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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Ajie


   The contract is in duplicate, and each of them keeps their own copy. After signing the contract, Lin Feng Qi had to rush to the eleven o’clock meeting. Wen Xia couldn’t help feeling that it was President Lin, who was so busy on the weekend.

Before leaving, Lin Feng Qi left a sentence: “Go back and prepare your documents, and go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow morning.”

Wen Xia’s mouth twitched: “So fast?”

Lin Feng Qi: “Time waits for no one.”

Wen Xia: “.”

Well, who made you pay? The words of the king are the truth.

Wen Xia puts himself in a positive state of mind. He is now Party B and Lin Feng Qi is Party A.. Party A is the dad, a little smelly and normal. The world is so big and tolerant that he can accommodate some strange-looking Party A.

In the evening, the two agreed on a meeting time tomorrow. Lin Feng Qi asked Wen Xia to send him his location.

Wen Xia: [What are you doing? I have to be monitored by you? It is not stated in the contract. ]

Big Party A: [……]

Big Party A: [I’ll pick you up. ]

Wen Yixia: [……Oh. ]

Wen Yixia: [Oh, it’s not like I don’t know the way. ]

Lin Feng Qi did not reply again.

Wen Xia curled his lips, he threw the phone on the bed, and rubbed the puppet cat sitting on his bed chewing on his feet, and muttered as he rubbed: “Wen Dage, Dad found you a stepdad, don’t blame me. Dad did this to make money for your cat food…”

Wen Dage meowed at him.

Early the next morning, Wen Xia met Lin Feng Qi again at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau with his credentials. There are many people coming and going in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and many people come to register for marriage, and many of them come for divorce.

They are quarreling and leaving. Two of them almost fought. The staff members had to stop the fight. If they can’t negotiate, they might as well go to legal action for divorce. The scene is lively.

There are not many same-sex couples like Wen Xia and Lin Feng Qi. Looking up, there are only one or two pairs apart from them.

The two are tall, outstanding, and they are of the same sex. They are quite eye-catching in the waiting queue. During the whole process, they frequently attract attention, making Wen Xia feel a little uncomfortable.

There are sweet young couples on the left and right. Looking at him and Lin Feng Qi, they don’t say a word, just like two strangers who get together to enjoy discounts because of a couple’s activity in a certain shop.

It would be better if it was a stranger. Wen Xia is not afraid of life, and can quickly become a brother while pulling the other person in the line. But it happened that this person was Lin Feng Qi.

He secretly glanced at the people around him. Lin Feng Qi did not wear a suit today, but he is a typical man who stands like a pine and sits like a clock, standing tall and straight like a soldier, always slightly raising his jaw to look at him. There is a kind of nobleness in front of him. In the past, Wen Xia felt that his noble and arrogant appearance was more like a young master with a famous family background than him.

He remembered that the first time he saw Lin Feng Qi, he was also queuing. At that time, the results of the mid-term exam in the first semester of high school came out, and the top 50 of each grade were posted on the list. Wen Xia didn’t have that good grades at that time, so he just went to join in the fun.

There are a lot of people. The classmates surrounded the small board. Wen Xia stepped on a person’s foot in the crowd, and he did not step on it lightly, so he quickly said sorry.

He turned his head and faced a pair of cold but clear eyes. The teenager, dressed in school uniform, half a head taller than him, just glanced at him and said lightly: “It’s okay.” The voice was low, not the roughness of the changing voice period.

Then he raised his eyes, raised his chin slightly, and looked straight through the crowded crowd, looking at the bulletin board in front of him. As if the surging noise of everything in this world has nothing to do with him, he stood there,in his own world.

Wen Xia recalled the scene at that time, so to speak, it was too much to catch a glimpse.

Looking again now, he can’t feel his heart raising remembering that time. He may have passed that restless age, he has become a dirty adult, only looking at benefits, not feelings.

For example, the monthly salary of 200,000 yuan is very exciting

It was their turn. The staff took a second look, stamped the red notebook hard, and said with a smile: “Happy wedding, a hundred years of harmony!”

Wen Xia raised a fake smile, and thanked him politely.

Lin Feng Qi stared at the marriage certificate in his hand for a long time, not knowing what he was thinking.

Wen Xia thought he wouldn’t regret it, right? If he happens to receive a file for divorce on the spot here. That can’t work, the cooked duck can’t fly anymore.

He coughed heavily, attracting Lin Feng Qi’s attention, and then said, “Don’t look at it, there will be a chance to look later.” After their cooperation is over, Lin Feng Qi will marry someone he likes again. Then he can look at the certificate for a lifetime.

Lin Feng Qi looked at him for two seconds, then suddenly put his hand in his pocket, and when he took it out, there was an extra candy. He gave the sugar to the staff: “Thank you.”

The staff took the wedding candy with a smile, and once again expressed their blessings to their marriage.

After coming out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Lin Feng Qi asked, “Have you packed up?”

Wen Xia was puzzled: “What is it?”

Lin Feng Qi: “Luggage.”

Wenxia: “Huh?”

Lin Feng Qi said lightly: “The content of the agreement, we will live together after marriage.”

Wen Xia remembered, but: “It hasn’t been loong, right? I have so many things, you have to give me time to sort it out.”

Lin Feng Qi: “How long will it take?”

Wen Xia felt like he was rushed to the cafeteria to grab a meal in such a hurry.

“A week.”

Lin Feng Qi frowned and frowned: “It’s too long.”

Wen Xia: “Is it long? My two computers can’t be knocked or touched. I have to use them every day. I also have a computer desk. I’m used to using my own. I have to dismantle them and take them down to your place.”

Lin Feng Qi: “I’ll come.”

Wen Xia: “……?”

Wen Xia was choked, good fellow, aren’t you too good?

In terms of hands-on ability and disassembly and installation of machines, Lin Feng Qi is an expert. He has been since before.

Fenghang Technology, which he founded, does electronic technology, including but not limited to computers, mobile phones, drones, various intelligent robots, and so on.

In high school, Lin Feng Qi participated in various youth robot production competitions and won the prizes. At that time, Wen Xia asked him if he would specialize in this business in the future, and he only threw one word: “Maybe.”

Wen Xia waved his hand and said with a grin: “What may be possible, do it if you like it!”

With the help of professionals, Wen Xia’s computer desk and computer moved to a new house the next night. In fact, apart from these two big pieces, he has nothing else to take away. Going to Lin Feng Qi to live there is also a pretense, so that when mother Lin comes home occasionally, she won’t find out.

For Wen Xia, it was a long-term business trip. He will come back sooner or later to live in his house.

When Wen Xia persuade Wen Dage into the flight case, Lin Feng Qi carried the computer
monitor and said, “I have a dog at home.”

After hearing Lin Feng Qi’s words, he was taken aback, and he was silent for a second and asked him: “How many?”

“Oh, okay.”

Wenxia asked him in turn: “How is your dog?”
“Timid, but not fierce,” Lin Feng Qi paused, “It shouldn’t be fierce to the cat either.”

Wenxia showed a compassionate expression: “It’s over.”

Lin Feng qi: “?”

Wen Xia; “Wen Dage is a bully.”

Most of the puppet cats give the impression that they are docile and well-behaved beautiful little angels. Of course, Wen Dage is also, but it’s docile and well-behaved attitude are only for Wen Xia. It depends on its mood, and whether it is willing to put down its noble figure and reward a two-legged beast.

To cats and dogs aside Wen Xia…

A young man once brought his dog to his house to play, and finally ran away with the dog, leaving a mess of dog hair.

He went back and sent him a video, saying: “I can’t even mention Wen Dage before my Niu Niu.” As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the dog in the video let out a pitiful sob, and madly drilled under the sofa.
The young man was in awe and said: “Your Wen Dage is really your big brother.”

When he took everything to Lin Feng Qi’s residence, it was already dark. Wen Xia carried a cat all the way, he wanted to help, but Lin Feng Qi didn’t give him a chance, so he moved the things to the room two or three times
When Wen Xia saw him like this, he was happy to shake his hand as the shopkeeper.

He was almost hit by a big black mouse when he walked in the door, and the cat turned upside down. He heard the cat’s violent temper directly at the big black mouse in the air box.

With steady footsteps, he could see that it was a black Belgian Shepherd dog, looking majestic, but just like Lin Feng Qi said. Probably it didn’t see the person clearly at the beginning, so he pounced on Wen Xia, and when he saw it, it immediately retreated crazily, and finally wandered around Lin Feng’s feet and slid down to the bottom of the coffee table.

Wen Xia squatted on the side and got acquainted with it for a while, and Wen Dage was jealous . He had to pick up his bully kitten and go to the room.
Lin Feng Qi was putting the computer desk back in his room. He looked around and was a little stunned: “I live here, where do you live?”

Lin Feng Qi raised his hand and pointed towards the wall.

Wen Xia glanced in the direction of the next room, opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

The master bedroom and the second bedroom of a house are clearly visible. The room Lin Feng Qi gave him was obviously the master bedroom, which was large and spacious with a private bathroom. The next room is obviously smaller and has no bathroom. This is the second bedroom.

What does this mean?
Did Lin Feng Qi live in the next room all the time, or did he vacate the master bedroom for him? No matter how you think, it is unlikely that it is the former…Who would not sleep in the spacious and comfortable master bedroom of his house, and go to sleep in the second bedroom?

But Lin Feng Qi didn’t say anything, just concentrated on helping him build a computer desk, and then installed the computer for him. After doing a series of things, in the cool mid-autumn season, he was sweating and the broken hair on his forehead was wet.

“Tell me if there is anything missing.” He left these words, and took a piece of clean clothes into the bathroom.

Wen Xia stood in an unfamiliar room with a complicated mood for a while, until Wen Dage groaned in the air box in protest, he closed the door of the room and let the cat son out to familiarize himself with the new place.

The door of the room cut off the rushing water in the bathroom, and the room became quiet.

Wen Xia sat on the bed that had been changed into a four-piece set, and at this time, the brain was finally buffered.


He actually married Lin Feng Qi like this?


TL: They are finally married! I’m reading as I translate so please no spoilers. If there is mistake please comment down or ping me on discord.

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  1. Lee says:

    aaaa I love storied like this, thank you!!!!!

    1. Lee says:

      stories** lol

      1. Nacchi says:

        I’m glad you like it. This is really a gem.

  2. Jess says:

    Thank you for your translation. This novel is really good.

    I spotted a mistake here- Wen Xia remembered, but: “It hasn’t been loong, right? I have so many things, you have to give me time to sort it out.”

    “loong” should be “long”
    And I feel like the past tense & the present tense are kind of mixed up here. The dialogues are in past tense & description are in present tense. I think it should be either in present or past. Hope the editor rechecks the chapters.

    1. Nacchi says:

      Thank you very much. I would recheck the chapters, if you notice more don’t be afraid to tell.

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