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CATB Prologue


“You are seriously sickening.”

What a shitty situation.

“Did you really have to do that? It was my fault, not Hyeji’s. Honestly, are you even a woman? Have you ever acted like my girlfriend even once?”

I was listening to my ex-boyfriend spew poop out of his mouth.

“What kind of bullshit… Is that all the cheater has to say?”

“Alright, I was wrong!! But it’s your fault too!”

“Do you want to be hit again?”

I raised my hand again, eyeing his swollen cheeks. 

‘Flinching, what an idiot.’

“If you keep acting so toxic, no man can possibly stay by your side. It’s in a man’s good taste to have a weak woman who needs protection. If you are just going to do everything yourself then what’s the point of having a boyfriend? If you’re busy making a living, you shouldn’t be dating.”

“That’s why I rejected you in the beginning. ‘It’s okay, I’ll accept everything.’ Wasn’t it you who said that?”

“I’m about to lose my mind. Just die! Ack! Argh! You crazy bitch!! This is assault, you know? Argh!! I’m going to sue, Ow! I’m going to sue you!!”

“Do it, son of a bitch!! Let me win all your money! I want you to sue me, idiot!”

“Ouch! Ak! Fuck!”

I witnessed my boyfriend cheating on me today.

I broke up with my boyfriend, and then I reported him to the police station.

There was no punishment.

Who am I? Lee Han-Byul, a legendary third year student at Hankuk University. It was not that difficult for me to play a brave college student who was shocked to see my boyfriend’s true behavior. I’ve been through a lot of hardships in this cruel world.

My ex-boyfriend pulled the sheet over everyone in the police station who heard the whole story, apologizing, saying he was a son of a bitch.

“You son of a bitch.”

Afterwards, I had to re-engage in my hard-working life without thinking about the end of my two-year relationship. Poverty doesn’t give you enough time to mull over your issues. 

“Order up!”

“Yes, I’m coming!”

Swallowing the sobs rising in my throat, I served the customers eagerly.

Thanks to the owner, who was moved by the fact an orphan was working hard to earn money, I was able to finish my studies by working part-time here at the pub, even though I started as a high school student.

Even after entering Hankuk University, I took a few shifts part-time, but the tutoring job I found in the meantime became my major source of income. I was able to live a fairly leisurely life without making the pub my full-time job.

But sometimes I can’t refuse a request from the owner who asks me for help, so whenever I get a call, I come in as a substitute. 

‘Yeah, you should keep your body busy on a day like today.’

I wanted to throw his beggar-like face out of my mind.

“You bastard, son of a bitch. We’ll see how well you eat and survive without me.”

Seeing as though I can’t stop swearing at my ex-boyfriend, I must have become a little attached to him. I don’t usually express my feelings openly about things I don’t like.

‘And what? I’m tough? What’s wrong with being strong? Trying to survive as a single person is no joke. This world will make you bleed as soon as you wake up, you can’t survive if you’re not strong. Bastard, I studied and worked hard every single day so I could have a future with you. I was crazy, trying to share my life with the likes of you.’

Fortunately, my ex-boyfriend couldn’t undermine my self-esteem. The guy who missed a jewel like me is stupid a hundred thousand times. I bet my right wrist that in two weeks, Karma will have a storm coming for him.

If you text me, your nerdy flirtatious ‘Are you sleeping?’ Stupidness again later, I’ll step on you like a dog as you kneel before me.

Thinking about how to bury my ex, who was probably still pretending to be a victim, I opened up a large bottle of soju at a small get-together held by my coworkers after the guests left.

It’ll be okay to get drunk today. And so what if it’s not.

“Oh! Oh!! Nuna!!”

“Woah! She’s crazy! Bottoms up!!”

At the end of my coworker’s encouraging words, I was heroically cut off.

“Hanbyeol nuna, you’re completely gone.”

“Phew, Jewook needs to take Hanbyeol home today.”

“What do I have to do? This nuna of steel?”

“Leave me alone, there was a dog-like idiot today.”

“Then, sir, ma’am! See you tomorrow!”

“Alright, Hanbyul, let’s get home safely!”

Jewook grabbed Hanbyeol’s shaky body with a firm grip.

“This is the first time I’ve seen you drunk like this…”

“Is that Jewook? Oh… Huh… Why are you here?”

“Why do you think? I’m taking you home. No, that won’t do. We need to sober up. It’s too hard to drag you like this.”

Then I was sitting in front of a shop by the side of the road.

“Nuna, don’t go anywhere and just sit here. I’ll go get some hangover pills.”


“Uh… I’m a little worried about you.”

While scratching his head, Jewook entered the convenience store next door. It was easier to see Hanbyeol through the window in case he needed to come out right away.

“Twinkle… Twinkle. Hik, little star……. Beautiful… hehe……. It’s…”

When I was young, my mom used to call me a little star. Small stars sparkled in front of me.

“… Huh? It’s shiny…….”

I leaned forward to catch the twinkling lights in front of me.

“Nuna! You cant!!”

As soon as Jewook’s screen rang out from the roadside, my body flew into the air.

Did the lights just… dump me?

Did I just jump in front of a car with my own feet?

Lee Hanbyeol, you’re crazy.

Is this how you die…?

Shit, how could you do this to me?

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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