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BATCFO Chapter 36

“Second Highness, the omega in the gene bank that matches you more than 95%…” Zhuo Feiyue swallowed, his voice gradually lowered, “…still doesn’t exist.”

Luo Wenchuan seemed to have expected this result. His eyes had no fluctuations.

It’s just that his fingers tightened involuntarily.

Zhuo Feiyue asked cautiously: “Your Highness, the doctor said that the pheromone produced by omega that matches you more than 95% will not make you allergic. You are sure that you really came into contact with Yun Xingze’s pheromone that day?”

Luo Wenchuan nodded calmly.

“Then you…really had no allergies?” Zhuo Feiyue continued to ask.

After Luo Wenchuan was silent for a moment, he made a deep “um”.

Zhuo Feiyue pondered for a few seconds before frowning: “If you are indeed not allergic to Yun Xingze’s pheromone, why can’t you match him in the gene bank? Hasn’t his and Chi Yu’s pheromone been unbound yet?”

“Not unbound?” Luo Wenchuan raised his eyes to look at Zhuo Feiyue. “Didn’t they have already break the marriage contract?”

“The dissolution of a marriage contract does not mean that the pheromone will also be unbound.” Zhuo Feiyue scratched his head. “What if Yun Xingze still likes Chi Yu in his heart? Even if Yun Xingze doesn’t like him, it’s likely the Chi and Yun families will not unbind their pheromones at will.”

At this point, Zhuo Feiyue couldn’t help but feel a bit pity.

Luo Wenchuan finally encountered an omega that he’s not allergic to.

“Otherwise, let me ask Yun Xingze for you?” Zhuo Feiyue said tentatively.

Luo Wenchuan frowned, and then closed his eyes, and his voice returned to a calm state: “Forget it, just assume that this hasn’t happened.”

After speaking, Luo Wenchuan raised his foot and left, his back was as tall as in the past.

Looking at Luo Wenchuan’s back, Zhuo Feiyue felt a little complicated.

The second prince was sent out of the imperial palace since he was a child. Forced to leave Emperor Star, he grew up silently on a barren star without anyone around him, living a life of licking blood on the tip of a knife every day.

For a long time, Luo Wenchuan not only had no family affection, but also no friendship. In addition, he was allergic to omegas pheromones, couldn’t even get close to omega as an adult, and given the reputation of “fearing omegas.”

Alone, he finally met an omega who he was not allergic to, but still couldn’t match them in the gene bank.

It’s as if hope is in front of one’s eyes, but bursts like a bubble.

Zhuo Feiyue sighed.

After the principal agreed to Luo Wenchuan’s request, he asked Su Zinan and Chi Yu to write a “criminal narrative” and an “apology letter”, which were posted on the forum and on their own forum personal homepage.

After the apology letter of Su Zinan and Chi Yu was sent out, they immediately aroused the condemnation of countless people.

“Go away, what’s the use of an apology.”

“Have you thought about the consequences before acting? It’s too vicious.”

“Don’t be hypocritical!”

In addition, Su Zinan and Chi Yu also read an apology letter to Yun Xingze on the radio station. Really read it every day.

Su Zinan’s throat became hoarse from reading. But the radio station administrator next to him only rolled his eyes. “Why are you pretending?”

On this day, Chi Yu finished reading the apology letter and added a sentence at the end: “Xingze, I know I didn’t know how to cherish you in the past. I hope I can take this opportunity to fix some of the discord between us. ”

The sound of the broadcast spreads to every corner through the small robots on the campus.

Yun Xingze was studying the mecha in the refitting room. He was originally listening to Chi Yu dryly reciting his apology, sounding horribly tortured, and was in a good mood. But the last sentence made him frown.

Why did you apologize and bring in private matters?

Because Yun Xingze’s modification of the double star mecha was complicated, he needed to draw relatively detailed sketches. He didn’t care about Chi Yu’s episode and continued to concentrate on drawing modifications.

At this moment, an uninvited guest walked into the modification room.

Chi Yu just came out of the broadcast room. It’s nearing noon, and specially bought the cake Yun Xingze used to eat in the morning, preparing to give Yun Xingze a surprise.

Chi Yu walked behind Yun Xingze, cleared his throat, and said hoarsely: “Guess who I am.”

Yun Xingze’s drawing movements paused slightly, and his back became apparently stiff.

He didn’t even bother to turn around, and his voice was cold: “Fuck.”

Chi Yu heard the words and couldn’t help tightening his fingers holding the cake. He stared at Yun Xingze’s back, and his heroic eyebrows wrinkled tightly: “Xingze, my letter of apology for you is twice as long as Su Zinan’s. I read it until my voice is hoarse, why can you not forgive me?”

“Don’t need it.” Yun Xingze replied coldly. “You and I have no relationship.”

Chi Yu pursed his lips, he lowered his head and eyes, and said quietly. “Xingze, I really didn’t know what Su Zinan did. If I knew, I would definitely not let him hurt you. I didn’t see your good now. But now I know that you are a thousand times better than Su Zinan, ten thousand times better…”

Sincere attitude and sincere tone.

Yun Xingze glanced back at him, and said impatiently: “Whether I’m good or not, what does it have to do with you?”

Chi Yu raised his eyes to look at him, his adam’s apple rolled, and heart squeezed. His voice growing hoarser as he pleaded: “Xingze, I don’t beg you to forgive me right away. But at least give me a chance to express my sincerity… okay?”

After speaking, Chi Yu took a step forward and looked down at Yun Xingze sitting at the table with long and narrow eyes holding guilt and seriousness. “You can hit me or scold me, I will never fight back.”

Yun Xingze wanted to beat him, but guessed Chi Yu would really take it as evidence he cared about him.

So he said coldly: “Hurry up and roll if you’re finished.”

Chi Yu pursed his lips. He knew that Yun Xingze would not accept his apology. After a moment of silence, he picked up the cake in his hand and handed it to Yun Xingze. “This … I bought it for you.”

It was a box of hand-made vanilla butter cakes.

Yun Xingze used to like to eat this very much, but Chi Yu always persuaded him to eat less sweets and exercise more.

This box of cakes was bought by Chi Yu after waiting a long time in line this morning. In this era, handmade food is always popular and expensive because it is very rare.

“I don’t eat sweets.” Yun Xingze glanced at the cake in Chi Yu’s hand. Instead of showing surprise or joy, there was even a bit of disgust in his eyes. “I exercise regularly.”

Chi Yu was stunned.

He didn’t expect Yun Xingze to say such a thing.

It was clear that Chi Yu asked Yun Xingze for this before, but when he heard Yun Xingze say it personally, his heart was filled with guilt.

Chi Yu opened his mouth. He wanted to speak but didn’t know what to say. The hand stretched out in the air froze. Unable to receive a positive response for a long time, a sense of sourness filled his heart.

Yun Xingze continued to draw designs, and the surroundings calmed down. Ten minutes later, he thought that Chi Yu had already left. He looked back subconsciously, but saw that Chi Yu was still standing in the same place, with a lowered head and unknown expression.

“…Xingze, do you have to do this?” Chi Yu said, his voice so hoarse that he couldn’t hear clearly. “If you still feel that I am not sincere, what do you want me to do?”

“Chi Yu, I don’t want to forgive you. Nor do I want you to do anything.” Yun Xingze frowned and said seriously. “I don’t like you at all, understand?”

Chi Yu was stunned.

Eyes widening in surprise, he looked at Yun Xingze in disbelief, lips trembling as he spoke: “You…what did you say…”

Chi Yu never thought that after such a long time, Yun Xingze would directly say he didn’t like him.

The few simple words like cold water poured on Chi Yu’s heart, making it hard to breathe.

Yun Xingze looked at him blankly: “I said, I don’t like you.”

At this moment, Chi Yu seemed to have lost a treasure he had possessed for more than ten years, but hadn’t cherished before.

In the past, Yun Xingze always followed Chi Yu and said “I like you” to him.

Back then, he only thought Yun Xingze was very annoying.

And now, Chi Yu very much regretted his previous actions.

“Xingze,” Chi Yu closed his eyes, face flushed slightly and asked with a hoarse voice: “Why do you… don’t like me?”

Yun Xingze felt that this guy was weird.

The original owner liked Chi Yu and treated him so well, but he has never been cherished.

Now Chi Yu asked him “Why don’t you like me anymore”.

It’s laughable.

“There is no why.” Yun Xingze’s tone did not fluctuate. “You can save the cake for yourself.”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t care about Chi Yu.

Chi Yu’s throat was dry as he watched Yun Xingze’s back. He wanted to step forward and ask him, “are you lying?”

But Yun Xingze’s eyes just told Chi Yu that he really didn’t seem to have feelings for him.

Trying his best to calm himself down, he walked out of the refitting room with the cake. His fingers were firmly grasped onto the handles of the box, digging into his parlms, but he didn’t feel the ache at all.

At the door, Chi Yu met Luo Wenchuan.

Chi Yu quickly controlled his gloomy expression as he frowned at Luo Wenchuan: “What are you doing?”

Luo Wenchuan said blankly: “Come to my mecha master.”

Chi Yu’s expression stiffened upon hearing the words “my mecha master.” Pursing his lips, his jaws were tight, eyes glowing with jealousy as he spoke: “Luo Wenchuan, how much money did you give him for him to be your mechanic?”

Luo Wenchuan wasn’t in a rush and responded slowly: “Should be more than you.”

When he saw Chi Yu coming out of the modification room, his expression was not very good, and he thought that Yun Xingze might not give Chi Yu a good face.

How could Yun Xingze like such a guy?

Hearing this, Chi Yu gritted his teeth and stared at Luo Wenchuan with hostile eyes. The atmosphere between the two became cold.

Chi Yu looked at Luo Wenchuan’s calm and relaxed appearance, and wondered if Yun Xingze changed his heart to like Luo Wenchuan. If can’t be, right?

How could Yun Xingze like someone who is afraid of omegas?

“I don’t know what you think of Xingze,” Chi Yu wanted to swear his sovereignty, and said coldly to Luo Wenchuan. “Unfortunately, the person he likes is me, and he can’t like you.”

Hearing that, there was a flash of emotion in Luo Wenchuan’s eyes. But it was quickly hidden as he raised his brows to ask: “You have done so many things, are you sure he likes you?”

Chi Yu pupils shrank, fists clenching, but he quickly controlled his expression and feigned calm. “There are just some misunderstandings between us, but he still has me in his heart. You are an outsider, it is best not to plot against him.”

Luo Wenchuan looked at him coldly, not believing what he said.

“This cake was given to me by Xingze.” Chi Yu picked up the cake in his hand and raised a triumphant smile on his lips. “The person he likes has always been me. Even if we quarrel, only my pheromone has the ability to match him highly.”


Chi Yu is just digging holes for himself. And this chapter exemplifies why I hate this guy so much. 😠


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