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CF Chapter 7

He has been added to your contacts. Send a message to him now!

Chapter 7: He has been added to your contacts. Send a message to him now!

Xu Sui agreed to tutor Sheng Yanjia. During the following weekend, when she would go tutor, she deliberately dressed up. Xu Sui wore a white knitted blouse and a pair of blue jeans, looking youthful and beautiful. She was combing her hair in front of the mirror, revealing her waistline.

“Wow, Sui Sui. You look so attractive that I want to pursue you.” Hu Xixi stepped forward and gently pounced on her.

Xu Sui tied her hair into a bun. Her eyes were slightly raised, giving off a beautiful and charming aura. She continued to pack her things while avoiding Hu Xixi’s pursuit.

“Sure, then you’ll have to choose between me and your idol,” Xu Sui smiled.

“I’d rather go out with my idol,” Hu Xixi replied decisively.

After the conversation with Hu Xixi, Xu Sui gathered her stuff and left the dorm. This time she bought a motion sickness patch and stuck it behind her ear. After three bus transfers, she finally arrived at No. 79 Amber Lane.

When Xu Sui arrived at Sheng Nanjia’s house, the curly-haired boy was still playing games. After seeing Xu Sui, Sheng Yanjia reluctantly put down the console, afraid she would complain to his mom.

During the beginning of the tutoring session, Sheng Yanjia was attentive and cooperative. Xu Sui gave him a test to assess his basics, planning to give lectures based on what he got wrong later.

He continued doing the test and didn’t make a fuss, but during the latter half of the session, Sheng Yanjia began to sigh and could not concentrate. It turns out that he had a short attention span.

Xu Sui took the test paper and tapped his head lightly: “You’re not that old yet, and you start sighing at problems. Hurry and get the questions done.”

“Teacher Xiao Xu, you don’t understand. Kids of my generation spent all day studying that some don’t even know where their childhood went.” Sheng Yanjia commented.

“Then where did you spend your childhood?” Xu Sui asked him.

“Of course on my games, Westworld, etc.,” he answered without hesitation.


Xu Sui glanced at the clock and said, “If you can finish the test within 40 minutes, I’ll play the game with you for 20 minutes.”

“I can help you pass your current level.” Xu Sui added.

“Hey, I only admire my Jingze brother. He’s the person best at those games,” Sheng Yanjia replied, dissatisfied.

Xu Sui was not offended, and in a flat tone: “Really? Then from today onwards, you’ll have a second person to admire.”

Sheng Yanjia was stimulated and excited. He forced himself to concentrate and finish the test paper quickly: “I finished. Will you play the game with me now?”

“The class didn’t end yet. I only promised to play the game with you but didn’t say now.” Xu Sui said.

Sheng Yangjia immediately lay down in frustration. Xu Sui quickly reviewed the test for him. She then explained the methods for solving the problems he got wrong, circling the key points. Sure enough, shortly, Sheng Yanjia felt that he learned everything and understood his mistakes.

He can’t help but admire Xu Sui.

“Teacher, the time has come to fulfill the promise.” Sheng Yanjia reminded, thinking about his game.

He immediately turned on the game console. He took a switch and handed it to Xu Sui, “Teacher, what game do you play?”

“Super Smash Bros,” Xu Sui said dryly, “Can you pour me a glass of water?”

Sheng Yanjia was very considerate as a little boy, as he directly also brought back a handful of snacks. Xu Sui picked a carton of milk and a salted butter bread to fill her empty stomach.

Sitting on the soft carpet, the two started playing the game together. Ten minutes in, Xu Sui brought him out of the maze with ease. Sheng Yan commented: “Impressive.”

The two continued that Xu Sui held the console looking at the screen during the middle of the game and asked casually: “Where’s your brother?”

Sheng Yanjia turned his head and asked vigilantly: “Which brother are you asking about?”

Xu Sui’s heart skipped a beat, and she pretended to look straight ahead calmly: “I was asking about either of them.”

“Oh, I don’t know. My actual brother comes back often, but that’s not always the case with Brother Jingze. For example, if he’s in a relationship, he rarely visits, but when he’s single, he comes here often.” Sheng Yanjia replied.

Xu Sui sighed in her heart.

Xu Sui was very good at the game, leading Sheng Yanjia all the way through the adventure. Sheng Yanjia likes to play games, especially when he’s being carried. So when “victory” appeared on the screen, he high-fived Xu Sui excitedly.

Xu Sui was hungry that she quickly bit a piece of bread.

When Sheng Yanjia was about to enter the next round, there was a knock on the door. Without turning his head, he replied: “Enter.” Sheng Nanzhou opened the door, with Zhou Jingze standing behind him, his hands in his pocket.

“Brother!” Sheng Yanjia threw away the game controller and walked towards the door.

Xu Sui turned her head in shock. At this moment, she was sitting cross-legged on the carpet, drinking the milk, and her lips were covered with crumbs.

Sheng Nanzhou opened his arms, but Sheng Yanjia pounced on Zhou Jingze. Sheng Nanzhou sneered: “You can change your surname.”

“Brother, you don’t know how good Teacher Xiao Xu is. She can play games and is really good at it.” Sheng Yanjia said excitedly.

Sheng Nanzhou looked surprised: “Xu Sui, I couldn’t tell you were the type to play games.”

Zhou Jingze glanced over, in his usual casual tone: “You like playing games?”

From the moment he walked in, Xu Sui looked a little flustered. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand carelessly and hid the bread behind her.

“I like playing games when I’m stressed.” Xu Sui tried her best to keep calm, her eyelashes naturally raised, “You can find me whenever you want to play.”

Xu Sui regretted it when she said that.

“Teacher, you’re biased!” Sheng Yanjia said in discontent.

Sheng Nanzhou gave Sheng Yan a gentle slap on his shoulder: “Of course, everyone here except you isn’t struggling in school.”

Sheng Yanjia was dumbfounded. Xu Sui’s face was a little red, and she hurriedly packed up her stuff, getting ready to leave.

She hurried downstairs, holding a textbook. As soon as she was about to walk out of the door, she saw Aunt Sheng and said: “Aunt Sheng, the class is over. I’ll take my leave now.” Xu greeted her.

Aunt Sheng said with a smile: “Stay here for dinner.”

“No, I—” Xu Sui subconsciously refused.

Before she could finish her sentence, Aunt Sheng gently dragged Xu Sui back into the house.

Xu Sui ended up staying for dinner. Sheng Nanzhou and Sheng Yanjia’s father was working overtime at the company to handle important tasks, so he could not come back for dinner. Besides Zhou Jingze, the pair of Sheng brothers were also at the dinner table.

After they finished eating, it was already past eight o’clock. Xu Sui thanked Aunt Sheng again and was about to head out when Aunt Sheng glanced at the dark sky outside and said: “It’s not safe for you to go back alone. Nanzhou, go send Teacher Xiao Xu back.”

“My car was taken for maintenance,” Sheng Nanzhou replied. When Xu Sui was about to say that there was no need, Zhou Jingze bent over and picked up a motorcycle key on the table. He raised his eyelids and instructed: “Let’s go, I’ll bring you back.”

“Look at me. I almost forgot that your universities are next to each other. When you guys come back during the weekends, bring Xu Sui back with you,” Aunt Sheng patted her head, “You kids are responsible for bringing her here and back to school safely.”

Zhou Jingze put his hands in his pockets and walked out. Without turning his head back, he took out one of his hands and gestured an “okay” sign.

Xu Sui followed him with the book in her arms. She found that Zhou Jingze’s house was next to Sheng Nanzhou—No. 80 Amber Lane. 

Compared with the bright lights of Shen’s house, the lights of Zhou Jingze’s magnificent and large-sized villa were off. It looked terribly quiet, showing a trace of bleakness and loneliness.

A black motorcycle was parked in front of the house. Zhou Jingze walked over to it and handed a blue helmet to Xu Sui. The helmet was heavy that she had to take it with both of her hands.

She unbuttoned the helmet strap carefully and placed it over her head. The helmet was so big that it covered her entire face and even her eyes.

Zhou Jingze, who was standing next to her, chuckled and smiled at the sight. He raised and lifted the helmet on Xu Sui’s head with his hands. Xu Sui’s face was a hint of red, and she was breathing heavily at the moment.

“Give me a second. I’ll be right back.” Zhou Jingze said to her.

He walked into the house, the lights turning on. A second later, he walked out, holding a bright yellow helmet in his hand.

“Try this.” Zhou Jingze handed her the helmet.

The helmet was one size smaller, so it fitted Xu Sui perfectly. Xu Sui put on the bright yellow helmet with a pair of clear eyes.

She had always been well-behaved, but she looked fierce and cute.

Zhou Jingze glanced at her, unable to hide the smile on his face. Xu Sui felt a little strange and asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

“Your helmet was originally Sheng Yanjia’s. He bought it when he was in sixth grade, and at that time, he was Marvel’s number one fan.” Zhou Jingze said with a smile.

“I’m around 5’5.” Xu Sui defended in a low voice.

When Zhou Jingze was about to start the motorcycle, he noticed that something was holding onto his legs. When he turned around, he found that it was the German Shepherd he had raised.

“Is it okay to smoke a cigarette?” Zhou Jingze asked.

Xu Sui nodded. She saw Zhou Jingze walk to the wall and take out a cigarette. He held the cigarette with his fingers and put it in his mouth. He lowered his head and blocked the fire with his hands, smoke rolling out of the thin lips.

The German Shepherd lay on Zhou Jingze’s feet obediently. Zhou Jingze took the cigarette out from his mouth, bent down, and touched the dog’s head with his hands. The dog licked his palm.

The street lights were dim, and Zhou Jingze had a relaxed expression on his face. For a moment, the unruly energy on his face disappeared completely, and Xu Sui saw gentleness on his face.

“What’s the dog called?” asked Xu Sui.

“Kratos, one of the ancient Greek gods of war,” Zhou Jingze laughed, a piece of soot falling to the ground.

However, this light-hearted atmosphere did not last long. A moment later, Zhou Jingze’s phone vibrated in his pocket. When he looked at the caller ID, his expression darkened.

He didn’t pick up, but the phone kept vibrating, so he reluctantly answered. In a cold and distant tone: “What’s the matter?”

Zhou’s father was dissatisfied with the tone but suppressed his dissatisfaction: “Come back next week for a meal with the rest of the family. It also happened to be my birthday, so we can celebrate it together as a family…”

Hearing the words “family,” Zhou Jingze’s expression flashed a gloomy look, his eyebrows filled with hostility, and in a straightforward reply: “I have something to do that day. You can spend the time with your other son.”

Without waiting for the other party’s reply, Zhou Jingze hung up the phone. He signaled his hand and told Kratos to go back inside the house. The cigarette was thrown on the ground and was crushed by the sole of his shoe, the fire was extinguished.

Zhou Jingze brought Xu Sui back to the university.

He was obviously in a bad mood. Xu Sui was sitting on the back, and although she could not see Zhou Jingze’s expression, she knew that the word “unhappy” was written all over his face.

Zhou Jingze rode the motorcycle very fast. He leaned over and accelerated all the way. The gust of wind rushed to his face at double speed; the scenery on both sides retreated like a movie with the fast forward key pressed.

Xu Sui’s heart leaped into her throat. She had never ridden on a motorcycle before, so she was nervous and scared. He was riding faster and faster, and Xu Sui felt her vision blurred.

Knowing that Zhou Jingze was venting, she could only silently grasp onto the motorcycle bars.

When Zhou Jingze finally vented his anger and dissatisfaction, he suddenly felt that Xu Sui was very stiff. He glanced back at her while wearing a helmet. Xu Sui’s fingertips were white, and she was holding on to the handlebar.

His heart winced as if he had been stung by something.

Zhou Jingze unconsciously slowed down.

When the motorcycle slowed down, Xu Sui felt that the hostility on his body also slowly disappeared, returning to his previous state. Summer was long gone, but even though the evening breeze was a bit cool, it blew steadily in a pleasant manner.

The speed has obviously slowed down, but Zhou Jingze still felt that Xu Sui was uncomfortable. Then, in a deep voice: “Are you afraid of me?”

“Ah, no.” Xu Sui hurriedly replied.

It’s just that I’m too nervous about being with you. I always want to say something to you, but I’m afraid you won’t like it, Xu Sui said in her heart.

“Then why are you so stiff?” Zhou Jingze asked calmly, glancing ahead, “We’re descending downhill. Hang on.”

This was his favorite part; it felt like his life belonged to him only.

Xu Sui stretched out her hand and grasped the corner of his clothes cautiously. Zhou Jingze led her down. His back was broad, especially his shoulder blades. Xu Sui could smell the smoke from him, mixed with a mint smell.

A gust of evening breeze blew. Xu Sui’s hair was messed up by the breeze, a strand of hair stuck to the back of her neck disobediently and uncontrollably.

Xu Sui stared at the light, blue blood vessel on the back of Zhou Jingze’s neck. She stretched out her hands, accidentally touching his neck with her fingertips, and quickly retracted it back.

Zhou Jingze, who was holding onto the motorcycle handle and looking straight ahead, blinked when he felt the touch.

When they were descending downhill, Xu Sui was surprised to find that the street lights on both sides of the road lit up one after another, like a galaxy lighting up the universe.

The scenery was beautiful.

Suddenly, when the motorcycle took a turn, Xu Sui’s body was pressed against Zhou Jingze’s back. At this moment, Zhou Jingze, who was riding a motorcycle, froze when he felt Xu Sui’s soft cheeks and body pressed against him.

Zhou Jingze’s throat felt dry for an instant.

Xu Sui immediately sat upright and said in a panic: “I’m sorry.”

Zhou Jingze didn’t answer immediately, but he later chuckled: “It’s ok. I took advantage of you. It shouldn’t be you apologizing.”

“Oh? Are you going to apologize to me then?”

Zhou Jingze smiled, and without answering, he continued driving ahead.

After arriving at the school gate, Xu Sui got off the motorcycle and took off the helmet, returning it to him. Then, she looked at him and said: “Thank you.”

Zhou Jingze was still sitting on the motorcycle. Then, a notification appeared on his phone. It was a message from Aunt Sheng asking if Xu Sui had arrived back safely. Zhou Jingze seemed to think of something and raised his eyes: “Whenever you have to tutor during the weekends, I’ll drop you off if I’m free.”

“Okay,” Xu Sui’s eyes lit up. She then asked, “Which flight academy class are you in? I’ll go look for you…”

Zhou Jingze unlocked his phone and handed it over to her in a casual tone: “Add me on WeChat. It’ll be easier to communicate.”

On the way back to the dormitory, Xu Sui felt like she was dreaming. She actually added Zhou Jingze’s contact to WeChat. When she was in high school, there was a QQ group chat for the class. At that time, everyone in the class, including Xu Sui, was added. Zhou Jingze was also added, but she never spoke to him.

He rarely posts, but when he does, Xu Sui would always look at them. In the third year of high school, Zhou Jingze started using WeChat and only used QQ to play games. Xu Sui ended up losing contact with him.

Xu Sui happily walked towards the dormitory. Suddenly, an orange cat jumped out and meowed at her. Knowing that the cat was hungry, Xu Sui went to the canteen and bought a bottle of water and ham.

The cat lay on Xu Sui’s foot and ate the ham. When it finished eating, the cat opened its amber eyes and licked Xu Sui’s palm. Xu Sui smiled and took a photo of its tiny paw.

After returning to the dormitory, Xu Sui quickly took a shower, brushed her teeth, and went to bed. She lay on the bed and scrolled through WeChat on her phone. Zhou Jingze showed up on her contact list.

Zhou Jingze’s profile picture was a photo of his German Shepherd. Xu Sui clicked into his posts, a few landscape photos.

Xu Sui changed his nickname to ZJZ, fearing that the name “Zhou Jingze” was too blatant and would draw suspicions from others.

It would be a secret that belongs to her alone.

Xu Sui repeatedly looked at her chat with Zhou Jingze, and a system message was displayed.

“He has been added into your contact. Send him a message now!”

Xu Sui’s heartbeat speeds up, anticipating that a message will pop up on the screen in the next second. She typed “Goodnight” in the dialog box but then deleted it and re-typed “I’ve arrived back. Thank you for tonight.” Before she sent it, she suddenly remembered that Zhou Jingze didn’t say that he wanted her to send a message to him, so she deleted it again.

In the end, Xu Sui posted a picture of the tiny paw of the cat to her WeChat friend circle. The caption was: Hi~

After posting, Xu Sui closed WeChat and looked at the class schedule for the next day.

During class the following day, a notification popped up. She clicked into it and found that someone in her friend circle liked her post.

She opened WeChat and stopped breathing. Xu Sui closed her eyes and opened them again to confirm what she saw was real.

Five minutes ago, Zhou Jingze liked her post.


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