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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 48

Dai Nable Part 3 - Shattered Perception

Dai Nable Part 3 – Shattered Perception

 All those who have given their hearts to Momo including me gathered in Prince Leddorio’s room. There, we observed Chloe’s circumstances through the footages that Shin recorded.

However, knowing that treacherous woman, she’ll likely stay blind to her sins and nurture her grudge against Chloe with deep hatred, a sentiment shared by all of us.

However, we were all largely betrayed by what we saw.

Chloe, now free from the shackles of both the position of the saintess and queen candidate became more proactive than ever. Although Shin may have been with her during that time, a lady like her was able to fight against bandits with a crossbow and boldly traverse a mountain.

When they found a lodging deep within the mountains, not only did she bow her head to plead for assistance, she also took difficult responsibilities. Hell, she even knew how to fabricate her smile against its unruly patrons.

Just who on earth is this woman. Is this really the Chloe Sereknight we knew?  Although she is clearly hiding her own nature in front of other people, but she still spoke of her regret in her past actions when left alone together with Shin. Not only that, she also seemed to sincerely desire to be helpful to other people unrelated to her.

But what surprised me even more was how she assertively tried to learn how to cook. And this time, not in antagonism against Momo, and nor to look better in the eyes of Shin or the prince either. How should I describe it? She is just genuinely trying to enjoy herself.

Her behavior was just like…

“Huh, no! They are entirely different! That wench is the entire opposite of Momo.”

As her figure started to overlap with my memories of Momo’s whenever she comes to bring me snacks, I furiously shook my head to remove those thoughts.

Why would I even think that they’re alike?

Chloe was doing all of this for atonement. But, I see… that means she really is reflecting on her actions. She doesn’t seem to have lingering affections towards his highness, nor does she seem to bear a grudge unlike what Momo said.

If that’s the case, shouldn’t I just forgive her by now?

“But Momo is still uneasy about her.”

If that’s the case, then watching footages from a far and jeering her actions isn’t enough. I’m stupid, so I cannot really tell for sure unless I see her up close. Besides, I’m also a little curious about Chloe’s cooking with that Locke guy even praising her and all. Granted, I still think that Momo’s cooking would be far better though.

While I was thinking about those things, Duke Sereknight sent Darck to our house. We were told to forge this weak-minded’s guts to shape and open his eyes.

“I tried to cancel my engagement to Sheila on my own.”

Darck timidly said so in our sparring during my father’s absence. Both Sei and I heard the same thing during our last observation meeting.

The possibility of Momo becoming prince Leddorio’s fiancée being high, so the Duke cannot allow his son have an illicit feelings towards his adopted daughter. Not to mention, they were dealing with Whitey House, the same house that the current queen came from.

“After what happened with Chloe, I was told not to cause further problems to the house. I just wanted to be honest to my feelings towards Momo… and I couldn’t accept being compared to that younger sister of mine for that.”

Although I feel bad for Darck who battled his feelings of humiliation, Momo likely doesn’t see her as a man. Even Darck himself said many times that she adores him as an older brother. That will not easily change even if he breaks his engagement or not.

As for his highness however… his feelings for her aside, Momo herself doesn’t sound so eager about it. Although a commoner like her wouldn’t be able to refuse the advances of the prince as is, as if to add more to that, Chloe’s unnecessary uproars had to happen. The feelings of the prince for Momo was already undeniable, but his former fiancee’s impetus undeniably intensified them even further.

 (You said that you liked seeing me straightforwardly working my hardest, right? Momo.)

Racking my brains ain’t really my thing, and the only thing that I can do right now is to hastily remove the source of her worries and be acknowledged as a dependable man.

With that in mind, I told my mother that I will be challenging an advanced-level dungeon, and after packing my things headed to  Iris Mountain.

I have two objectives. First, to reveal the true nature of Chloe to the Grace Lodging House in order to send her to the Nansonia Convent as fast as possible. Secondly, to make certain of the man called Locke, who was Momo’s childhood friend.

I went on to provoke the two right after I put my foot on the lodging house. The old Chloe who lived in the capital would have flown in rage and reveal her true nature. However, I was only beaten up by the patrons of the lodging, initiated by the lodging mistress herself.

It seems that the customers of the establishment adore Chloe as their poster girl.

Shin was angry at my sudden arrival too. His highness and the others will surely know about it at their observation meeting, but I believe I have done nothing wrong. The reason why Chloe was being sent towards the convent was to put all Momo’s anxiety to ease. The plan to seduce Chloe and everything that follows was only for the sake of settling the prince’s personal grudges.

We cannot really play around any longer for Momo’s sake anymore.

That’s what I had previously thought but Shin who had been suddenly reunited with his old friends seemed to be completely out of spirit.  Even Locke didn’t show any significant reaction to my revelations of Chloe’s identity and even openly accepted her.

I can’t comprehend what’s happening.

Don’t tell me both Shin and Locke were enticed by Chloe? Did both of them just throw their feelings for Momo away? Unbelievable.

To make certain of all of that, I joined Locke’s party– or rather, I followed them on my own accord.

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  1. Avatar meowthank says:

    He’s such a fucking idiot that I kind of feel bad for him. Honestly he probably could have been better if he wasn’t so single-mindedly focused on the sword for so long.

    I assume his father only brought up him studying after puberty hit cause generally pre-puberty kids don’t just defy their parents the first time it happens

    1. Avatar watcher003 says:

      Christ he’s dumb- and really is still a child I can’t even hate him properly. He’s too pitiful lol

      1. Avatar A Random Cat says:

        it ain’t pitiful anymore, it’s Pathetic..

    2. Avatar Freebee says:

      i wish i could like your comment. I couldn’t agree more

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