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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 23

The Priestess’ Capabilites

The Priestess’ Capabilites.

After collecting the bedsheets and clothes from the guest rooms, Chloe washed them next to the water well this time.

From what the prince had seen in his inspection of orphanages, he is aware of how tedious the process of washing each and every single one of the clothes from washbasin, washboard, down to the soap, as well as how rough are they to the hands. When he saw how lovely Chloe’s hands were in the past, he had been convinced that she was just pushing the responsibility to someone else, but it appears that she had been using after-care creams for that.

With no such high-class items to help her this time around, the prince assumed that her hands must’ve been dry now after all the washing.

At any rate, Chloe who scooped up water from the water well were checking the quality.

 “Not good, I guess. The barrier I can put up would not be able to reach the underground water after all. Although it would be alright to use it for cleaning and laundry, drink it and you are done for… We need to get the sacred stones quickly.”

“How about the ones already used in cooking, lady? Are they safe?”

“I did not sense any mana in them, likely because the priest is purifying them before use.”

As the two were having such a conversation, Locke came from the back door carrying a hoe and basket with him.

“The mistress said that you are to work on the fields after putting up the laundry for drying. She asked me to guide you to the fields.”

“Is it okay to leave outside the barrier? Wouldn’t we get attacked by monsters?”

“We use magic items for traps to prevent that. But definitely avoid going alone.”

Locke led them, clearing the path as they descended a little from the mountain. Arriving at the place, they were given goggles to wear and were astonished after putting them on. The downward slope looked like it had nothing but a severe crowding of trees from the naked eye, and unless you use a magic item like the googles, you’ll go past them without noticing anything.

In there, they saw a small farming field. The food supplies of the lodging are all sourced here, along with the water well next to it. As Chloe inspected the water quality, she saw no problems with it.

 “Looks like the sacred stone for the barrier of the field is fine. Now we only need to ask the Holy Church for the one to use on the lodging house.”

“Hey, are you by any chance, a priestess? You seem to know well about barriers and sacred stones.”

Chloe looked troubled for a moment due to Locke’s question. However, she decided to only tell him about the things that she can.

 “Before Miss Momo appeared, I also undertook the saintess’ ascetic practices as a trainee. That’s why I can also use sacred power to a certain degree.”

“Is that the so. I also heard about all the fuss regarding Momo’s awakening, but I have no idea to what degree she awakened her powers.”

“Fufu… to the point that all these high-class young nobles have become head over heels for her.”

“You’re saying it like Momo’s a witch or something.”

 ‘Take that back, the witch here is that woman!!’

The entourage started throwing a fit, forgetting that they cannot be heard across the screen. For some reason, seeing the 2nd prince watch them all, while smiling, seemingly amused, felt irritating for the 1st prince.

 ‘Calm down, everyone. It’s not like he badmouthed Lady Momo.’

‘On what grounds? That guy just called Momo, his very own childhood friend, a witch.’

‘Good grief… that was just a banter because Lady Chloe had implied that Momo made other gentlemen fall in love with her. The way I see it, even Locke himself loves Momo as well.’


‘You’re right!  It’s because of what Lady Chloe had said earlier!’

‘True, she may be my sister, but to show her jealousy like this, how unsightly.’

Feeling embarrassed in allowing his blood to go up to his head, Leddorio hesitated to finish what he was saying. After seeing Dai and Darck redirect their anger towards Chloe, the prince turned his gaze back towards the screen again.

All of them adore Momo as a pure maiden. Naturally, they also see her as a love interest. However, all their adorations rest on their image of her as a sacred entity.  On the contrary, Locke genuinely sees her from the perspective of a childhood friend. The prince is aware of his ugly jealousy regarding that, but recognizing it would put him in the same kind as Chloe.

 Having remember all the deeds that his former fiancée thus far, the prince swore to not allow himself to become comparable to her in any way.

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