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BATCFO Chapter 35.2

Soon, the incident between Su Zinan and Chi Yu spread throughout the school.

The first is that the two colluded with Carl and Director Huang to slander and report Yun Xingze, which nearly led Carl to be dropped out of school. He was allowed to stay on campus on probation because he had a good attitude of admitting his mistake. Director Huang was dismissed and cried when facing the results of the settlement.

The black posts posted by Su Zinan were also attacked by everyone in the forum. Su Zinan’s hypocritical mask was torn off, and he lost to Yun Xingze in the arena, so everyone agreed that Su Zinan was not qualified to be compared with Yun Xingze.

“After Yun Xingze and Chi Yu broke off their marriage contract, he passed the school’s test and stayed. This is enough to prove his strength.”

“Yun Xingze performed very well in the competition. Not only modification level, but also combat ability.”

“Su Zinan has been stepping on Yun Xingze, saying that he has no ability, but lost to Yun Xingze. Don’t you think that your face is swollen?”

“Yun Xingze has won five consecutive victories and has improved very fast. He is the real pride of omegas, right?”

And the investigation results of Chi Yu releasing water for Su Zinan in last year’s game also caused heated discussions.

“Su Zinan has been boasting that he is very good since last year. It turned out that an alpha had to release water for him to the school team.”

“These two people are simply a shame to the school. Such people can still become members of the school team… No wonder the strength of the team is getting worse!

“Chi Yu is really disgusting. He has a fiancé, yet he protects other omegas. Vomit.”

“Swear a blood oath to prohibit Su Zinan and Chi Yu from competing again!”

“Let them both retire now!”

“Agree, let them retire!”


Three people were the biggest winners.

Yun Xingze became an omega praised by everyone in the forum.

Lu Ranxu won tens of thousands of forum coins from the game between Su Zinan and Yun Xingze.

Kaleb thought the post on the water release incident was very good.

At this moment, Su Zinan and Chi Yu both faced the risk of dropping out of the competition and school.

But Chi Yu didn’t panic because his father was an imperial general.

Not long after Chi Yu and Su Zinan were called by the investigation team, Chi Yu’s father Chi Yin rushed to the school.

After Chi Yin heard about this, he unceremoniously slapped Chi Yu until he saw stars. “Bastard!”

Yun Xingze watched from the side with no expression on his face.

Chi Yin looked at Yun Xingze and apologized to him: “This is all my fault for teaching Chi Yu, so that this kid caused you harm. I will personally go to the Yun house to apologize.”

After speaking, Chi Yin looked at the principal. “However, letting Chi Yu quit school and the competition is too severe.”

His eyes were deep. Chi Yin believes that Chi Yu’s punishment should not go so far. It is obviously too much to drop out of school, and the Mecha Contest is the ticket to the national competition, so Chi Yu must continue to compete no matter what.

Yun Xingze frowned slightly.

In fact, from the beginning, he had a foreboding that once Chi Yu’s father participated in this matter, the results of the treatment would become unsatisfactory.

Sure enough, the principal took General Chi Yin to another room and chatted with him alone.

In order to keep things down, Chi Yin tried his best to speak. His throat was almost dry, but the principal’s attitude was very tough.

After doing both soft and hard work, Chi Yin moved out of his identity in the military, and hinted that the principal, if the result of the treatment is not good enough, the military’s allocation of resources to the Xinghai Academy may be reduced.

Finally, the results of this incident were announced the next day.

Both Chi Yu and Su Zinan disrupted the order of the game when releasing water in last year’s contest. They canceled last year’s game results and withdrew the related bonuses. In addition, Su Zinan was suspected of insulting opponents Lu Ranxu and Yun Xingze on the court, and was forced to withdraw, while 10 points were detected from Chi Yu’s results.

Regarding the slander against Yun Xingze, Chi Yu said that his motive was only to save Yun Xingze, and Su Zinan’s motive was to take the opportunity to spread rumors about Yun Xingze. In addition, Su Zinan smeared Yun Xingze in the forum, which was of a bad nature.

Therefore, a major demerit was recorded against Chi Yu. Su Zinan was kept in school, under observation. If he made another mistake, he would immediately be sent back to the barren star.

It can be said that because Chi Yin retained Chi Yu’s qualifications with his status as a general, the school could not deal with Su Zinan too much. After all, this would appear to be biased.

Everyone was unsatisfied with the results of this treatment.

However, the school made it clear that the results of this investigation will remain in their files. In other words, Chi Yu and Su Zinan may not be able to enter the military after graduation.

Chi Yu still has his father for help, but Su Zinan was not so lucky.

At first, Su Zinan felt fortunate that he was not expelled. But soon he discovered that he faced all kinds of scorn and disgust whenever walking around school.

Some whispers can even be heard.

“Is that the shameless green tea bitch?”

“So disgusting, why can such a person still be in school?”

“I heard that he is staying in school under observation. If he makes another mistake, he will be sent back to a barren star. We have to keep staring at him.”

“Everyone saw Su Zinan’s mistakes, so let’s report him together and kick get out of school!”

“A self-directed and self-acted play, but it was ridiculous and lost in the end.”

When walking on the road before, Su Zinan felt everyone’s worship and liking. But now he seemed to have become Yun Xingze a month ago, entangled in rumors and slander everywhere, every pair of eyes staring at him with malicious intent.

He seemed to have become a mouse on the street that everyone screamed at overnight. This feeling made him more uncomfortable than dropping out of school, and was worse than death. He even suspected that Yun Xingze deliberately let him stay in school, to feel everyone’s scrutiny and abuse.

Chi Yu’s reputation at school took a turn for the worse. It was hard for him to protect himself, and he also stayed far away from Su Zinan, and avoided eating or practicing with him. Only He Haomin came to comfort him, but He Haomin was also born on a barren star, and Su Zinan didn’t want his comfort.

Having dinner in the cafeteria that day, an omega suddenly poured a glass of water on Su Zinan, asking him to get out of school quickly.

The surrounding sights were all focused on Su Zinan.

Cold water droplets slipped from Su Zinan’s hair, making it hard to breath. Panicked, he wanted to avoid those gazes, wanting to drop out of school, but lacked the courage. He finally escaped from that barren star… the military academy is the gateway to the upper class, and he didn’t want to go back to living next to a garbage dump each day.

At this moment, he truly felt endless regret for what he had done.

Although Yun Xingze was not satisfied with the result of this treatment, he knew that this was probably the most severe punishment the school could give.

Lu Ranxu said angrily: “It’s really cheap for those two trash!”

After the treatment results came out, Luo Wenchuan personally found the principal, frowned and asked: “Why did you do this? I think Chi Yu and Su Zinan should drop out of school.”

“Second Highness, I didn’t want to do this.” The principal sighed, lowering his voice as he explained. “You know Chi Yu’s father is a general, and will soon become…”

“Can a general abuse private power?” Luo Wenchuan said coldly.

“Your Highness, it may be that you didn’t grow up in the Imperial City, so you don’t understand military academies.” The principal said helplessly. “All major military academies are competing for the resources provided by the military, including conditions and resources… Unless you show your identity, otherwise I really dare not offend General Chi.”

“But I can’t reveal my identity yet.” Luo Wenchuan pursed his lips and said, his voice a little dull.

The principal apologized to Luo Wenchuan again. “Your Highness, this is really the most severe punishment I could do…”

Luo Wenchuan stared at the principal. After a moment of silence, he added coldly: “Add another condition. Let Su Zinan and Chi Yu publicly apologize to Yun Xingze, tell everyone what they have done, put it on the top of the forum, and cycle through the campus radio station for a week.”

The principal saw Luo Wenchuan give in and wiped cold sweat from his forehead, hurriedly agreeing: “Okay, these are all trivial things!”

As soon as Luo Wenchuan left the principal’s office with his forefoot, he met Zhuo Feiyue who hurried over.

When Zhuo Feiyue saw Luo Wenchuan, he said to him in an unpleasant tone: “I’ve heard it all. That bastard Chi Yin, I was his teacher back then, and he ended up like this after becoming a general.”

Luo Wenchuan didn’t speak, his expression was silent.

“However, the principal is also under a lot of pressure to have a general’s son admit such a big mistake.” Zhuo Feiyue said in a low voice, “There has never been such a thing in history.”

“I will remember this account.” Luo Wenchuan pursed his lips and said slowly.

Zhuo Feiyue said: “Your Highness, I have wronged you. The alliance and the empire have not yet negotiated, and the relationship is tense. Anyone from the royal family may be targeted by the alliance. You must not reveal your identity…”

Luo Wenchuan nodded and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, his mind returned to it’s normal calm state.

“Oh yes, there is one more thing.” Zhuo Feiyue said to Luo Wenchuan, “The gene bank has matched you for a long time, trying to find a 95% match, and the result finally came out…”

Luo Wenchuan suddenly looked up at Zhuo Feiyue.


As I’ve said before… Chi Yu is the real bastard here. Him and his dad…. 😠


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  1. kayrahiss says:

    Chi Yu is selfish to the core – it’s always about HIS wishes, HIS preferences, HIS comforts. He simply can’t empathize with other people (not that he wants to, of course). And having a general as his dad, he pretty much can do as he pleases. Su Zinan is malicious, but he also made a mistake of attaching himself to that scum Chi Yu. I get a feeling that Su Zinan is not driven solely by benefits – he also seems to like Chi Yu.
    Thank you for the translation

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Sigh, justice just doesn’t work the same for everyone…

    1. komorebi says:

      Yeah… And the trash man will be back soon. 😫

  3. Panda Eyes says:

    When it comes to power, Royal Family should be on Top. Their power is absolute

    Yet here they can become target between Military n Academy??

    1. komorebi says:

      Not sure I understand what you’re saying.

      In this case, if LWC uses his power, it means disclosing his identity which he doesn’t want to do. Think of a undercover cop, they might have the ability to arrest people, but doing so ruins their undercover status. LWC is in a similar boat.

  4. owo worm? says:

    That’s WAAAAAAY too lenient. I have a bad feeling the trash dad will go apologize to Yun Xingze’s idiot family and try to get that engagement back. Thanks for the update, and cheers to whoever poured water on his head

    1. komorebi says:

      👀 My lips are sealed.

      1. owo worm? says:

        I’m just going to believe Lu Ranxu was the water-pourer. It’s much more fun that way ;D

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