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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 74

Momo’s Determination

Momo’s Determination

 “Let’s go inside. We’ll catch cold if we keep staying here.”

 Locke said in a cheerful tone and turned towards the lodging house. He purposefully did so in order to drive away the sweet atmosphere surrounding them.

As he walked towards the building, he dropped something towards the ground. It was something large enough to cover the upper half of a man’s face; a white colored—

“Locke, you dropped this. Uh, mask…”

“Huh…? Oh shi—!!”

As Chloe picked up the mask and handed it to him, Locke turned terribly flustered.

 ‘That mask!!!’

 This time it was Momo who reacted to the item that Locke had. Her eyes turned wide in surprise, and her body shivered as she fixedly stared at the mirror.

‘Momo, what’s the matter? What is that mask?’

‘No no, you have to be kidding… When I first heard about it, I thought it was silly… I mean…,’

 Leddorio’s considerate voice didn’t even reach her. Unrelated to them, Locke who received the mask from Chloe merely scratched his head awkwardly.

 “Did you find that Mask along with the magic crystals in the dungeon?”

“No, this was a family heirloom given to me by the House Glinda.  I didn’t become an heir of the house but they gave this to me saying that if I wanted to become an adventurer, I might as well do it as a member of House Glinda instead… You know about Corundum being the home of the dragons right? House Glinda apparently received a blessing from a legendary dragon, and this was the proof of that.”


“….Well, I don’t know if that’s true or not though. I mean, it could be cursed for all I know.”

Locke said so as he played around with the mask in his hand. Chloe asked him whether she could try appraising it for him. Her sacred magic, “appraisal”, would be able to determine the item’s name and its effects among other things. Locke handed over the mask to Chloe in affirmation. She turned her gaze towards it, and her eyes shone with sacred mana.

“This item is called Fairy’s Mask, and it does have the blessing of some supernatural being. I cannot determine whether it was truly by a dragon or not at my level but… it’s not cursed so you can rest assured. Your agility will increase upon wearing it, and it also increases your jumping altitude. As it says in the name, this mask was a handicraft of a fairy. As a result, your hair will also be smooth, silky, and sparkly upon wearing it.”

“Buhahahahaha…., the heck is that? I don’t need it!”

“Don’t say that. How about you try it just once?”

“No, stop that.”

Chloe jokingly closes into Locke trying to have him wear the mask. The two of them looked like two couples playing around from afar. Shin couldn’t figure out whether he should just watch over them or come to interfere. The screen was shaking and Leddorio thought that perhaps the hesitation of Shin, who came to a halt, was the reason for it.

On the other hand, Momo turned her gaze away from the two’s reflection and was grumbling while vigorously scratching her head.

“No, this has to be a lie. I refuse to believe that a mob who stops appearing after the game’s intro is the secret capture target. You have to be joking! Viscount Glinda was a dreamy gentleman with dazzling rainbow-colored hair and a pair of gentle emerald eyes. I mean who would believe that the mysterious hero who only thought of me and always comes to my aid when I’m in pinch was this mob with ruffled darkish… green? green… “

Momo indulged herself deep within her thoughts and is unresponsive. Leddorio and the others wondered whether shaking her would make her come back to her sense. Before the prince put the idea into action, Momo, her hair disheveled, raised her face.


‘I’m heading to the advanced dungeon.’

Leddorio inadvertently stepped back to her sudden movement. The words Momo said with such vacant eyes had left him astounded. They were already having a hard enough time exploring the intermediate dungeons alone.

‘It’s dangerous. We’re already lacking as it is with the absence of Dai and Sei. Besides, Momo’s sacred mana is in dwindling too…’

‘We can just meet up with Dai in there. Sei? I don’t care about him. I can clear the dungeon alone even without his help. Rather, I am going to, right now.’

 Momo’s gait staggered as she headed towards the room’s door. Leddorio hurriedly caught her by the shoulders. He can clearly tell that Momo is not her usual self.

‘That’s too reckless. At the very least, give it a day and we’ll come with…’

‘Let go of me!!’

Leddorio felt his body numbing as if he was electrified, and was left astounded. He felt the sensation similar to the shock brought by the protection of a barrier put up by sacred magic. Momo turned her gaze on her hands and smiled in satisfaction.

‘Look, I can use it well, can’t I? This is sacred magic… I mean, I’m the chosen one after all. Not Chloe, Me! We might have had similar circumstances but you cannot possibly overturn the role of a villainess and heroine. Momo is the heroine, and Chloe is the Villainess. That is absolute!

….Locke, you’re quite cruel, aren’t you? Why didn’t you tell me you were Viscount Glinda? Why do you choose to get along with a witch when you already have me? Fufu, but I’ll forgive you, Locke. You were just deceived, after all. Once I properly seal that witch, I’m sure you’ll come to your senses.’

Suddenly, Leddorio’s nerves turned cold. Momo, who had given up on the idea of leaving, giggled as she clung to the mirror. Leddorio and Darck were so utterly shocked by the terrific expressions she had that both of them couldn’t even approach the lady.

Prince Keith, undaunted, merely spoke as if he was stating the obvious.

“She’s like a witch.”

MV: Sorry, only one chapter today. I don’t think I should translate the next chapter in a rush or I’ll probably end up botching it. Yep, it’s Darck’s origin chapters this time.

We’re closing in to the end pretty fast and I just started this novel on the latter week of April. I still don’t know if I’m going to translate Chloe’s perspective series.

Also, next week is the resumption of our semester so I’ll probably update even less, but I’ll try to make it not less than five a week.

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  1. Avatar A random fish in the sea says:

    So, how long do you think it’ll take the idiots to realize that Momo is the real witch after this?
    I’m pretty sure this isn’t enough, they’ll very likely still be in denial from it…
    But you never know~

  2. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Want to challenge an advanced dungeon are we?
    Welp, hope there’s a goblin there 😉

  3. Avatar Arha says:

    Oh I thought this series was like 200+ chapters. Is that including the Chloe POV chapters?

    1. Avatar Vouivre says:

      Wait, the main story supposedly ends around the 168th chapter. The rest are just Chloe POVs so we’re actually still halfway there. I didn’t take the Keith POVs into account which were info dumps. If the Chloe POVs exceed the main story then I’ll translate them but as of this point, I’m not sure what the author plans to do. I’ll try to dig in his/her journals later to make sure.

      1. Avatar Arha says:

        Oh, you meant we’re making good progress rather than we’re close to the end. Okay, got it now.

        Personally, I’m liking this story quite a bit, so I do hope you do the Chloe chapters unless they’re super boring or just drivel pushed out to make more money.

  4. Avatar Mrs.YunoLanx says:

    please no more cliff handlers my heart cant take it any more T_T
    also thanks for the update

  5. Avatar Eh... says:

    Do we really need to know Dork’s — [ahem] I mean Darck’s — backstory?

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