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BATCFO Chapter 11

Since coming to this world, Yun Xingze has insisted on exercising physical and mental strength every day. In fact, his speed of improvement is very fast, and his strength is much better than before.

But only a short time has passed, and the improvement is limited. If he wants to pass the audition, some tactics are required.

Yun Xingze had a thorough understanding of the rules of the game after playing Mecha Star. Since then, he was pondering one question. That is, the advantages and disadvantages of team and solo operations.

Teams can help each other in the face of obstacles, but once the wrong route is chosen, the entire group’s time is wasted. If they want to adjust the route, they have to stop and discuss, which will greatly delay time. And if someone is injured on the way, it will be stretched out even longer.

Solo matches are relatively flexible. Even if one encounters a dead end, they can quickly move to another route. But if someone encounters difficulties or attacks on the road, they also face greater risks.

So Yun Xingze decided to combine the advantages of team and solo operations.

[Xinghai Military University Mecha Contest First-Year Group Competition: Start!]

With the announcement of the female voice, the first-year group clock began to countdown.

Although everyone was a freshman, there is no shortage of capable mecha drivers, especially among Class A students in the Mecha Battle department. Almost every student has used a mecha before enrolling.

Not long after the game started, different tiers began to appear on the field.

Zhuo Feiyue observed the performance of his students in the teacher viewing area outside the stadium. Students in different classes are marked as bright spots in different colors on the map. The students in Class E of the Mecha Battle Department are blue.

Before the start of the game, he paid attention to the positions of Yun Xingze and his group. Now his eyes were closely glued to these the three bright spots.

It stands to reason that Yun Xingze, Oriel, and Lu Ranxu teamed up. Although the advantage is not big, as long as they can cooperate well, they can also reach the top 50.

Zhuo Feiyue waited to see the three people work together to pass the audition, and selected those three’s game perspective on the optical brain, and the screen switched to these three mechas.

In racing competitions, everyone will choose a small or medium mecha. For example, Yun Xingze drives a medium lightsaber mech, Lu Ranxu drives a small meteor mech, and Oriel drives a medium storm mecha.

From the configuration point of view, a melee output, a long-range firepower, and a thick-skinned tank. This is a very standard configuration in the three-person team PK arena.

“Teacher Zhuo, what are you looking so seriously?” A teacher next to him joked, “Many of your students don’t even know how to use a mecha, right? They can’t compare with the A class. It’s not too late if they compete next year.”

“These three are different. They have pretty good ability in the class.” It’s a well accepted fact that Zhuo Feiyue’s students have not been outstanding for a long time. But this time, his heart was filled with inexplicable confidence.

In the first two minutes of the game, the three mechas encountered their first obstacle-a medium star beast.

Zhuo Feiyue looked at the screen expectantly, imagining the scene where the three of them had their magical powers beheading the star beasts. Then he saw that the three of them reacted quickly and…

Disbanded in place.

The three blue light spots ran in different directions as if they had encountered a ghost, vividly demonstrating what is meant to be fleeing in disaster.

Zhuo Feiyue’s expression was obviously frozen.

“Hahahaha, this is the first time I have seen such a team that is not cooperative.” The teacher next to him smiled and covered his stomach, “Mr. Zhuo, are these the high-level students in your E class?”

Zhuo Feiyue was puzzled, and his expression was a little uncontrollable, but he still coughed twice and said: “Proper avoidance is wise.”

The forest is as big as a maze, with artillery fire and obstacles everywhere, it is really an incredible thing to do.

What are they doing? Zhuo Feiyue’s brows couldn’t help but furrow.

“Oriel, Lu Ranxu, have you two found the team you want to follow?” Yun Xingze followed behind a few mechas and used remote wireless communication to speak with his teammates. “Oriel, we’ll leave the west side of the forest to you. Ranxu, you get the east. I’m in charge of the middle.”



The two responded at the same time.

The tactic used by Yun Xingze is a tactic between teaming and solo.

Everyone chooses a different area of the forest and follows other teams. Once they encounter a more difficult obstacle or an impassable dead end, they will immediately mark it in red on the map, share it with teammates, and change to another target.

Similarly, if there is a smoother road in the forest, mark it in green and share it.

In this way, on the map of the three people, in addition to the area they are responsible for, they can also see the situation in the nearby areas at a glance.

As long as you encounter danger, you can immediately move to a nearby safe area according to the information given by your teammates, and then go back to your own responsible area through the safe area.

Even if there is no safe zone nearby, at least the danger zones can be avoided.

In this process, the three people’s routes need to be adjusted continuously, not only to ensure that they are similar to their teammates in the horizontal direction, but also to ensure that there is as little overlap in the vertical direction as possible, to maximize the effect of information.

“Oriel, you’re a bit slanted, come towards me a bit.” Yun Xingze multitasked viewing the path ahead and paying attention to his teammates. “Lu Ranxu, speed up a bit and mark some more.”

According to With Yun Xingze’s tactics, the three mechas looked like they were fighting solo, but they avoided all nearby star beasts, mechanical beasts, and dense artillery fire areas with great precision.

Yun Xingze made the most marks on the map, because he was quick to react, and he had keen observation, so he could detect a large area of the forest. Olier is second, and there were many marked areas. Although Lu Ranxu’s only made a few marks, it also exceeded Yun Xingze’s expectations and was a good job.

Zhuo Feiyue looked at the blue bright spot on the screen, his eyes widened. These three people seemed to have disbanded the team, but with a strange tacit understanding, they almost bypassed all obstacles!

How is this possible?!

Soon, when the other players were entangled by various obstacles, those three people reached the first echelon unconsciously, and encountered more and more obstacles along the way.

A distance away, Yun Xingze saw that the team he was following was surrounded by a group of mechanical beasts and quickly moved to the safe area marked by Oriel, and then used this area to bypass the dangerous area and return to the central forest where he was responsible.

At this time, Yun Xingze unexpectedly discovered that there was no team in front of him.

Yun Xingze swiftly sent a message to his teammates, and the three quickly gathered to prepare to cross the last few kilometers.

“It will be here soon,” Yun Xingze said to his teammates, “Let’s tackle the remaining obstacles together.”

Oriel’s tone was full of surprise and admiration: “Damn, can we really get to the forefront?! Yun Xingze, you are so awesome!”

“A lot easier than I expected!” Lu Ranxu couldn’t help but praise, “Xingze, you are so amazing!”

Just as the three of them were happy about this, a faint engine sound suddenly came from behind them.

They were students from Class A.

Yun Xingze had followed them before. At that time, he only felt that the three of them ran very fast and their skills should be good. He didn’t expect them to catch up so quickly.

Zhuo Feiyue watched the orange light spot and the blue light spot meet on the map, and felt uncomfortable-Class A students have always been so strong. He’s afraid that there will be a conflict.

Yun Xingze quickly said to his teammates: “Be careful, everyone!”

Sure enough, the meteor mecha in the Class A trio fired a smoke cannon and more than a dozen small-caliber artillery fired at Yun Xingze and the others. It was nothing dangerous, but enough to stop them.

The trio of Class A glanced at them. One of them turned on the PA system and said with a grin: “Class A is NO.1. The rest of you losers, should follow along to eat shit~”

Then, three orange light dots in Class A rushed to the finish line quickly.

The attacked Yun Xingze and co. had to avoid the artillery fire. At the same time they had to worry about the star beasts being attracted by the artillery fire. But the surrounding smoke was so dense that they could hardly recognize the direction for a while and could only look at the small map to act.

“Are they sick!” Oriel was furious. “Tossing a few shells and ran away? Do they have the ability to fight!”

Lu Ranxu also erupted: “Obviously, if you don’t attack each other, you can pass the audition. Why do they want to use this approach?”

Zhuo Feiyue looked at the three blue light dots stagnant on the screen and the large group that was about to catch up with him, his hand clenched into a fist unconsciously, with tension in his eyes.

Yun Xingze didn’t speak, and rushed out of the smoke range first.

People don’t offend me, I don’t offend people.

If someone offends me…

“I’ll take a step first, and you guys follow my path as soon as possible.” Yun Xingze left this sentence, and began to exert the physical strength that he had retained, and quickly rushed to the finish line.

“What are you going for?!” his teammates asked in surprise.

“Let those three people know what a loser is.” Yun Xingze’s voice was calm and cold, with a bit of murderous aura.

Soon, Oriel and Lu Ranxu could only see the back of the lightsaber mecha. They hurriedly followed, only to find that the distance was getting farther and farther.

Only then did the two realize that Yun Xingze had been slowing down to cooperate with the two of them.

“Fuck,” Oriel couldn’t help but swear. “Is this a fucking omega?”

Right before the end.

Just now, the camera captured the encounter of the two teams very accurately.

The second-year students can judge from the color of the light spot. This is a contest between the students of Class A and Class E of the Mecha Battle Department.

It was surprising that the students of Class E could rush to the first group. Everyone also did not expect that they could still see a conflict between the two teams.

Seeing that the students of class A surpassed the students of class E, everyone fried the pot.1As in, commenting and exclaiming in surprise, etc.

“It’s a pity, I thought those three Class E first graders could counterattack!”

“How did they get to the first echelon? I didn’t even notice them just now.”

“I don’t know! Me too suddenly I saw them rushing to the front.”

“But it’s useless. Those in Class A are still better.”

“Class E is already very good at this level. Can they still get the first place?”

Luo Wenchuan stared at the screen tightly, his eyes deep and thoughtful.

Just when everyone felt that the students in Class A had already won.

A blue light spot suddenly accelerated on the map, chasing three orange light spots like crazy.

“That Class E guy – what does he want to do?!” The crowd looked at the big screen with surprised eyes.


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    As in, commenting and exclaiming in surprise, etc.
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    I hope your work problem resolved positively for you! Take care of yourself!

    Hey, the name of the game is to pass the finish line first! All the flourish of beating back the obstacles looks cool, but it also takes time. This is a smarter method!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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      Thank you. 🤗

      Everyone get’s face-slapped by the MC alright.

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    Thanks for your hard work!

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