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Banished Villlainess – Under Observation : Chapter 1



Thumping sound resounded as the carriage shook. The one riding inside Chloe Sereknight, was absent-mindedly gazing at the surrounding scenery. Just a moment ago, she was the fiancée of Prince Leddorio, the first prince of the Coloflare Kingdom.

The behavior she currently shows makes it seem as though the impudent and disgraceful attitude she had displayed when she was condemn at Sacred Church were all a farce. However, Chloe had always been bold and impudent, hence, her current manners make it seem as though she was possessed by something else.

You must be tired, milady.”

The one who anxiously greeted her was none other than her exclusive butler, Sheen Purpleton. Chloe who gave him a side glance, emitted a self-depreciating smile which puzzled him.

I guess so. Too many things happened to day…, if only I knew that things would end up like this…, I would’ve prepared more for it. But well, since you’re with me, I guess all is good. But Shin, are you really okay with this.  Having to escort someone like me?

What is milady even asking? I will be wherever milady resides in.

That’s fine and all, but no matter what you say now, you cannot possibly follow me up to the convent, do you?

From this day onwards, Chloe’s engagement with the first prince is annulled. She is also disowned by the Ducal House Sereknight, and sent to live her life at the convent. The carriage they were currently riding at is headed to that place for that purpose.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Chloe’s pointless chattering as the carriage shook were reflected in huge mirror set against a wall.

Looking at it with grimace, or to some, expressionlessly, was her former fiancée and the one responsible for the annulment of their engagement, Leodorio Bertnand Calaflea. Beside him were Sei Bruno, his foster brother as well as the son of the minister to the left, Dy Nable, an apprentice knight who is also the son of a general, and lastly Darck Sereknight, the oldest son of the minister to the right and Chloe’s older brother.


They are currently in the middle of observing the ducal lady, whom they had banished away from the capital, by monitoring her through the magical brooch of Shin, whom betrayed his mistress and now acts as Leddorio’s spy. The footage and the sound recorded by the magical item can be sent towards a reception brooch a considerable distance away and can be viewed real time through a mirror by using the brooch as a projector.

They are not entirely willingly monitoring the criminal whom they have just chased away. They are doing this solely to ease the anxiety of their beloved, Momo Palette, even just a little. If Chloe were to do any suspicious behaviors, Shin is ordered to immediately arrest her on the spot and with the irrefutable evidence, send her towards the gallows.

You can’t put up this strong façade for long, you damn false saint.

The sound of teeth grinding against each other resounded in the personal room of the first prince.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


  1. Avatar saelihn027 says:

    This actually looks interesting, this makes me wonder who the ML will be…

  2. Avatar mishiru13 says:

    Ooooh interesting! The tags say reverse harem so i hope this is indeed a true reverse harem

  3. Avatar Kevin De Leon says:

    Baya baya tremenda cucaracha se llevó en su maleta mira que actuar con lealtad solo para traicionar la y actuar como espía ese mayordomo es un doble cara muy sinico pero por lo que eh leído eso no les saldrá como esperan muy bien una buena novela veamos que pasa

  4. Avatar Ya Think says:

    It has just started but I already hate every guy that appear… Hahaha
    (All the experience in reading villainess story really indoctrinate my mind to automatically sided with villainess and hating on “capture target”)

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