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BATCFO Chapter 6.1

In everyone’s dumbfounded eyes, the training mech successfully activated.

Zhuo Feiyue opened his mouth slightly, his eyes filled with confusion and shock.

Oriel’s originally smug expression froze. Staring at the energy light, he was so startled that he couldn’t speak.

Lu Ranxu rubbed his eyes vigorously and pinched his own arm again. After confirming that it was not an illusion, he subconsciously popped out the word “fuck”.

“He, isn’t he a… C-level mental power?!”

“How is this, how can he control a mecha by leapfrogging?!”

“Control by leapfrogging? How is this possible!”

At this moment, the mecha seemed to be one with Yun Xingze. The body merged and became a part of his limbs.

Yun Xingze moved his fingers slowly, and the mecha also moved its fingers.

The training mecha took a few steps forward in the eyes of everyone. The movement was smooth, and there was a slight vibration on the ground of the training hall.

“Look! It’s moving!”

“Yun Xingze can actually drive mecha?!”

“Hasn’t he never attended mecha classes before?!”

Most people driving mecha for the first time find it hard to master balance – it is common to fall or have your feet upside down. But Yun Xingze can easily command the mecha to walk.

Is this reasonable?!

If the mecha’s walking action made everyone doubt life, then the next action shocked everyone’s jaw wide open.

The training mech walked to the open area, suddenly turned around to run forward a small distance, and then jumped up, successfully staying in the air.

Everyone was attracted by the cool and handsome actions of the mecha. Their eyes were wide open, full of anticipation and surprise.

Zhuo Feiyue looked up at the mecha in a daze. The leap into the air was done almost perfectly, without the slightest drag – such a thing is impossible for a novice!

The slight wengweng sound of the anti-gravity engine penetrated Yun Xingze’s ears. He looked down at the ground through the sight glass, his heart beating hard, and his chest hurt.

He can finally drive mecha.

Although the performance of this mecha is average and there are many imperfections, at this moment, the feeling he dreamed of finally came true, and he wanted to try more moves.

The ceiling of the training hall is high and there is enough space for the training mecha to run aerial training.

Oriel looked up at the training mecha, his pupils trembling, and the small mecha became a giant in his eyes, full of danger.

If you didn’t know in advance, no one would have imagined that the person driving this mech was an omega.

Just when Oriel was stunned, the training mech suddenly activated the jet device and dived towards him!!

Oriel was so frightened that his legs were weak. He opened his mouth but couldn’t shout. He wanted to run away but his legs seemed to be filled with lead.

Just when he looked pale and wanted to call for help, the mecha stopped above him and kept looking down.

It just stays in the air without any movement, but it carried an inexplicable sense of coercion. Even the sound of the engine is like a depressed demonstration by a beast, and those eyes seem to be able to catch all prey.

No one dared to speak.

Oriel almost slumped on the ground.

Yun Xingze just wanted to frighten Oriel, but he didn’t expect that guy would tremble with fright.

Just when Zhuo Feiyue was about to stop, the training mecha changed its direction, flew upwards, hovered in the air for a while, and then slowly landed on the ground.

All the students in Class E were frightened stupid.

Is this really Yun Xingze they know?!

“Am I dreaming?”

“The person in the cockpit is really Yun Xingze?”

“An omega can also drive mecha so well?!”

Checking Yun Xingze’s information, Zhuo Feiyue’s eyes stayed on the spiritual power column. In his mind, he guessed whether the rating of this camouflage mecha might be a problem; there is a probability it is a C-level mecha.

However, according to his understanding of Yun Xingze, even if he drives a C-class mech, he should be choking. How could he be so proficient?

In fact, Yun Xingze wanted to drive longer and try more complicated movements. But his physical and mental power were already close to the limit, and he couldn’t continue.

After the mecha landed, Yun Xingze quickly disconnected all links and climbed out of the cockpit.

As soon as his front foot came out, everyone had surrounded him, looking at him with curiosity or admiration.

“Yun Xingze, do you usually hide your strength?”

“That’s right, why have we never heard that you can drive a mech?”

“Do you really have a C-level mental power?”

Questions followed one after another. But Yun Xingze couldn’t answer.

After getting out of the mecha, he supported his legs with his hands on the mecha, his face was pale, and he was gasping for breath, his brain grew heavier and heavier.

Lu Ranxu squeezed out from the crowd, ran to Yun Xingze, and asked anxiously: “Xingze! What’s wrong with you?!”

Hearing Lu Ranxu’s voice, Zhuo Feiyue hurriedly walked to the two of them, frowning and watching Yun Xingze sweating profusely.

“You’re too brave, Yun Xingze.” Zhuo Feiyue knew that Yun Xingze was not strong enough and did not exercise normally. Even if he could drive a mecha, he must be forcing it. “Hurry up and go to the infirmary!”

“Teacher, I’m fine.” Yun Xingze tried to straighten up, swallowed, and slowly said, “I just didn’t get used to it. I just need to rest for half an hour before…”

Yun Xingze finally managed to drive mecha once, and of course he wanted to do it once more.

Zhuo Feiyue saw through his thoughts and said seriously: “You are already beyond your limit, and you absolutely can’t try anymore.”

“I didn’t overdo it, really.”

Yun Xingze felt that when he was practicing earlier, he used too much mental strength. Coupled with excitement, it led to some bodily fatigue.

Zhuo Feiyue: “A symptom of overdriving is having headaches.”

“Doesn’t hurt.” Yun Xingze said, clutching his temple.

Zhuo Feiyue: “Still get a nosebleed.”

“I don’t.” Two nosebleeds slowly flowed out of Yun Xingze’s nose.

Zhuo Feiyue: “Seriously weakened legs, even standing unsteady…”

“I should be okay?” As soon as his voice fell, Yun Xingze slowly crumbled to the ground under the eyes of everyone.

Rushing to help him, Lu Ranxu hugged him from behind, frightened.

Later, Yun Xingze lost consciousness.

When he woke up again, Yun Xingze saw a snow-white ceiling, surrounded by the smell of disinfectant.

The voice of the medical robot sounded: “The patient has awakened, the pulse is normal, the blood pressure is normal…”

He was lying in the medical cabin. Lu Ranxu and Zhuo Feiyue were standing by the bed, looking at him worriedly.

“You finally woke up.” Lu Ranxu breathed a sigh of relief, and then frowned, “Xingze, don’t force yourself so hard next time. Although it surprised me that you can boot armor, your physical strength is limited after all. Fortunately, they injected nutrients in time…”

“It’s good if you’ve woken up.” Zhuo Feiyue was also obviously relieved, “When you fell to the ground, you were still holding the mecha’s feet. Do you like mechas so much? Why can’t I see it normally?”

Yun Xingze sat up slowly, his brain awake a lot. He sincerely apologized: “I’m sorry, I won’t jump so high next time. I’m almost recovered now, and I have to work part-time…”

Lu Ranxu pushed him back to the medical cabin.

“Is this a problem of jumping high?!” Zhuo Feiyue was angered to the point his beard reached his nose. “Think about it yourself. You are a beginner, and dare drive a mech even when you are physically tired! Can’t you even tell your own body’s condition?!”

Yun Xingze pursed his lips, not daring to speak.

“Exercise physical and mental strength more in the future,” Zhuo Feiyue slowed down his speech, the tone was completely peaceful unlike before. “I won’t let you touch mechas again until you improve your mental and physical strength.”

The previously ‘dying’ Yun Xingze sat up in shock. “No, I was really just a little excited just now. I…”

Zhuo Feiyue pushed him back to the medical cabin: “You have a good rest.”

Before leaving, Zhuo Feiyue watched Yun Xingze seriously, and said something he had never said before: “If you have any questions about mecha, you can find me anytime.” After speaking, he left.

When he walked out of the ward, Zhuo Feiyue planned to find time to take the training mecha to recheck it’s rating. Yun Xingze’s mental power is C-level, so this mecha should also be C-level.

As for leapfrogging mecha control, Zhuo Feiyue didn’t think about it at all.

Lu Ranxu looked at Yun Xingze’s resentful gaze and sighed: “The teacher is also doing for your good. But I really don’t understand why you are so enthusiastic about mechas?”

Yun Xingze scratched his head: “It’s still okay. Well, it’s my first time driving a real mecha, so I’m a little excited.”

“So you learned how to drive a virtual mech before?” Lu Ranxu asked.

“That’s right.”

The two talked for a while, and Lu Ranxu went to the toilet halfway. There was a knock at the door. After that, regardless of whether the people inside agreed or not, the knocker walked in.

Yun Xingze looked at the uninvited guest, and the air instantly froze.

The person who came is Chi Yu.


Such a precious exchange between Yun Xingze and his teacher:

[ZFY] You’re overdoing it.

[MC] No I’m not. Breathing hard

[ZFY] Headache.

[MC] I don’t have one. Rubs temples

[ZFY] Nosebleeding?

[MC] Nope. Blood runs down.

[ZFY] Weak legs?

[MC] No, I’m good. Faints.

Resembles a rebellious bear child, but proving the adult’s words right immediately after. 😂


Welp… the negative IQ scumbag is back. But only for a short while (kinda, maybe..)

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  1. Shinrei says:

    Thanks for translating this I’m absolutely in love with this brillaint mecha master boy haha. Hope to be able to read more soon! Take care!

    1. komorebi says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you’re liking the journey thus far.

  2. A1B2C3 says:

    Haha MC’s stubborness is so cute. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. Sadie Woods says:

    Bear child is right! Your mouth can lie but your body can sure betray you instantly! I have a sudden appreciation for the father like teacher calling out the BS with his eyebrow no doubt migrating further and further up the forehead as the denials continue until the inevitable happens. He should prove both a great ally supporting YXZ continuing his education and expanding his possibilities while hopefully tempering at least a bit of the excessive enthusiasm! If he ends up showing up more beyond this chapter anyway!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi says:

      Thanks for commenting!
      Yeah, his teacher is interesting. Not much ‘screen time’ in comparison to some of the students in the plot though.

  4. Panda Eyes says:

    Why is that 🤬 appear rather than the so called villain ML?

    Speaking bout ML, i can’t wait to know how these 2 met n when ML fall for MC hard

    NB: somehow i have a feeling in this story, mecha is turning into cupid

    1. komorebi says:

      If there’s something I don’t like about BATCFO is 🤬 probably the 3rd most frequently character… maybe 4th? Either way, his role lasts for a long time.

      They’ll meet pretty soon! 😉

  5. Mier says:

    Our mc is the cutest.
    I can see more of mc pushing himself and the teacher trying to stop him from overworking himself.
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. komorebi says:

      Yup. He’s a total mecha-con.
      MC: MECHA!!!!! MUST HAVE.

  6. Manga says:

    Ahhh nooo the kitty is not staying :”( thank soo much for translating can’t wait for the next update ;p

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