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Important x Notice x Rant

Important x Notice x Rant

Hello guys!

I am really sorry for the slow updates and this intermezzo. As I stated before, I am currently busy with my thesis so I can’t translate as much. It’s vexing, I know. I feel it too even though I’m the one translating~ T^T


Now, one night, I surfed through NU forums. To see, maybe, another potential novel that has been dropped by another translator. And, just for a fleeting moment (perhaps fate? IDK~) suddenly I got curious for AOAKT. Well, just, curious. So, I typed in the search box of NU forum, ‘Ai o Ataeru Kemonotachi’.





In case you want to read the whole post, here’s the link: Question – Ai wo Ataeru Kemonotachi | Novel Updates Forum

(Click. Click! Just click…)


Then, I went to the site, joined their discord too (because they posted it protected by password and you could find the password in their discord.)


I read through their TL. I’ll be honest, I just opened their chapter 41 vol 1. Looks good too, even though they admit that they used google translates. It got flow, coherence, grammar… Idk whether it strayed from the raws or not. The moment I saw coherence, I don’t care about anything anymore.




Now, here’s the interesting fact.

When I wrote that sentence ‘AND THE MOST IMPORTANT…..”, I wanted to check again until which chapter they translated it, so, I went back to their site again. AAAANNNNDDD…. I REALIZED THAT THEY’RE TRANSLATING THE BOOK VERSION, WHILE I’M TRANSLATING THE WEB NOVEL VERSION.



The web novel version that I’m translating has 81 chapters+1 epilogue+23 extras. So, a total of 105 chapters. And the book version has Vol. 1 which is 56 chapters, Vol. 2 which is 23 chapters, and Vol. 3 which is 18 chapters, but until this post was made, the translator-sama translated reached Vol.3 ch.17 YESTERDAY. They’re progressing. So, the book version has a total of 97 chapters (+ Vol. 4, but the translator said that they couldn’t find the raw to the Vol. 4).


Honestly, I lost my motivation to continue translating this version. HOWEVER, I’m BARELY hanging on to this very fine spider-web thread called ‘THE TOTAL CHAPTERS’.


So, my dear readers, tell me, should I continue, should I not? Should I stop this, should I not? Comment below. Or, if you prefer a private chat with me (and maybe cheer my broken heart T^T), I welcome discord DM at Kurokami Anko#0491.

Thank you~

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  1. Gdc says:

    Pls continue it! I’d given up on reading this and would like to finish it. Not sure how much is changed from wn to ln. So would like to read this as is. Thank you for translating!

    1. Tani says:

      1+ Please continue translating!!!!!!

  2. Bloom says:

    Oh please continue translate this, you could never tell how happy am I when i see new update, like its totally making my day whenever im work i saw an update i would dying to rush home and read, it’s like my little happiness throughout the day, i humbly thank you so much for all the updates too!

  3. Justice says:

    please please please continue this. Your translations is much better tbh. I tried reading their translation and it makes my head ache. Their translation does not make sense most of the time. It is like MTl

  4. Humu says:

    Please continue! As a fellow TL-er, i absolutely know how it feels! But dont worry, there’s always many who wants to read YOUR translations! This is one of my fav novels and manga because it has all the elements of my fav genre/trope in it and your translations are great, making reading fun 🙂 ik you’re busy but im always refreshing to see if there’s an update SO PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!!! Always cheering for you, xoxo

  5. Guinevere says:

    Please continue… I’ve been for the update… And your translating is good and understandable…

  6. St.GL.... says:

    I read this story about a year ago on wattpatt but it´s gone, it was no good translation (like mtl). so i am very happy to read your great translation please please continue.

  7. Jan says:

    Please please please continue, I really loved your translations.

  8. Juliet says:

    I will always wait for you, so please continue, i really love this novel and your Translations it’s amazing

  9. NocAnomaly says:

    Please continue… I have been waiting for this series since like 2 years ago. I almost give up until I found your translation. Pleasee….. (´-﹏-`;)(´-﹏-`;)(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ(╥﹏╥)

  10. Clara says:

    Please continue! I look forward to it SO much. I check all the time to see if you updated. Everytime I see an update I get so excited! Your translations are so smooth that it’s SO MUCH more enjoyable to read! I don’t care if you have to take time off for your thesis like that’s totally fine with me. Even if you updated every two weeks I would be happy. Just know that the work you put into this project is appreciated. 🙂

  11. Artist says:

    Pls continue the translation! The version of the discord group is crap. And I hate there version because the quality is awful. On there website they force you to use passwords just to unlock the files. It´s like they try to protect something they don´t even own. That always makes me angry, because I love these novels sooo much. If an english offical novel would exist I would so buy it!

  12. Felis says:

    So if you can, please continue, I’ll be grateful for it…
    Also, you can take your time, I can understand how busy and tiring it is when doing a thesis ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)

  13. Nana says:

    Please continue, i really appreciate your work, thank you so much to translate this series during your busy time. Please take your time I’m looking forward to the next chapter 😊

  14. Please!! I neeeeeeed more!!!

  15. Leedlie says:

    Please continue! You’re translations are the easiest to read and understand and the layout makes it a pleasure to read and the story able to be enjoyed!
    Good luck on your thesis!!!!!

  16. C.C. says:

    I will say this to any translator out there. If you want to make a quality translation up to your standard, then there should not be any reason to not do so. Unless you find it the translating no longer enjoyable, then there is no one can force you to continue.

    Honestly, I don’t know the translation community nor do I understand your motives but if i was to translate something it’s because I want to do thing right in a way I want. I don’t care if it’s late, already translated, or being translated by another group or individual. That’s just my way of doing thing. You will do it differently and so it shall be. There is nothing official when it’s just fan translation. We are not a legitimate or legal entity to do the translation. There is no rule except stealing raw scan and plagiarism.

  17. Joana says:

    Do you know where I can find their password?

    Of course, please, continue translating!!
    (Imagine a person in Brazil begging you)

  18. Hope says:

    the website looks good but there’s no password they tell me you can find it in discord (website) but it’s not there… I don’t like the way they’re handling this why use a password?

  19. Aleb says:

    Am super late to this but keeeeeeeep hooooolding oooOoOoonnn~ugh my age is showing through this lol
    I sincerely appreciate all the work you put I to this!!!

  20. Glenn says:

    I am even more late but yes please continue to translate it pls !! to be honest i’m pretty much sure that if I don’t read it there I will not go on there discord take the passeword to read it in their new website ? I mean I’m quiet scared to loose myself in all those thing to do just to read a chapter ^^’ plus your translation is ok you are doing great !! ^^

  21. curry in a hurry says:

    Please Continue Translating. And, THANK YOU for all your hard work! We truly appreciate it.

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