembered that Ren Shu said that Qu Yanting was Qi Xiao. He was now Ye Xiaowu, stepping forward and blocking in front of Qu Yanting.


Because of the height difference, Qu Yanting had been lowering his head, and now he had to look up. He didn’t have time to react as he could feel a hot sensation on his wrist, Lu Wen had stretched out his hand and grabbed his wrist.


Perhaps because he was clenching his fist for a long time, Lu Wen’s palm was covered with warm sweat.


He wanted to be gentle, so he was holding Qu Yanting’s wrist and lightly pulling the other party half a step closer to him, and at the same time he stepped out to fill in another half step.


Lu Wen had a schoolbag hanging on his right shoulder, so he only raised his left hand and gently held Qu Yanting’s cheek. His hands were large, his palms resting on his face, and his fingertips touching Qu Yanting’s thin ear.


Qu Yanting’s body stiffened. His hand looping around himself quietly grasped the sleeves tightly. For some reason, half of his face became hot because of the heat from Lu Wen’s palm.


He was so dumbfounded that he forgot to dodge, and could only shudder slightly because Lu Wen had lowered his head and stopped on the side of his cheek.


There was no lighting, the street lights were broken, and the shadows of the trees were dim. Lu Wen could only see the bright stars in Qu Yanting’s pupils. His eyelashes drooped, and the light was also blocked.


He was closer and closer, so close they could pretend to kiss each other.


Lu Wen’s brain was filled with blank white light. What he heard was his nervous heartbeat, and what he smelled was the sweet smell of milk taro cake after Qu Yanting finished eating. He finally couldn’t hold it anymore, and brushed a ray of breath on Qu Yanting’s cheek.


The slightly cool mint air placed Qu Yanting on ice and fire, making him lose his speech.   


Lu Wen said into his ear: “From now on, I will protect you.”

  • 1
    A condition caused by brain damage or spinal cord injury that leads to paralysis on one side of the body.
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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    Lmao I don’t think Ren Shu meant to try it out with Qu Yanting xDD first intimate contact, yay~ even if it’s just acting XD
    Thank you 😀

  2. Avatar jujube says:

    Loll, Lu Wen’s suddenly learning so fast xD

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