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CA Chapter 18.1

Translator: Hua

Lu Wen: “Really?”


Although he couldn’t see his expression, Qu Yanting guessed that Lu Wen’s mood had changed from his tone. He turned the lamp off a little, and under the faint light, that face was indeed much more relaxed.


Although he didn’t say it out loud, Qu Yanting’s compromise was not all because of this bowl of porridge. The character was currently a high school student. It was not recommended to take frontal kissing shots. They could borrow the position and control the angle to make the audience understood.


Qu Yanting omitted the explanation and gave only one piece of advice: “You don’t have much serious filming experience. It is normal to face many first times, tension or resistance. You have to learn to overcome it as soon as possible, force yourself to accept it, and even enjoy it, understand?”


Lu Wen’s relaxation faded away, and Qu Yanting’s kind instruction made him reflect on himself. He asked: “Am I very unprofessional?”


Qu Yanting answered truthfully: “There are indeed some unprofessional1Refers to actor professional training. Because LW didn’t go to Acting School.  disciplines.” 


Lu Wen felt frustrated, and wanted to ask, “Are you looking down on me again”, but for the sake of his self-esteem, he chose to hold back. Because based on past experience, Qu Yanting didn’t bother to coax him at all, and would definitely give him a blow.


Unexpectedly, Qu Yanting turned to another topic: “Regardless of whether you receive training or not, actors have their own upper and lower limits, and you must pay correspondingly for any step you want to achieve. If you are talented and are now at the lower limit, then work hard to reach the upper limit. “


Lu Wen nodded, earnestly remembering Qu Yanting’s words. He was currently not clear where his lower limit and upper limit were. Hopefully, one day, he could confidently judge his own strengths and weaknesses.


Qu Yanting stirred the porridge in the meal box, and the aroma wafted out, permeating this inconspicuous corner. He took two sips and found out that Lu Wen was still chewing mint candy without touching the takeout.


“Why don’t you eat?”


“Oh, I’ll eat it after the shooting.”


Lu Wen grabbed the portable lamp, held it in his arms, made the beam shine from his chin to the top of his head, and said in a frightening manner: “Let’s get closer and read the lines, I’m afraid of suffocating the actress.”


Qu Yanting secretly said, being a gentleman to girls.


What he didn’t know was that at the opening banquet, Lu Wen was worried that he would suffocate him with the smell when they met, so he didn’t eat and was hungry all night.


It was almost time for shooting, Qu Yanting finished the porridge and left for the set with Lu Wen. He hadn’t eaten the milk taro cake yet, so he put it in his palm through the wrapping paper to keep warm.


The shooting scene was a section of the road in the community, with the monitors spreading along the road, and the surrounding area was crowded with staff members who finished work. Qu Yanting did not go to sit, and stood in the shade of the tree on the left side of the gate of “Qi Xiao’s House”.

The actors were in place, and Xianqi said: “Thank you for the midnight snack, next time I will invite you to eat.”


Lu Wen chewed half a box of mint candies, he opened his mouth to let out the cool air, “During the shooting, please don’t’ take offence.”


Xianqi had filmed a lot of romantic dramas, but not many actors would say that. She replied: “You are too modest, it’s just a borrowed shooting angle, let’s relax.” 


The director personally called “start”, with that order, Qu Yanting peeled the taro cake wrapping silently in the shadows.


There were dense trees planted along the road. Behind the trees was a row of small houses. Ye Xiaowu and Qi Xiao stopped seven or eight meters away, five big trees away from the gate of Qi Xiao’s house.


Afraid of danger at the door, Ye Xiaowu sent Qi Xiao to this location every day. He reluctantly said: “It’s here so soon, you go, I’ll see you go through the gate and leave.”


Qi Xiao said: “Can you take me to the tree at the door of my house today?”


Ye Xiaowu laughed: “Didn’t you say that the tree is too close to your house, for fear of being found out?”


Qi Xiao explained: “The street lamp is broken, I can’t see clearly.”


Ye Xiaowu and Qi Xiao walked slowly side by side. They reached the fifth tree, and the two of them tacitly hid in the shadow. Qi Xiao looked at the bush under the tree, and moved a bit closer to Ye Xiaowu at the same time.


Ye Xiaowu asked: “What are you looking at?”


Qi Xiao said: “A stray cat sprang out of the bush yesterday and almost caught me.”


Ye Xiaowu understood: “You are afraid, therefore you ask me to walk with you?”


Qi Xiao was not only afraid of cats, but also afraid of the dark. She was ashamed to admit, and replied: “I’m at my door.” every night before they separated. It was always this one line.


Ye Xiaowu didn’t say “goodbye” as usual. He looked around and made sure that there was no one and then took a step forward: “Street lights in such a high end community can also be broken, if only it stays broken like this all the time.”


Qi Xiao pretended not to understand: “Then I will go home, see you tomorrow.”


Qu Yanting took a bite of taro cake. He was on the left side, the actors were on the right side, and the road was occupied by the cameraman. The camera blocked the situation, and he could only see Lu Wen’s hand hanging beside him. After a step forward, that hand became a fist.


Xianqi finished her lines and turned to leave. Lu Wen clenched a fist with one hand and grabbed her with the other hand. He should have grabbed Xianqi’s arm but he accidentally grabbed the other party’s schoolbag strap.


“Qi, Qi Xiao.” He stammered.


Xianqi turned around, her face shy.


Lu Wen took a small step forward, and at the same time he pulled the person back with the strap of the schoolbag. Feeling close enough, he abruptly retracted his step.


He asked: “Are you really scared, or do you just want to walk with me a little longer?”


 Xianqi replied: “I am really scared.”


The crucial moment was coming. Lu Wen’s head was full of the following kiss scenes, and his lines were very difficult to spit out: “From now on, I will protect you.”


After finishing speaking, Lu Wen bent his knees and slowly leaned over to Xianqi, the wound on his knees was aching. Although it was a borrowed angle, the lips of the two of them had to be very close. The closer they got, the more nervous they were. The muscles of his whole body were as taut as an iron plate.


Qu Yanting realized that Lu Wen was worried about the kiss scene.


Sure enough, what kind of acting is this?


Ren Shu couldn’t bear it: “Stop! Stop!”

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    Refers to actor professional training. Because LW didn’t go to Acting School. 
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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    XDDDD hopefully he won’t have to NG too often. Must be hard having your first kiss (or not kiss lmao – your first almost kiss? XD) on camera hahaha
    Thank you 😀

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