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CTPAC Chapter 9

The amount of alphas that Pei Xiao has slept with was actually not much, but it was not too little. Probably compared to other omegas, he was quite experienced.

After all, most omegas are generally marked with a knot when they first intersect with an alpha. When an omega and alpha bond, omegas can only have a relationship with this alpha until they die. Bonding gave more pleasure, but if they were to do it with other alphas, it would be very painful.

On the other hand, alphas can mark multiple omegas at the same time. In ancient times, it could also open a way for harems, but now it is a one-to-one marriage society and bigamy was prohibited.

An abandoned omega can only undergo gland removal surgery, and lose fertility as an aftermath.

So even when his rationality was weakest, he still remembered to protect his neck from Chi Yao.

It was okay to go to bed, but he should not get marked.

The alphas in this world were all the same when in estrus, and there was nothing good about it.

Chi Yao was no exception.

What pretending to be lonely, arrogant, and clean? He(CY) sniffed the omega pheromones like a dog, and kissed him around the neck, trying to mark him.

When you wear a suit, you are well-dressed and reserved; abstinent. After you take it off, wasn’t it just a beast?

Pei Xiao really didn’t feel good about it, but he was rich in experience and was no better than Chi Yao, who had a one night stand two years ago.

Chu Yao thought he had forgotten it all, yet remembered everything in this moment. He only had tasted it once, but he was induced into fever much like Pavlov’s dog.1Pavlov’s dog was an experiment in which Pavlov conditioned his dog to salivate upon hearing a metronome. So the meaning here is that he was stimulated into heat upon experiencing this again

Pei Xiao was pushed onto the bed by him, and the soft hotel bed bounced. Although he did not resist, Chi Yao still held his shoulders, standing by the bed, and leaned down.

Chi Yao breathed heavily, large beads of sweat dripped from his forehead and fell.

Pei Xiao laid there, watching him(CY) frown and struggle, and couldn’t help but sneer.

Chi Yao heard that he was laughing at him.

At that moment, Chi Yao’s self-esteem overwhelmed his sense of desire again, and he wanted to escape, but, Pei Xiao grabbed his tie, suddenly tugging it downwards.

His arrogant head was pulled down forcibly. Pei Xiao raised his own head, taking the initiative to meet him, and kissed.

The kiss seemed to throw sparks of flames into the straw.

Hot and chaotic, burning the both of them.

The kiss was hot, the palm was hot, the eyes were hot, the chest was hot, and the sweat was hot.

It was so hot.

Chi Yao knew that he was falling into a gentle trap.

But… it was so fragrant.

Pei Xiao’s pheromone was really fragrant.

Compared to his jerky movements and recklessness, Pei Xiao seemed to be able to do well, obviously coming prepared.

The blazing flow ran through his body, his blood boiled, and his heartbeat loud.

It couldn’t be calmed down now.

Chi Yao has hardly been to such a cramped, dirty, and small hotel, let alone have an affair with someone in such a place.

The walls were very thin, and the sounds from the room next door could be faintly heard. Can they also be heard from the other room?

It was so exciting.

Under the action of drugs and pheromones. Chi Yao was almost like a beast. He didn’t even have time to take off all his clothes. The top few buttons on his shirt were pulled off, and his tie was hanging loosely, but he was still wearing a cotton vest. Nevertheless, the front and back were all sweaty.

Pei Xiao turned his back on him(CY) and supported himself on the wall. The shining light of the bedside lamp fell on his smooth back. His shoulders were slightly raised, and the shoulder blades trembled, like a butterfly about to spread its wings. His neck was exceptionally beautiful, yet to turn his head around. His ears were the reddest, as if it was about to drip with blood. The crimson had since then moved down to his neck and shoulders, shivering slightly.

Chi Yao’s head was boiling. He knew that he was doing something wrong, but he could not control himself. His mentality collapsed and he simply abandoned himself.

Pei Xiao was too cooperative. No, not only cooperative, but also using him(CY) to find pleasure.

Three hours later.

The two people barely finished their activity before regaining their sanity.

It was late into the night.

Pei Xiao felt that the heat on his body slowly faded a bit. After all, it was just a period of fake heat, which could not be compared with a true one, and it quickly came and went.

He was really disgusted with Chi Yao so he planned to leave when everything was over.

At the moment that Pei Xiao got up from the bed though, Chi Yao grabbed his wrist just as his foot touched the ground.

Chi Yao remembered that two years ago, Pei Xiao walked away. Looking at Pei Xiao trying to escape again, Chi Yao said in inexplicable panic, “Where are you going?”

He felt that this should be his worry. Yet, the hotel room was so small, and one could tell where Pei Xiao was going—to the bathroom.

Now that his head had calmed down, he wondered why Pei Xiao would do all of this.2referring to meeting at the hotel and doing the do.

People like Pei Xiao who took advantage of any opportunity to climb up will definitely not let go of this chance.

As long as people climb up using him(CY), even if they could only get a small sum of money, for ordinary people, they would be unable to spend it in a lifetime.

Pei Xiao definitely wanted to take this opportunity to become his lover.

Chi Yao has heard of many such things; some alphas would raise an omega outside for fun.

Did Pei Xiao think he is also that kind of morally corrupt alpha? He underestimated him too much.

Pei Xiao turned his head, as if stretching his muscles and bones. His face was still a little red, and he smiled at him: “Wait for me.”

Chi Yao didn’t know why.

Pei Xiao picked up Chi Yao’s suit from the ground and put it on. It was worthy of being a custom handmade suit, he felt as if he was wearing coins. Although the outfit didn’t fit right, it didn’t matter.

Pei Xiao looked quite good, looking as if he was dressed in his boyfriend’s clothes. Chi Yao did not stop him, face silently turning red as he watched him wear it.

Pei Xiao, dressed in Chi Yao’s suit, looked at President Chi who had just been ruined on the bed and seemed to be sulking. He felt very happy, sweeping away his depression that had been present for days.

Chi Yao regretted that he got entangled with Pei Xiao again: “This time, you deliberately seduced me.”

Pei Xiao admitted confidently: “Yes, I did seduce you, but I don’t want to climb up using you, so don’t worry.”

Chi Yao was in a mess right now. It was still dark outside and his body was hot (with arousal), so why was Pei Xiao wearing his clothes? He hoped that Pei Xiao would take off his clothes and come back into bed.

But due to being reserved, he couldn’t say it.

What are you doing? How could you think such a dirty thing? Chi Yao cursed himself in his heart.

Upset, he saw Pei Xiao in front of him taking out a miniature camera from the closet that was facing the bed.

Chi Yao was stunned, pupils shrinking. Suddenly his head seemed to be dropped on by a bomb, and it exploded with a bang in his ears.

Why is Pei Xiao holding a camera? Did he take photos of what happened in the room?

Pei Xiao was quite frank, looked down at him contemptuously, and coldly said: “You seem like you still want to go for a second round, but I’ve already made the video and don’t want to do it with you again.”

“You can solve it yourself.”

Chi Yao couldn’t recover for a while.

Pei Xiao’s pheromone still smelled very sweet. Many alphas could smell the pheromones of omegas, but fated alpha’s could feel the more subtle differences compared to other alphas. For example, like now, the pheromone of Pei Xiao had become a little sharper.

Pei Xiao also laughed at him: “Look at you saying that you disdain having a relationship with me as soon as you smell my pheromone. It’s really funny. Ha ha.”

“You alphas are really complacent, it’s ridiculous.”

Chi Yao’s face turned really ugly, like he was about to kill someone: “…So you took the initiative to seduce me for this?”

Pei Xiao nodded and sneered: “If not this, what else? Is it because I like you?”
“Who would like a person like you who is self-righteous and has eyes above the top of his head.”

Pei Xiao completely tore off his facade in front of Chi Yao, and didn’t save Chi Yao any face at all.

“You look down on me, why do you think I would like you?”

“Virgin, virgin, you can argue with me about this all day. Can’t you let go as a man? Do you think I fucking want to sleep with you? With your skills, forget it. You know I’ve slept with a lot of alphas, and among them, you’re the worst I’ve ever slept with.”

Chi Yao doesn’t mind being called a virgin, but he couldn’t stand being mocked.

Which man could bear it?

Every time Pei Xiao spoke, it stabbed him hard.

His face was stinky, and he was so angry that he couldn’t speak: “…You?!”

Chi Yao asked angrily: “But didn’t you record yourself also? Don’t you have any shame?”

Pei Xiao said fearlessly: “Didn’t you call me a bitch? I am a bitch. My reputation isn’t important, but yours is. Is there any comparison?”

Pei Xiao looked at Chi Yao who was embarrassed, helpless, and exasperated. He felt so happy.

“President Chi, you forced me to do this. I don’t want money nor will I blackmail you. I’m just asking for my justice, isn’t this polite enough?”

“Now, please go and tell the people at the TV station to let my group go. From now on there will be no more stumbling blocks allowed.”

“Cui Xueyan will not leave the group, and I will not resign.”

“If I don’t make it home at six o’clock, the video will be sent out.”

“Before 12 o’clock today at noon, if I don’t receive a notification from the TV station, the video will be sent out.”

“If Cui Xueyan is forced to withdraw from the group, the video will be sent out.”

“In the future, if I encounter any harassment or bullying from you, the video will be sent out.”

“You better do what I say.”

Pei Xiao’s eyes were cold, threatening him quite viciously:

“Otherwise, I’ll let people all over the world appreciate your disgustingness.”

T/N: Hello everyone! New translator here (well, not really)~ You might have seen me around here and there both as an editor and (semi) translator. I have now decided to pick up this novel because I really liked it when it was first released but the previous translator didn’t continue TT. Hereon forth, I will be your translator and try my best to give you a readable translation!

That’s it for the introduction, till next time~ 

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  • 1
    Pavlov’s dog was an experiment in which Pavlov conditioned his dog to salivate upon hearing a metronome. So the meaning here is that he was stimulated into heat upon experiencing this again
  • 2
    referring to meeting at the hotel and doing the do.
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