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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 71

Canaria’s Scheme

Canaria’s Scheme

The ceremonies were now over. Chloe, for the first time in a while, was now clad in a dress more suitable for social gatherings. By the time she arrived at the assembly, the sun had already hidden, and numerous dance melodies had come gone. The lady was wearing the brown wig she wore before, and Shin too was wearing his cognizance-interference bracelet. The aristocrats who do not attend the festival for the mass and holds a party of their own had yet to realize that the two of them are in the capital. That was when Keith, accompanied by his fiancée, Canaria, came to Chloe, to which she responded with an appropriate greeting.

“Your highness, Prince Keith, I am deeply grateful for your consideration of inviting me to this gathering.”

“Don’t mind it. Today is the day of the advent, so you can stop with such stiff decorums. Anyway, I want to introduce my fiancee, is that okay?”


Chloe inclined her head in puzzlement to what the 2nd prince had said. Leddorio thought that the Ricum lady comes to visit when he and Chloe were still engaged, and there’s no way the two have not met yet. Whichever the case, Keith only smiled at her gestures and beckoned Canaria to introduce herself.

“Well, I thought that this would be the first time that you will meet her.”

“It has been quite a while, Lady Sereknight. The brown hair suits you quite well if I may, and it’s a pleasure to meet you, _______.”

Canaria came close to Chloe’s ears and whispered something to which her eyes widened in surprise. Her words didn’t registered with Leddorio though.

“You too…!?”

“Yup. Honestly, I wanted to help you right away when you came to your senses…, but because I was in a different country, I couldn’t just readily and easily intervene so I had asked for Sir Keith’s assistance instead.” 

“I see… that makes a lot of sense. No wonder Prince Yello seemed a little different too.”

‘What? I don’t follow.’

‘Ladies have their own circumstances, brother.’

The prince was dying of curiosity to understand their vague conversation. He turned his glance towards Momo hoping that a lady like her could interpret for him, but she was immersed in her own world muttering, Her too? What is happening? Canaria is just a background character who doesn’t even appear, and such things. 

He could hardly hear her words already but his instincts seemingly rejected to even attempt to understand the meaning behind them even more.

The most mystery herself, Canaria, asked for both Keith and Chloe’s permission to take Shin for a dance. Leddorio thought that perhaps the fact that Chloe was being observed through Shin was something that even the Ricum lady was aware and considerate of.

“Mr. Shin, could you please lend me some of your time after this? There’s a person who would love to meet you..”

“…meet me, lady?”

Canaria had a scheming smile on her face, clearly disregarding the young butler’s bewilderment. Suddenly, right at the ending of the playing melody, the entire surrounding went uproar.

“What happened!?”

“It appears that someone fainted after drinking too much. Do not worry mister, there should be medic on standby to help him.  Now, while everyone’s eyes are peeled off—“

Led on by Canaria, Shin who didn’t have the slightest idea what was going on were taken towards a person who looked like an envoy from a foreign kingdom. A long beautifully flowing long hair and deep-colored pair of eyes; the sight of the person immediately made the young butler catch his breath.

“What’s the matter Canaria? It’s quite unlike you to be in such a high spirit. But If I may, it would be better to keep your infidelity to a minimum, or Lord Keith will shed tears.”

“Goodness, your highness. This person is Chloe Sereknight’s exclusive butler, you know? Now then, Shin, you may take the bracelet off.”

“Erm… but.”

“It is fine.”

Reflexively looking at his surroundings, he saw several men who seemed to be escorts hindering them from other’s sight by forming a wall. After hesitantly taking the bracelet off, the envoy, or rather, the crown prince of the Corundum Kingdom opened his eyes wide. After all, Shin’s hair and pair of eyes were radiating the same hue as his own.

“I believe that you call yourself, Shin, do you not? Do you know anything about your birthplace or perhaps, your parents?”

“I do not have a parent, sir. I had been abandoned in the slums as an infant, and it was Lady Chloe who picked me up. For now, as for convenience’s sake, I have taken up the name of the House Sereknight’s head butler.”

“Is that so…”

The crown prince of the neighboring kingdom merely put his hands to caress Shin’s head head leaving him unable to react to his profound gestures. After seemingly whispering something to Canaria, the crown prince had left the hall.

It was just then when they met together with Chloe, who came to personally greet the king and the queen. Although informally, the royal couple apologized to the lady and looked rather thoroughly ashamed. Seeing his parents bow their heads towards Chloe because of his doing had turned Leddorio bright red in both disgrace and humiliation.

Because of that, the outstanding revelation of Shin’s identity had slipped past from his mind immediately.

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  1. Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Hope you stay healthy!

  2. Itsumoknight says:

    Ugh, Shin’s a secret prince? Ew.
    Yeah, thanks for the chap.

    1. He had to have some setting to make him an eligible candidate for the otome game. He was definitely the least favorable candidate until now.

  3. A random fish in the sea says:

    So it was Canaria who set everything up and is taking Momo’s harem apart one person at a time? Something tells me she knows who Momo was in her past life and doesn’t like her…

    1. Damn same as me i missed my first day of class the other week due to flu like symptoms from the vaccine get well friend

  4. Arha says:

    So Canaria is another reincarnator and Keith is either one as well or has been in contact with her for a really long time.

  5. chomiaaa says:

    are you sure canaria and keith aren’t the main leads here because i’m really getting main characters vibes here. and i still hate shin BOOO GET OFF THE STAGEEE

    1. Ya Think says:

      Don’t worry… For me… None of the ‘supposedly’ capture target is redeemable, no matter what their background. And yeah… Canaria and Keith is the MVP.

  6. K says:

    Setting up a person to turn into a witch and eventually get gutted like a pig is some next level cockblocking.

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