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BATCFO Chapter 12

On the minimap, three orange light points are close to the end.

Many teachers congratulated the teachers in Class A. Some comforted Zhuo Feiyue that the performance of Class E this time was very good, and not to be discouraged.

Zhuo Feiyue stared at the screen fiercely.

Feeling curious, they followed his line of sight to see a fast-moving blue light spot.

The group of well-informed teachers were shocked at this moment. After exchanging glances, someone cautiously asked: “That blue… is a student in Class E?”

“No. Wrong, it’s one of the group of students who was attacked by Class A just now.”

“Are my eyes blind? His speed doesn’t seem to be slower than Luo Wenchuan, who is superior…”

“I even think it’s faster than Luo Wenchuan. Quick…what’s going on?!”

“How is this possible, can’t the obstacles stop him on the road?”

“Quickly catch up!”

“My god, it really caught up!”

The teachers have seen many matches of surpassing the opponents, but this kind of chasing to go all the way is a first. And it is still a Class E student chasing Class A students.


In the forest.

A sharp sword aura struck the air, directly beheading the two small star beasts. The humble lightsaber mecha used jet devices to move flexibly through the forest, seeming to ignore all these obstacles.

Yun Xingze’s stamina was also about to run out, and he quickly calculated the meeting point with the A player in his mind.

About half a minute later, the sounds of mechas came from ahead, and Yun Xingze knew that the time was ripe.

The lightsaber mecha is a melee mecha. It is naturally not well-equipped to fight three mechas at the same time, but Yun Xingze can use the terrain to create an advantage.

Everyone saw on the map that the blue light spot suddenly turned a corner when it was about to catch up with the orange light spot.

“What is it for? Bypassing them and winning the championship?”

“I thought he was going to catch up and get revenge, but that was the end?”

“Going a long way is also a tactic. It can avoid fighting. I think it’s a good choice.”

“After all, if I’m a student of Class E, a frontal confrontation with three Class A’s is definitely not smart.”

Just as everyone was speculating about what the Class E student was going to do, the blue light spot had surpassed the orange light spot in a vertical direction.

As long as he crosses the finish line directly, the first place is his.

However, Yun Xingze did not do so.

He didn’t bypass those three people to get the first place.

To be honest, he doesn’t have much desire to win or lose this game. He purely likes to study tactics and study mechas.

The ranking of the game is just an indicator to verify the correctness of his tactics and the strength of the mecha.

Yun Xingze was beside a boulder in the forest near the end, quietly waiting for the arrival of the mechas.

At this time, everyone finally came to understand that the real purpose of this E class student-he was planning to stop those three people before the finish line and not let them pass!

The spherical robot in charge of the camera transferred the lens to this mecha. The second-year seniors were all attracted by the mecha’s behavior and became excited.

“Damn, they’re really here to take revenge!”

“And before the finish line. Does he want those three people to fall short?”

“It’s very risky, what if he fails?”

The Class A trio who is about to fail arrived at the end. On their way to the end, they had to first pass a buffer slope.

This slope is designed to slow down mechas so as not to speed too quickly into those in front and to ensure safety at the finish line.

When the trio saw the buffer slope from a distance, they all showed excitement and cheered non-stop in their headsets.

As they rushed up the slope, one of them heard a strange noise.

He asked his companion: “Why do I feel there is a sound, it seems…”

A mecha suddenly jumped out of the woods next to it and appeared on the top of the slope, just before the end.

Under the sun, the metallic alloy of the lightsaber mecha glowed with a cold and sharp light, and the energy lamp on the chest looked like an eye looking down, staring at the three people from top to bottom.

The group did not realize what was going on yet. The mecha raised a robotic arm, and instantly pulled out the hilt from behind. The ice-blue lightsaber instantly appeared, and the other robotic arm was raised at the same time, the center of his palm. A small-caliber gun opening appeared.

All mechas contain melee weapons and long-range weapons. Even the lightsaber mechas also come with a small amount of artillery to avoid being completely disadvantaged when encountering long-range artillery fire.

Yun Xingze’s mech has very little artillery fire, which is related to the fact that many equipment were dismantled.

But before the competition, Yun Xingze confirmed that it had a small ion cannon in the palm of its left hand.

Although the three of Class A had no idea that someone would snipe them before the finish line, they responded quickly when they saw the lightsaber mecha. At the moment the ion cannon was launched, the three mechas activated the anti-gravity device at the same time to hide from the artillery fire.

Several shells hit the slope, stirring up a lot of dust.

After avoiding the artillery fire, one of the members of Class A felt Yun Xingze’s behavior was ridiculous: “Really interesting. You can get the first place after you pass the finish line, but instead you stop to harass us? Then don’t think about passing the audition…”

Just as he raised his robotic arm to aim, the lightsaber mecha suddenly jumped up, attacking like an arrow!

The three of Class A were originally on the lower terrain, and after activating the anti-gravity devices, their height was still slightly lower than that of Yun Xingze’s mecha.

Yun Xingze skillfully used the height difference to maximize his mecha’s speed. At the same time, the dust on the ground provoked by artillery fire affected the trio’s line of sight and ability as they tried to dodge.

However, the speed of the lightsaber mecha was much faster than they expected!

The lightsaber attacked sharply, and Yun Xingze aimed at their knees—yes, knees.

The lightsaber hit the alloy of the mecha, causing vibrations and muffled noises. The three of Class A fought back while hiding, but their attacks were easily evaded by the lightsaber mecha. At the same time, they gradually discovered that their mechas were out of control!

Yun Xingze’s attack did not seem deadly, but it was enough to make them lose combat effectiveness.

Before long, three mechas landed at the same time.

Then… they knelt down on the ground staggeringly.

The mech’s knee was hit by the lightsaber, which meant that it was difficult for them to continue moving, especially on such sloped terrain.

A mecha from the Class A group supported itself up from the ground with a robotic arm, turned on the PA system, and gritted his teeth to say: “Are you sick. Why are you here to block us?!”

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Yun Xingze replied. His mecha was suspended in the air, looking down at the three of them. The sound carried through the PA system seemed unreal, “E-class NO.1. Losers~”

At this time, these people finally reacted. This mecha is one of the mechas they attacked with smoke/fog bombs just now!

But, logically speaking, how did it catch up?!

In the rest area, all the second-year students were stunned.

“Isn’t this an audition? Why does it still have PK content, and it’s still 1V3. It’s too exciting!”

“That lightsaber mecha moves so fast! At least it must have an A-grade?”

“What do you think about it’s attack on their knees”

“Didn’t you see that the three mechas can’t get up on those knees.”

“A very effective attack, but an even more insulting attack.”

Yun Xingze looked back at them as he walked towards the finish line, kindly reminding them as the crowd watched: “There are still two hundred meters to the finish line. Don’t give up.”

The three of Class A tried to stand up, but the legs of their mechas were completely out of control.

“You, don’t be proud!” One of betas was angry as they propped the not-so light mecha up using its hands and aimed at Yun Xingze: “Don’t think about crossing the line!”

He was driving a meteor armor, and had plenty of firepower.


Yun Xingze moved in the S-shape. While avoiding the artillery fire, he mocked: “Can you even hit me lying on your stomach?”

The other two couldn’t stand it, and raised their hands angrily to join the melee!

Speeding up, Yun Xingze crossed the finish line, turned around, and then looked at them with a wave.

The rules of the game prohibit players from attacking those who have passed the finish line, otherwise they will have violated the rules and lost the their qualifications.

The three mechas could only turn off their weapons at the same time. They were so angry that they collapsed on the ground.

“Damn, I can’t get up!”

“What’s wrong with my legs? This person is too shady!”

“The people behind are about to reach us. When my classmates see me, I might as well dig a hole and bury myself!”

“I blame you for attacking with smoke/fog bombs and taunting them!”

“Can you blame me? Wasn’t it your idea?”

“Yes, you said that Class E are all soft persimmons. How is this soft?”

“Class E is always soft persimmons…”

Oriel and Lu Ranxu rushed to the finish line and saw the mechas lying in front of them. Before they had time to laugh, they heard the other team call them soft persimmons.

The two did nothing, but pretended to accidentally step on their heads with their feet when they walked over.

“It’s them, shoot!”

“Don’t let them pass!”

However, before they had time to raise their hands, the larger group behind also arrived, so they were stepped on by several other people who did not pay much attention.

“Referee—” one of the mechas howled, “Requesting support—”

Not long after Yun Xingze’s mecha crossed the finish line, a female mechanical voice announced: [The first place in this competition has arrived. Participant number 209. Score 18 minutes 40 seconds 13.]

On the big screen in the rest area, the camera robot gave this mecha a big close-up.

“18 minutes 40. Half a minute slower than Luo Wenchuan last year, but it’s also very powerful.”

“You say, if he didn’t stop and intercept those three mechas just now, he might be the same as Luo Wenchuan last year…”

“Amazing! This alpha too strong, right?”

“They have not come out yet, how do you know that’s an alpha?”

Luo Wenchuan listen to the sounds around, remembering the night when he saw that teenager…

Was it an alpha?

He couldn’t see their appearance with the mask. But their skin looked very white and they were quite tall. It should be beta?

If it is beta, it should cause a sensation.

At this time, Su Zinan was talking to Chi Yu.

“Wow, this first-year alpha is so strong.” Su Zinan praised, “However, I think you are better, Brother Yu. Sometimes I really envy you alphas. You are all so good.”

“Yeah.” Chi Yu didn’t have much interest. He was still waiting for Yun Xingze’s result.

“Don’t worry about Xingze xuedi,” Su Zinan’s lips curled up. “The first-years seem quite strong this year. But passing the audition isn’t important. The most important thing is the contest.”

Chi Yu was casually looking at the screen thinking to himself that there are no fewer strong first years. If Class E has this level of lightsaber mecha, then Yun Xingze should indeed be eliminated with a high probability…

On the screen, the lightsaber mecha stopped, and the mecha cockpit slowly opened.


You’d think that after being transmigrating and living 25 years, Yun Xingze would be more mature. But nope, he’s still a bear child and mecha-con. That taunt… 🤣

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