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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 34

Castle Conference 1

Castle Conference 1

The day after their observation session, Leddorio was summoned to a conference inside the castle. The cabinet members filled the seat of the table. Under normal circumstances, they would only make reports during the court council, and seeing them sitting felt unnecessarily imposing for the prince.

After the prince sat next to his younger brother Keith, his father, the king, began to speak.

“Leddorio, there are rumors about your willingness to concede your rights to the succession.”

“I have no idea what are they about, sire. I do not intend to abandon by royal duties.”

“But you did annul your engagement to the ducal lady of House Sereknight.”

“While it is true that I currently do not have a prospective queen. I already have someone else in mind. No matter the process, I believe the result will still follow the old customs, considering that we will still have the saintess as the queen, nonetheless.

As the prince attempted to gloss over Chloe’s issue like it was no matter, the face of the minister to the right visibly cramped.

“The saintess would still need to be accepted in a sufficient noble family for her to be a viable marriage partner. She is still a commoner and I will not be able to recognize your engagement, as it is.”

“We intended to have Duke Sereknight do something about that, but as of now, we still haven’t received any favorable replies. I believe that he must be allowing his parental sentiments regarding his daughter’s love rival to prevent him from making appropriate decisions.”

The prince glared at the minister to the right sending him a questioning look.

The political factions in the palace are split into two accordingly to those who side with different princes. The factions were both working hard to gain as many allies as possible, but in the middle of the political struggle, the prince had annulled his engagement to Chloe, the daughter of the minister to the right breaking the ongoing stalemate.

The prince, however, is convinced that all will be fixed when his engagement to the saintess were to be officially recognized.

“That’s what Prince Leddorio had said, Minister Sereknight. What are your thoughts on this?”

“With all due respect…, as this is a royal decree, I do not have any reason to refuse. However, I find it questionable why his highness is convinced that I have resentment against the saintess brought by fatherhood. The punishment for the actions of my daughter was just and acceptable, and whichever the case, I will feel honored to accept the aforementioned saintess into our household.”

While the surrounding clamored, the minister drank a glass of water to rehydrate his throat. The only times he does something like this are when he is having a hard time saying what he must. The minister then closed his eyes and lowered his head looking to be embarrassed.

“As embarrassing as it is…, my son being quite a problem… majesty.”

“Your son…, you must be referring to the older brother of Chloe, Darck.  Was he in opposition to the saintess’ engagement with the prince?”

“There’s no way he would be! Darck himself was glad about their eventual siblinghood. He even said that he’ll help to convince the duke.”

Leddorio raised his voice and stood up earning the ire of his father. Prince Keith on the other hand, only looked at his brother with a cold glare.

“Leddorio, sit down.”


“Minister, you may continue…”

“Y-Yes, sire. As the prince had said, my son supported the idea of the adoption. But at the same time, he had also proposed the annulment of his engagement.”


The one who reacted this time was Margrave Whyte who also had a royal bloodline. Darck and his daughter had been engaged now. However, the margrave was aware that due to the formers distrust of women, largely due to the circumstances of his sister, the two are merely engaged in papers and not in form.

“Of course, I rejected his outrageous proposal. However, my son had said that keeping the engagement would be unfair to his fiancée considering that his heart had already been taken by someone else… This brought us to a quarrel making me stall the adoption. For now, I sent him to General Nable’s house to cool his head.”

(Darck, you fool! This is different from what we had talked about!”)

The minister reddened in revealing a shame of his household. The prince on the other hand was the same, his shoulders also trembling, but for an entirely different reason. The woman Darck was referring to according to the revelation of the duke was of course, Momo. However, the two can no longer be married once they officially become siblings. Furthermore, the talks about the adoption itself were for the sake of allowing Momo to be wed to the prince, in the first place. Leddorio wondered just what Darck was thinking, causing such troubles, ultimately delaying the adoption which he had agreed to from the beginning.

“Duke Sereknight, the reason for your reservations in adopting Miss Momo, was because the aforementioned lady was the same lady that your son had set his sights upon, is she not?

At that moment, Prince Keith drops a huge bombshell at the conference.

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  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Up you go Keith! Embarrass your stupid brother again!

  2. Avatar kirindas says:

    Thank you!

  3. Avatar Ash Slanabrezgov says:

    I find it pretty strange that king is willing to press Duke into adoption of girl that damaged Duke’s family quite a bit.

    It’s a way to make a great, long-lasting enemy.

  4. Avatar TheHillsAreAlive says:

    Even the father is rotten? Is any male character in this novel any good?

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